प्लास्टिक बोतल बनाने का उद्योग शुरू करें – Plastic Bottle Making Machine & Business Idea

Press The Bell Icon And Never Miss Update From Unbox Factory Welcome to the Unbox factory Another video. In last two videos you see that how plastic pipes and garden pipes are made Today We Will See How HDPE plastic bottles are made? and How to start bottle manufacturing business. HDPE full form is High Density Polyethylene It made from Petroleum Products In India Plastic Industry Is Growing Fast In India around 1.2 Lakh crore polymer Industries Business. As per prediction this Industry will growth around 10 to 12% in 2018 to 2019 As per some research In India Per Person 10 KG Plastic Consumption Is Done Another hand In USA per person 50 KG plastic consumption is done. Which is too high then any other country From this You will predict In India, Upcoming Years Plastic Industry Will Grow Fast In this video I will tell From Plastic Bottle Making Machine, How Much Money You will Earn Monthly. And where you can sell this bottles If you want to start business In Plastic Industry, then watch this video. It will help to start business First Of All Plastic Bottle Making Process Called As Plastic Blow Molding Process and Machine called as extrusion blow moulding machine First of All For Bottle making RAW material is import from IOCL, HPCL, Reliance and GAIL In Raw Material HDPE, LDPE and PP Material Is Used For Giving Colour to bottle Master Batch is used Now this RAW material is added into Hopper of this machine After this Raw material Pass through Screw Barrel and Goes to Heater area In heater around 150 to 190 degree raw material heated By this raw material convert into the paste In Next Step Melted paste pass through parision And goes to mould For Making Mould MS Material is Used. Mould shape is changed as per bottle shape By this machine plastic toys also made For continuous operation fully automatic machine is made When melted raw material is enter into mould, air is blown after cooling bottle comes out from mould and passing through rack it goes down into the basket. For Cooling Purpose Water Cooler Is Used Now this bottles are ready to sell in market. This machine work fully automatic. In this machine 25ml to 250 ml bottles are made This bottle weight is around 5 gram to 25 grm This machine makes 500 bottles per hour And Machine Operated by single person By this machine installation you can make more profit from small investment This machine Price start from 8 lakh and from this you can earn 80 lakh This machines bottles are use for agro, pharma, food and many more industries. By using this machine you also make different toys also This company manufacture wide rage of blow molding machines as per capacity. If you also want to start bottle making business Then call us on below given number Now you understand how to start plastic bottle making business And where this bottle will sell If you still confuse then comment us. we will get back to you Thanks for watching video keep watching and sharing our channel… we will be back with another business video Jay Hind… Vande Matram…

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  2. Bhai agar m bottle banane ka business Start kr do to apna product market me kaisie utaro …I mean kis Ko bechna padega if I m a manufacturer

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  4. स्पोउट पाउच बनाने की मशीन के बारे में भी बताए मुझे शख्त ज़रूरत है

  5. Sir plastic bottles kahaa sale karana humare district me koi pharma compony, bio, etc nahi hai eesaka raw materials kaa bhareme bhatayiye.
    Hamare district kaa 10 lack population's hai

  6. Sir pls pvc pipe manufacturing ki video bnaye..full information k sath..jese costing Kya ayegi plant me aur row material jese resin aur other material kahan se aur Kis costing me milega pls pls sir…

  7. Buy plastic bottle ki marketing kahan Hai yeh machine Kitna kia ha kitne se starting hai Delhi mein mil Jayegi Mera bhi kaam plastic lani sia ha

  8. Sir in what way all these extrusion blow moulding machine (Indian make and foreign make) differ from quality point of view of the product. Please respond so that we can purchase the machine. My email id is [email protected]

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