15 Best Selling IKEA Products

Shopping to IKEA is the most fun thing for
me, do you feel the same way? for most people, a trip to IKEA is an all-day affair. And then there’s the whole getting-lost-in-the-store
thing, because it’s huge and losing track of where you are is pretty unavoidable. But, despite it all, the trip’s totally worth
it, because there are some great, must-have products you can’t find anywhere else. Here are the best-reviewed, most budget-friendly
picks in IKEA. And the best part? If you really can’t make it to the store IRL,
you can buy most of these products online now, too. Here are the list top 15 best selling IKEA
products. 1.BILLY Bookcase ($59.00) The BILLY bookcase is one of IKEA’s most popular products of all time, and for good reason—after
all, it is pretty hard to find a bookcase this big and this customizable at such a low
price point. 2.RIGGA Clothes Rack ($12.99) This clothing rack has space for shoes and hanging shelves, and it’s totally height adjustable. Did I mention it’s only $13? 3.RIBBA Frame ($19.99) I have personally taken not one but two buses to get to my closest IKEA just to buy a handful
of these large RIBBA frames. They’re affordable, they look sleek and simple,
and they come in multiple sizes—what more could you ask for? 4.KALLAX Shelf Unit The KALLAX shelf unit series is just about the most versatile product at IKEA: It comes
in so many shapes, sizes, and colors. Plus, you can customize the units you choose
with drawers, doors, and bins. 5.SATSUMAS Plant Stand ($29.99) This bamboo plant stand is undeniably cute, and it has multiple matching items (including
a ladder plant stand and a long, narrow table stand), if you really want to go all out with
your plants. 6.Striped STOCKHOLM Rug It’s hard to find an affordable area rug that’s stylish and easy to clean, but the STOCKHOLM
rug is exactly that—and that’s why you’ve most likely seen it in several of your favorite
bloggers’ homes. 7.FROSTA Stool ($14.99) These stackable, easy-to-store stools come in at only $15, and they’re also one of the
most hackable—and versatile—IKEA products out there. 8.LACK Side Table LACK side tables may be a little on the plain side (although they do come in tons of colors!),
but you can’t argue with a side table that only costs $9—plus, there are tons of hacks
for it, if you like to DIY. 9.RÅSKOG Utility Cart If you’ve ever spent even a few minutes on Pinterest, you’ve probably seen this utility
cart pop up. Why? Because it’s stylish, it’s inexpensive, and
it’s so useful. Use it as a bar cart, use it as storage in
your bathroom, use it to hold plants—you name it. 10.VARIERA Pot Lid Organizer ($6.99) Speaking of pots and their matching lids, this $7 lid organizer will save your kitchen,
and it’s totally customizable so it can be made to fit whatever space you need it to
live in. 11.PLASTIS Dishwashing Brush While you’re at it, grab a PLASTIS dishwashing brush—your dishes will be cleaner, your
sink will be more organized (it suctions right to the counter!), and your wallet won’t even
feel a difference. 12.OUMBRLIG 7-Piece Cookware Set ($59.99) $60 for a whole 7-piece cookware set including two pots, a sauce pan, a frying pan, and coordinating
lids for? Time to run—don’t walk—to the store. 13.FÄRGRIK 18-Piece Dinnerware Set Where else can you find an 18-piece stoneware dinnerware set (in fun colors, might I add)
for only $24.99? The trip pays off even if you only buy this—and,
okay, maybe a giant cinnamon roll or two. 14.FIXA 17-Piece Tool Kit ($9.99) No IKEA roundup would be complete without their tool kit, which is priced at only $10. Seriously. It includes a hammer, adjustable wrench, combination
pliers, a screwdriver, and various bits and attachments. 15.TEKLA Dish Towel While you’re there, you might as well grab a few of these absurdly inexpensive dish towels,
which look sleek—and are a workhorse item you’ll use every day in the kitchen.

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