100 thoughts on “💰 Top 5 Online Businesses In 2020 For BEGINNERS To Start Now 💪 (Low-Cost Online Businesses)

  1. Canva is great! A HUGE timesaver for great designs instead of me struggling with GIMP. and I got started uploading on RedBubble right away! Wish you had a referral code for it. I would have used it! Canva alone was worth all the videos of you I have watched. Thanks!

  2. Just wanted to say thank you for making all of these videos. They have been very helpful to me as I'm just starting my drop shipping venture and you are certainly spurring me on to persist.

  3. Do you have a shopify affiliate link? I need to start a new store and thought it would be nice if someone was getting a benefit https://www.shopify.com/affiliates

  4. Hey Sarah! Isn't drop shipping unethical because we are just selling a low cost product on a high price? If we remain honest to ourselves then we should not do it

  5. I'm finding dropshipping very problematic. Not because I can't find the right products. Not because I find coywriting difficult and tedious. Not for not making sales.
    The problem is that I'm falling for Sarah and can't stop watching her videos! No guru warned me about that!

  6. Hi Sarah, I'm from South Africa, following your videos I tried Etsy and my country is not supported by Etsy, so I failed to link my PayPal with Etsy.. Any advice please, what to do if your country isn't listed on Etsy payments.

  7. You always give so much value!! In contrast with other you tubers that talk about "get a lot of money now!" and have no experience with the subjects they tell about, you done them all I believe that you talk about in your videos. So keep it up! I gonna buy your online course about shopify soon ;3

  8. I just found your channel. So refreshing to see a girl talk about these topics instead of a guy filming this from his Lamborghini.

  9. I want to start a print on demand store, but the payment hold scares me. What happens if 1,000 items get sold? I'd never be able to buy them first before I get paid.

  10. Two things I will say about retail arbitrage. It's really hard to source good products, and you have to be really careful of IP complaints on Amazon. Some Amazon sellers like to tank their competition by bogging them down in IP complaints.

  11. thanks for this video.
    I have a few questions:
    1. when I list my t-shirt on etsy and then a customer buys it will I have to give their address when I purchase it from the print on demand site?
    2. with tee spring for example will I have to buy the product at the sample price to then have it shipped to a different address?
    3. it doesn't concerns me yet but if someone makes a lot of money will they have to declare it or is it alreadytaed income?

    thanks a lot <3


  12. Hello Sarah, nice video I love the multiple ways of making money in 2020. I have actually shared this particular video with a few friends and a few relatives as well. I am in the process of learning to set up an ecomm business, however, your video just reminded me that I have a least two ebook ideas as well. Thank you again for being a resource of online value… Jazzy1

  13. Hej @WholesaleTed. Do you review danish stores too?

    I only get good feedback from people seeing the store, but no one buys anything.

    I have only been running for 2 weeks, but not a single buy yet, with decent traffic.

  14. Thank you Sarah your videos they are some of the best I watch on YouTube; You, Neil Patel and a few others are really passionate about their niche and offer true value.


  15. Super Sarah.. I love your videos.. full of useful tips, generally for FREEEEE😜 Just a very quick question.. as I am italian and I m not used at all to your accent (I ve learned english while I lived in London for a long while) I really don't get what u say at minute 26:17.. sorry but it s freaking me out.. 😂😂😂 I ve pressed back and forward too many times.. there's no way.. you speak ways too quick😜 please write it for me 🙏 just like that sentence and the other one after.. Thanks so much!! 🤭😊

  16. I have just started my print-on-demand shop (wearcityprints.com) and I'm creating and uploading the designs. I have to admit, it goes slowly and sometimes I struggle with keeping everything in that niche I have planned. Hope it will be better with time.

  17. Dropshipping = pass on someone else's info to a chinese guy without permission = customer discovers that they haven't purchased from a chinese store with a chinese invoice inside

  18. I’d like to get into one of these business models. However, I’ve lost so much time (Even had my own Shopify store with the darn LED dog collars and all kinds of wonderful jewellery from AliExpress ready to ship any never made sales). I’ve been burned so many times by business systems in the past that I’m gun shy now.

  19. Hi Sarah, could you please tell me which web browser are you using on Etsy to searching for "people added this to their cart". Or how I can do that on Chrome.

