💻 10 Things You Should Know Before Selling Online 💻

Hi welcome to today’s
video and they were going to be talking
about the Top 10 Things You Should Know
Before selling online. Right so the first thing
we’re going to talk about is Mike is mindset
and your own goals. This is really really
important please do not ignore this. You think
Oh here we go again. Maybe you think maybe
you’re not but this is really important. When
I first started online around four years
ago this was one of the first things that
was presented to me. I think we had to
go through like three or four days of this
and nothing else. And in my mind it was a
waste of time. I didn’t see the point in it. I
had all the material I needed was a
great course. Everything was there. Why do I
need to change our mindset make no sense to me. Four years down the line
I wish I had done it then. I have since
done. Those things and I think very differently
now. But initially I didn’t. And the reason
it’s so important is because when you get
into the space and things start to go
wrong first thing we’re going to do
as human beings. We’re going to go back
to the old mindset the old way of thinking.
And in this for example of course all this
is going to work. And what’s the first thing
you do. You jump to something else and
you try something else. This is a this is a
a game of time. You need time. OK. This is not
a race. Take one step at a time. Know what
your goal is. And just look ahead of you.
How many steps ahead of you can you see. Don’t
look all the way down there. OK which makes me
think of why are of the successful successful
while the rich rich. It’s very
simple. Their habits are different to ours. They
only have 24 hours in a day. Just like
we do but their habits are different. And
they think differently. All right. What do you
think is what you all remember that. It’s very
key. There’s a book by dean graziosi Oh
so it’s called The Millionaire success habits.
I advise you to get that book. He
gives it away for free. Just google it you’ll
find it. Awesome book. I suggest you start
with that. OK. So that’s point number one.
Number two choosing your avatar. This is really
important as well. So think of an avatar
as an actual person. It’s not just you
know just this little image on screen. They’re
actual people. So think about people you want
to work with. Who is your target market. So
you want to think about what you are
going to sell what you want to sell
whether it’s information or ecomm or anything
like that. Think about what it is and who
you’re going to sell it to. That is essentially
your avatar. And you want to get this on
paper just write it down if it’s a man.
Man aged between whatever age and he’s successful in
business and he wants to leave his current
9 to 5 job something like that or if
it’s a woman same scenario could be a woman.
That’s just started a business and she
doesn’t know how to increase her sales.
That’s who you could target things like that.
You really have to think that through
because ultimately if you just go in blind
and you start selling stuff you could end up
with a huge headache because you could end
up with a bunch of people. You don’t want
to work with. That’s going to be pain in
your life. All right. So think very carefully about
who you want to sell what you want
to sell and how you’re going to sell it.
OK. Which will cover a little bit later on.
Right. That is point number two. Number
three understanding why people buy this is
so key. If you understand and know this
principle you can sell anything to
anyone. All right. That’s a fact so this
list is in this order for a specific reason
I’m not just gonna go in and say this is
how to sell this is what to do. It’s
more in-depth than that. And this is one
of those key things understanding why people buy
if you can put it this way if
you are selling in real estate you can speak
that language you can get into the emotional
side of that person you want to sell
to. OK. It’s about emotion. People buy with the
emotion and they justify it with logic. The simple fact is how
it is all right and the way to learn
more about this understand more about this.
Russell Brunson has written a book called experts
secrets and he goes into this in depth.
There are the books out there but in my opinion
the way he puts it is probably in probably
one of the best ways to put it. He
makes it very simple to understand the books for
free. You pay for shipping I’ll linked
in the description below. But understanding why
people buy It’s gold all right. This is
something so many of these online courses
do not teach. I’ve never heard it
before. All right it’s important get to
know it understand the psychology behind it
and implement it. Next we got to talk
about one of my favorite subjects and that
is flashy coarse flashy courses shiny objects
jumping from shiny object shiny object.
