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  1. My God!
    You are organized dynamite!
    I feel like these resolutions are way too hard. You must be perfect. I'm getting fatigued listening, and feeling useless! Sweet Jahova!
    One resolution here. One focus.

  2. #2 plant first – i suggest starting off each day with a fruit smoothie and (separately) at least, a 16oz serving of water. fruit smoothies are filling & hydrating and prove for me, as a better breakfast than cooked food or cereal.
    #5 credit limit – chelsea girl, ratio is pronounced rā-shō or
    #13 get to know your locals – chelsea girl, you pronounced collision as collusion! collusion is secret agreement or cooperation especially for an illegal or deceitful purpose.

  3. A regular exercise routine is good if you can stick to it. Health, mood, motivation and appearance all stemming from exercise. I put 4 hours a week into swimming and I've found that I still have lots of time it never eats into work or social life you findthe time to do these things where you were wasting the day without noticing it like sitting in bed on your phone for an hour.

  4. Im not super attentive when it comes to sponsored products on YouTube videos, but Adobe Scan actually sounds like something that would help me! (I always put off taking pics of my business receipts because of the hassle of cropping and rotating each pic 😅)

  5. Taking a picture of recites to pdf is a great idea for organizing them especially since now days they are designed to deteriorate in a month.

  6. How/Where do I put money that is linked to the stock market? I know about 2.5% CDs, but don't know anything about alleged 8% money accounts that link to the stock market. Can I open one at my bank? Thanks Chelsea!

  7. I don't know about USA, but here in Russia my vegetarian friends spend such an awful lot of money on food and supplements. Being vegetarian is much more expensive here than just eating meat.

  8. The one about social media and yapping about stuff you don't actually care about is so true. I'm guilty of it, and I've drastically cut down on it. As a result, social media is much less stressful now!

  9. Amazing video, I had to keep pausing it to go download the recommended apps. Although I found Focus Keeper Pro pretty cool instead of the Tomato 🍅 one.
    SO HAPPY you shared your ideas and…to be totally honest, I forgot the “subject” of this video but am super stoked about putting your suggestions into play!! Especially the closet idea, genius!

  10. its because vegetables are shit-tier sources of nutrition, vitamin, mineral or otherwise. it's always been the substitute food of the poor, substituting oats and wheat for meat and animal products for the sake of energy was a forced necessity just to get enough calories. the rich have always known what's best for them, my tinfoil hat theory is that a concerted push for vegan, insect, high-carb and fibre diets as the "environmental" and "healthy" is just a population control method for a planet that doesnt have enough pasture and forest space to provide each person their optimal, mostly animal, ancient natural diet. I imagine i would feel my soul erode if they successfully browbeat me into eating arthropods and chaff for the rest of my productive days

  11. "Imagine all the things you could do with all this time!"

    Like, nothing. I watch YouTube on my free-time. The only other thing I can do is sleep, eat, or be bored.

  12. Can I put up my “morning stretch routine” for the night before cuz I “never have time for health…. what health?” ☹️

  13. Nice and good idea to scan the receipts, the only problem i see in that is that most of the shops what the original receipt when it comes to returning something. At least in Vienna, Europe. Have a great day 😊

  14. hahaha, my enriching routine actually IS time spent at the gym, this my most precious time and I love it! Have been training 3-4 times a week since 1995…

  15. I lobe these ideas. Some i already do, some dont apply to me and some i deffinatly want to try like utilizing my clothing options. And i always file my taxes early although the irs issues a statment saying they arnt sure when filing season will start this year because of the govenment shut down.

    I love the idea of knowing your locals. I try to get to know the people i live near and people i interact with regularly but i feel more and more people avoid this for some reason. I think its g[d for people to know fhe people around them.

    I need to start using my phone less. Its one of my goals this year. It really does suck up a lot of my time that i could be using for other things.

  16. I have the weekly routine called :"Fuck It Friday!". Friday is the end of my work week so I get takeout food and a special soda that I love after work. I get a movie or some other relaxing activity (read, sew,, etc and everyone knows that I don't do anything then. I will do/help everyone on Saturday through Thursday but Friday night is my day to relax.