  20. then those company who list and make the shirts/products earn even more. talking about conscious selling: in this way these big companies kill the local shops around you. soon you will not find real shops anymore, and we are even nore at home, behind our machines or drinking and eating..not a good idea..

  21. Hi Sarah Hope you are doing well.
    I have had a look at a few Print on Demand sites like, Printful and Printify etc. And wanted to know if there was another really good site where there are more options to choose from, when it comes to the types of T shirts, and choosing the colors, as well as adding pictures and logos on the shirts.

    I feel so restricted with all of them. When i do find a nice Women t-shirt for example, where i can add a picture and logo, it only has black and white in color. Then i find a t shirt that has 4 nice colors to choose from, but can only embroid 1 little logo on it.

    Can you please recommend a really good site that still offers good profit, but where i can at least have the freedom to design the actual t shirts i know my customers would love.

    Kind regards.

  22. Hey Ted! Ive been watching a bunc of your videos and ive been taking a bunch of notes and im really feeling confident in opening my first store! I just wanted to ask a quick question and that is if most of my products ship from china with 20-40 days and i find some products which allow to ship from us with faster shipping times should I let them be shipped from china anyway or should i let them ship from the US?

  23. Is there any tool that can help identify all POD Shopify stores? To know your competiton? and also to know how well they doing? Any idea anyone?

  24. Tips for video content: Using real-life examples of people who failed their dropshipping business and helping them to identify what they've done wrong!

  25. People think you and Dan talk fast? You sound normal speech to me.

    Gonna take the plunge with either Print on Demand or Dropshipping this year, maybe even both. Love her videos since she is giving you the simple but honest truth: You can make money if you put the time and effort into it and follow the advice she gives about the storefront layout, products, descriptions, etc. It's not guaranteed to work and it will take time to get business off the ground.
    This is not about shortcuts, getting rich quick, or MLM. It's about creating a real online business that will hopefully generate enough revenue to at the very least give you that extra monthly income without having to physically work a second job for someone else, substitute replace your current job or even allow you to quit your job and do this full time.

  26. Hey, always love the content. I used alot of what you say in your videos to inprove the look and feel of my site and would love some feed back. Mvzme.com thank you!

  27. Etsy is awesome, andI have bought a lot from artists on Etsy. I make tie dye clothing as a hobby. I have listed stuff on Etsy and never once made a sale, even after several cycles of listing and relisting. At the same time though, I have an eBay store that I have had as a hobby since 2007. In the last year I have been selling way more one-off items as a way to grow my business. I like to sell weird vintage on eBay but I wanted to also sell my handmade goods too. So while was waiting for Etsy stuff to happen, I also listed my tie dyes on eBay. Well now all of my Etsy listings have expired but I did actually sell tie dyes on eBay. Which is great but I really would prefer to send potential customers to Etsy to shop my handmade stuff because the esthetic Of Shopping there is so much nicer than eBay. Also, on eBay people would send me messages asking me if I would basically take nothing for a tie dye shirt or something. Sigh. I really am at a standstill with selling my tie dyes online and don’t know what to do about it.

  28. Would love to learn more about how to compete in your particular niche when dropshipping. These are brands/companies that have already established a foothold and gained a large following and can afford to sell their products at premium prices. How do you compete with that? Their site looks so much more official, boasts better quality products, and has already garnered social proof via instagram, facebook, etc. What methods can new businesses implement to compete with these established brands?

  29. Hello, I am wondering why to be rich and what are you doing with that massive amount of money that you have. Maybe it's sounds stupid, but if I don't need expensive car, house or go to exotic vacations, what are those money good for? I'm only 16 and maybe because of that I don't understand adults mindset on finances

  30. Hi Sarah. Stupid question time, sorry if you've already covered it. But do you incorporate Google Adwords as a part of your advertising strategy? Is Google Adwords even a thing the DS business? Cheers from a fellow Kiwi!

  31. 👈"My formula for success is rise early, work late and strike oil." – JP Getty, founder of Getty Oil Company. Oil stands for Tools. use the right tool to enhance your earning. Don't you agree? 🛠⚙💯

  32. Hello
    Maybe You have some video how to make success on Etsy Vintage sealers like this one ? https://www.etsy.com/shop/VintageClothesHouse

  33. Hi Ted, it's such a pleasure to listen to you. I've been struggling with a product I launch on my ecommerce site. Can you help me out by evaluating the website. Your feedback will certainly be valuable and appreciated.