How many people how many of you
guys have spent thousands thousands on courses
and never got anything from. Ok. And this takes
me back to point number one getting your
mindset correct. If your mindset is right you
will not jump from course to course to
course. It won’t happen because you know where
you want to go you know what you want to
do. And if you it when it comes to
buying a course and understanding and learning
things pick it carefully don’t
you know. I find it very
frustrating when you see these online courses and they
sell you the dream they sell you the you
know you see the guy sitting on a boat
with the island in the background and you know
he’s got the whole. Just just click here.
It’s a very simple system. Everything is
done for you. Websites are built for you.
You don’t really need to do much within the
next couple of days you can be bringing money
in. Some say even as close as 24 hours you
can maybe you can be bringing money in. Don’t believe that it’s
work you’ve got to put the work in.
Okay. And again with the right mindset with
the right principles in place anybody could
be successful online but you have to stick
with it. And something that’s quite interesting
that over 80 percent of people
don’t finish courses. And the reason they don’t
finish the course is because they hit
a hurdle an obstacle. Right. And again I
keep saying it back to mindset. We go back
to our old way of thinking others too
difficult. The first thing that I do
go look for something that looks easier Right. Don’t do that. You probably have the
right material in your hands already. What you
got to do is implement take action.
Do stuff like stop wasting money on
more courses right. That’s my next point. I
had to bring that up because it’s super
important. People are losing so much money
doing this. You’ve got everything you need to
be successful. Go and do it. Get your
mind right. Number five which is choose a
platform you want to. You want to use
and stick to it there’s a reason I
say stick to it. Because again it’s kind of
like point number four. Where jumping around
from platform to platform cause to course
what you want to try and do is pick
when I say a platform I mean like a
setting platform like I mentioned that
Amazon Shopify Instagram blogging. Blogging webinars
dream 100 things like that. There’s all
sorts of things you can choose. My advice
to you is choose one and stick with it
perfected it become good at that and
then move on. Sometimes they work
hand-in-hand so you can build one with the
other so let’s say you got a YouTube channel
and you want to build a YouTube channel
up in conjunction with that. You can be
building up an Instagram channel. You can do to
it once like that but I wouldn’t go more
than that. All right. You wouldn’t get your
feet wet first start getting some traction and
you can build up like that. And once
you start building you can then link things
all over the place. I’ll give an example. Let’s say you do a
YouTube channel or you put a YouTube video and
you explain you talking about things like I am
now you can take this video and then you
could take the audio and you can turn that
into a podcast. You can take the text or
the transcript from the video and you can turn
that into a blog a blog a blog post right
in the blog post you can link back to
your youtube channel for more views for
more interaction. Those are some examples but
just don’t spread yourself too thin. All right. You
want to go for one or two platforms. Stick
to them until you get really good at
them build them up. If find it’s working for
you. It’s too much. You just don’t quite.
It’s not working for you. Try something else.
All right but move on. Only when you realize
this is not for me I can’t do this.
Some people wouldn’t want to be on camera. That
was me. Six months a year ago I refused to
do this. And now I am. And the more you
do it the easier it becomes. OK. That’s
simple. It’s like anything. It’s only
difficult when you don’t know how. All
right. Keep doing it. Practicing practicing
practicing. And you will become good at
it. Anybody can become good at anything.
Doesn’t matter who they are. Doesn’t matter
what it is. Nobody’s born with a special
gift. We all just use that to become
obsessed. If you become obsessed with something
you become good at it. All right. Stick
with it. Don’t give up. Number six is
publishing. All right. This is really
really important. This is something that was taught
to me by Steve Larsen and in the
beginning I didn’t buy it. I didn’t think much of
it. I didn’t think it was that important. But
the more you learn the more you understand
about why it’s so important and the
reasons behind it. Then you’ll start to
understand it’s because you’re building a
following. All right. You are becoming the
person someone is listening to they trust. And
there’s many ways you can do it. As you can
see on the screen right now you can
Podcast Facebook lives blogging YouTube Instagram. All
right. For podcasting I would suggest anchor.fm
It’s free. You can get the app it’s super
easy to use. Use that one. Facebook lives.
