Більше української металопродукції постачатимуть вітчизняні підприємства за кордон

Domestic enterprises will deliver more Ukrainian metalware abroad. At least, they are planning to. Today, the Mariupol steel works launched the equipment at a renovated shop. Ukraine will obtain more foreign currency: earnings from finished products instead of raw materials export. Artem Popov saw how the new production site looks like. The reconstruction lasted two years.
A total of 600 specialists worked here every day. The renewed equipment is being launched here for the first time. Foreign partners of Ukrainian smelters, the buyers of the Ukrainian products, are watching the process very closely. New technical opportunities already allow the enterprise to raise the weight of metallic coils almost 3.5 times. The age of the coiling mill before the re-equipment was over 50 years. Significant modernization has taken place here. That allowed us to raise the weight of a coil to 25 tons. That is a competitive indicator for the global market. The workshop has been almost fully re-equipped: the equipment and technologies come from Austria. Metinvest has invested USD 110 million.
That was an investment in the future. In the next 10 years, we are confident… we may easily count that our products will be successful on the international smelters market. From now on, there will be lines for the smelter’s products, hope the enterprise’s specialists. Foreign buyers will now be offered finished products apart from the raw materials. Those are additional million tons of hot-rolled coil. Earlier we had to sell it as a semi-finished product, in slabs. From now on, this will be a finished product, the coils. The quality of the product will be in line with the best global standards. Metinvest promises it will take off from here. The enterprise is preparing for reconstruction of the cold-rolling workshop. From Donetsk region Artem Popov, Dmytro Kuzmynskyi. Segodnya, TV Channel Ukraine.

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