  34. As someone who sells digital downloads on Etsy and other platforms, I think it is largely underlooked or assumed the market is far too saturated. It's not. I put in maybe 5-10 hours a week on my business (which is a hobby) and net a fair amount of passive income. Keep in mind maybe only 2 hours of the week is design work, which is relaxing to me, and the rest is administrative and content building.

    I also can't draw worth a crap, I just learned how to combine shapes together to make cool things. Anyone can do it if they set their mind to it but it also requires research and level of effort. Cheers to another good video

  35. Sent to Ryans channel but wanted opinions so…..: Very thankful that this guy showed a video about Kevin David I have to admit I was almost fooled and after studying in this 3 to 5 days out of every week for about a year and a half and the various gurus online I am ready to start but I’m undecided whether to go with Ryan who I meant I just came across this year but the commerce team is actually very very detailed very very smart and obviously she knows what she’s doing I am really hoping this will work out because of the research I did into the subjectAs I am YouTube obsessed for the past four years and spend up to 20 hours a day on YouTube might as well learn to get paid I just really hope either one of these choices and let down hoping to have a positive attitude and 2020 as I begin this any others have suggestions?

  36. I’ve just opened my Etsy store and it’s around the Digital downloads so I was excited to here this.
    I’m in Australia so I’m just wondering… does it matter that I’m in Australia if I use Printful or something that’s not based here? I don’t want to just limit myself to the Australian market either.

  37. Iam from nepal I will be arrive in april 8 in usa from immigrante visa .I want to do online business in the usa and Do related civil engineer works like 3D, Etabs , max etc is this mention is possible ?

  38. Dear sarah I am really greatful for all valuable infromation that you offer in your channel , I want to start a POD buisness starting from etsy and shopify , the question is can I link both of etsy & shopify store in one printful account?? Could you help me please

  39. Hey Sarah! Your videos are so incredibly informative and helpful! I was wondering if you had any advice for viewers trying to start their own online business but live in third world countries? I live in Kenya and I am also thinking of starting my own dropshipping or print-on-demand or maybe even flex store (still doing research on everything) but I am stuck in terms of how to go about certain things, for example, should I focus on dropshipping in America or do it locally? What is the best way to do it locally in third world countries?

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  41. I have a question – How does Society6 compare to other print on demand sites? It looks great but I guess there is a reason I haven't seen it mentioned in any of the videos.

  42. Hi Sarah, great video and info. Wonderful guides and details. Love your works. I would like to know if you have courses for printondemand only? I understand u already have one course that ecommerce. I am living in asia, can I open shopify store or any other platform base in the US with print on demand business?

  43. Hi Sarah, Love your tutorial videos! Just one question on Retail Arbitrage. If you are listing Kong dog products on your Amazon listings don't you have to get Kong's permission to sell their products first? Isn't there a danger of having your account suspended if you do not do this?

  44. Hi again Sarah, I have watched your a LOT of your excellent video tutorials. Very informative thank you!

    I have an interesting question for you if you don't mind taking a look?

    After watching a few tutorials I realized the feasibility of reselling brand name products from US SOURCES utilizing FBA (USA) and never having to import anything. I guess you might call it 'wholesale arbitrage of brand name products'? Can Canadians do this?

    I have been informed that Canadians (or anyone else for that matter) would have to secure a US RESALE CERTIFICATE to purchase products from wholesalers in the US and to do that, we would have to have a US LLC – or would we?

    … since I already have a registered Canadian Corporation in British Columbia (since 2007), I have heard I could use my GST/HST# as proof of my eligibility to secure a US Resale Certificate?

    Regardless, assuming that one of the above is true and that a US Resale Certificate could be obtained, wouldn't it STILL be impractical for a foreign national to do what I am suggesting due to the DOUBLE TAXATION that I have heard would occur for Canadians?

    And that is my main concern: Can I obtain a US Resale Certificate to be able to buy brand name products from wholesalers in the US to list on my US Amazon.com FBA account WITHOUT incurring DOUBLE TAXATION?

    I would also assume that this issue would be the same for any other foreign national – (including yourself Sarah) – wishing to re-sell name brand products on their Amazon.com account which are obtained through purchasing from US based wholesalers?

    Thank you and kind regards,


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