People are very scared of that. If you’ve
never done it before and you would like to
try it this is something that was taught to
me. I’ve never done it myself. It’s a really
good idea. Go onto your Facebook profile create
a new page make it private. No one
knows about it and practice. Just try it.
OK get the camera out. Did you get your
phone out and you want to get yourself
something like this. You want to get yourself
a little pop up it’s one of these things.
With that you just stick that onto the
back of your phone. Hold the phone and
you can record away super simple right.
Done overcomplicated. There’s no fancy equipment
needed. Don’t let anyone tell you that you need
to when it comes to YouTube videos you
do want some decent sound. All right.
Make sure that Facebook lives you keep blogging.
Like I said before a good place for
blogging. It gets tons of traffic is medium.com.
All right. As in small medium large
medium.com. Next one is YouTube obviously. And
then Instagram on Instagram you can do
the lives things like that you can. And
it’s really close up close and personal what Instagram
is more used for is it’s about you as
a person not so much about what you sell.
It’s more about you know your day to
day life. You’re going to the park with the kids
and you told you will follow is about
it becomes more personal. What I’ve been told
as well. And it’s very true. Is that podcasting
it can be one of the most personal
ways to communicate with the person. Why.
Because they got the headphones the ear plugs
in their ear. And it’s like you’re in
their head. OK. Very very powerful and super
easy to do if you want to be on camera.
I would say the next best thing. Podcast. OK. But you
need to start doing this and start building
an audience and building an audience. Because
when they learn to trust you trust everything
you say as soon as you throw out
a product what they’re what they’re going to do
they’re gonna buy from you because they
trust you because you’ve built that trust you’ve
given them so much value. And in the
podcasts in the YouTube videos in your blogging
give value just give give give. Just
keep giving. All right that’s the key.
Just keep giving. And eventually it’ll come
back to you because eventually you’ll have
a product ready. You can do this before
you even have anything to sell. Just do it.
All right. And then you build up the following.
By the time it comes to your product ready
you can even build up the anticipation in
your podcast for example you can say in
a week’s time I’m getting this new product
ready I’m super excited about it. Go shared
with your friends and all that kind of stuff
you know and then win it. And when it
comes to launch date they’re going to be
buying because they’re ready. You prepped them for
it which you can only do that when
you have a publishing foundation you know
something you’ve built on and worked on. Right. Really important.
Make sure you stop. What kind of lifestyle
do you want from your business. And this may
sound like an odd question but if you
really think about it it makes a lot of
sense. Let’s say for example you want to be
a consultant. OK. lets say this. I say let’s say
you want to do one on one consulting all
right. And you put yourself out there when
I’m a consulting you could get a ton
of bookings. All right. And that could fill up
your day. Would want to what I’m trying to say
is your life will be dependent on the bookings
you get the work you get. And if
it’s something you love is something you enjoy. You
want to sit there all day and you
want to help people. That’s cool. Do that. That’s
what your thing is but that will become your
lifestyle if you want something that’s more
automated. Let’s say affiliate marketing for
example once you get things in place a lot
of what a lot of the affiliations are all
automated. You don’t really need to do
much. I hope that makes sense. It’s just a case
of you know you want to think about the type
of setup you want to start and how that’s
going to impact your life. Let’s say you start
off a business and it takes off like crazy
and then you look back on this whole thing
you’re you’re making a bunch of money but
you don’t have a life because you’re constantly
trying to fill up things and do and do
a bunch of things that you weren’t really
planning on doing. All right so think that
through what kind of business do you
want to do. That’s all I’ve got
to say about that really. But yeah it’s
all down to each individual person.
