Барабан PEARL EXL-1455S/C246

Hello, friends! My name is Dimon, I want to tell you about this snare drum by Pearl, model EXL-1455S Export series. The snare drum has a 6 ply shell made of poplar and mahogany. The drum is 5,5″ deep and 14″ in diameter. The hoops are made of steel
with 8 lugs on each side. Let’s listen to the sound
of this snare drum. Now, let’s play the whole drum set.

5 thoughts on “Барабан PEARL EXL-1455S/C246

  1. Другие малые барабаны в нашем магазине http://www.pop-music.ru/catalog.php?group=155

  2. 1:10 слышны отчетливые отбоины малово барабана. Да и в общем-то не плохо)

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