All right. And that will determine
the kind of business you should you
should be starting online. How much time do you
want to be in front of your computer. How much
time do you want to be away from it.
Is there a balance. There are online businesses
that work really well where you can spend an
hour a day that is possible but you’ve got
to put the work in that goes back to
what I said before. You have put a ton of
work in get the foundation in place and then you
can you can watch the growth coming slowly.
Number eight is good mentors and surround
yourself with positive people. I think that
says it all. Find yourself someone that you
can look up to even if you’re good. If
you can go to live events go to live
events pick them carefully just because you’re
choosing a mentor doesn’t mean you have
to try and get in front of the person and
bug him or her and try and get their
information. No just with with the within in
the online world today we’ve got so many
we can access these people all day long. All
right. So choose a few people. There’s a
couple that I like dean graziosi when
it comes to mindset awesome guy when it
comes to selling stuff I would say Steven
Larsen and the absolute master of funnels
at the moment. I would say is
Russell Brunson and Russell Brunson gives away so
much value he gives away so many cool
things. So what I’m trying to say is just you
know go go go into places like YouTube Instagram
go find these people follow them watch what
they doing watch them listen to them
understand what they saying. So that’s what I’m and
that’s what I mean by surround yourself with
positive people all positive people. And
they’re giving the good information out there
and then always trying to sell you things
don’t believe that they want to give give
give because when they give they know they’ll
get back. All right. So go find these
people listen to them take their advice and do as
they say. If you want to find a good
reliable software that’s easy to understand now maybe
a little biased here but that’s the way it
is. I love using click funnels. Reason being
is for those simple reasons it’s reliable. It’s
easy to use and easy to understand
and everything’s in one place. There
are other options. I mean you can go
to you know if you into e-commerce Shopify is
awesome. Are you Shopify for two years.
I love it. I moved everything over to click
funnels but yeah I got nothing bad to
say about Shopify go there. It’s just
something that’s super easy to use. There’s no
coding needed no nonsense putting pieces together
all over the place cause you’re
gonna get confused overwhelmed. Are you going
to walk away from it. All right.
You want something that’s easy to use easy
to understand with good support and good
material that teaches you how to use these
things and click funnels has all that. It
is more expensive than other softwares but it’s
like the old saying You get what you
pay for. All right. So that’s what I’ve got
to say about that. Just choose your software
carefully. And I will plug this once. If you
want a site to click funnels I’ll throw a
link down below and go and check it out.
You get two weeks free. And I have a
full membership site down there as well with a
bunch of stuff. It’s all free. Now there’s a
full course in there as well on how to use
click funnels and a full course by Spencer Mecham.
He teaches a full course on
affiliate marketing. And you go check it
out. All right I’ll Put the stuff down below
and last is time. All right. Now I’ve touched
on this before. You need to give this
time. All right. And the time frame I like to
use or refer to is around a year if that’s
if you. No one knows you. No one knows who
you are around a year. The reason I say that
is because like one of the things I’ve said
before and point number six publishing you know
you want to get yourself out and get
people to know you understand you know
where you’re coming from on a personal level and
also on a on a business level where you
are what you do on build that trust with
people give value give give give. And eventually
over time you get you will get returns.
You can’t go out there and I’m not saying
you can’t do it. I’ve done it before when
I first started one of the things I did
was to Shopify store out through an ad up
on Facebook started selling stuff you can’t do
that but I would. My advice is take
your time on it. Build relationships build
relationships with people and you will find
in the long run it will work out a
lot more better for you because you will have.
A list of people that trust you know you.
And if you sell anything the majority of them
will buy from you because they trust and
know you. And that essentially is is one
of the golden rules to online marketing. Like
building trust giving value giving helping
and when you understand that and do that it
will come back to you. Thanks for watching this
video today. And if you’ve got a lot of
value out of it let me know down below. Give
us a like thumbs comments describe all
that good stuff and we’ll see you in
the next video. Thanks for watching.

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