  17. Wow! This video is an absolute GOLD mine!!! 💖💖💖
    So many great ideas I want to implement in my life! 👌
    Thank you so much for sharing! 😃

  18. Make New Year's Resolutions and do them (except for going to the gym for some reason; that is still cliche and doomed to failure). There, I saved you almost 14 minutes. If you want to spend a few more seconds Kimberly Schveder very nicely put the whole list in the comments.

  19. See, this is why I love this channel lol
    I'm moving to Washington in a few months. During my last move to Alabama, it was so annoying to have to stuff a bunch of papers into my suitcase so the pdf app is seriously going to help me. I also don't like keeping papers around so that's a #minimalism win

  20. I love these videos! Could you do one on renters insurance? I'd really like to know more. Especially where to get it

  21. Re: your morning routine “Tip “ I don’t wear a DIFFERENT outfit EVERY DAY! That’s a pain to do, costly & bullshitty so why do what so many youngsters think 🤔 SHOULD BE DONE????

  22. I love all the winter sales in the first month of Winter, though it does make me wonder when winter is according to retail.

  23. Boy, rental insurance yes! I had a friend who shared an apartment and after a fire, he didn't have so much as a toothbrush or a sock. Everything, everything had to be replaced. It's not expensive, and can really help.

  24. I would love to see your folder of spreadsheets. You seem to have so many! Do you make them yourself or do you use templates from somewhere?

  25. How funny is it that I was going through my box of receipts while looking at this? I am so getting that app to make this easier for myself!

  26. Planet base is not cheap why do think that 🤦🏽‍♀️👀
    If I eat meat it's only chicken. Or seafood shrimp and fish.

    I spent like $150 on fruits and vegetables in one transaction,got home like what did I get 😂

  27. I really want to like you but you tend to come across as a privileged WW lmao I wish you would have responded to the emails i sent you!!!

  28. Has anyone told you … you have a very droning voice… you talk much
    to fast… and never take a break…. your tone of voice is too
    high…. after 2 minutes I need to turn you off

  29. Note that 'Up your credit card limit.' is TERRIBLE advice outside the USA. Having a higher credit limit counts as a negative other countries. For every $1,000 more you 'could' spend on credit cards it can reduce the amount you could borrow to buy a home by as much as $10,000. There's no positive. You also get a negative for every credit application you make, and significant negative if you're knocked back.

  30. On the subject of gratuitous apologies, I don't write a lot of emails, but I'm making a concerted effort in person to replace "Sorry!" with "excuse me". It's usually what I mean anyway and it's far more professional.

  31. wonderful !!! 🙌 This video really get you realize how much things we've already got in our life! and how many people we've got to know in the neighbourhood without to go anywhere else !!! just by changing the time we do the same routine activities we usually do! 😗 that's awesome, I'd say ! "very-very thank's!" I'd say !!!

  32. I hope this isn't a stupid question. I just graduated college and so I've never made enough money to pay taxes yet. So, why keep all your receipts? What good does it do to keep a receipt of a night out? How is that different from just looking in your transaction history?

  33. #14 not so in Germany. As a merely employed person you have several years (I think it's four) to do your taxes and it is worth it because your refund has an incredible interest of 7 % p.a. which for a completely risk-free investment such as excess tax money is incredible.

  34. I agree that the most important thing is to save money for unexpected things. These 15 things that we need to do differently so we can change the way we look at spending money.

  35. Great video…I have watched several of her video. This oneafe me feel like I am not a very productive person. I need to rethink my life.

  36. Chelsea, this is one of the best videos I've seen on YouTube in a while. Thank you for all the helpful hints. A lot of these we're already doing, but this is so helpful!!

  37. This may have been pointed out already, but the audio is saying “social collusion”, while the on-screen text twice says “COLLISION”, with an “I”. Typos bug and distract me. Confuses the message. Otherwise, great tips!

  38. Thanks to Kimberly for writing down the list and thank you Financial Diet for sharing your wisdom with us. There are plenty of these things that I should start trying to implement in my life… Especially breaking tasks into spreadsheets. It sounds like a lot of work upfront, but it'll pay off in the end.

  39. 1. Watch WORKING WALLET on You Tube
    2. Buy WORKING WALLET's new book
    3. Keep watching this vid. Great content!!!!!!

  40. I had left TFD for a little while but I'm back and re-subscribed and I like this new 'cut through the bullshit' approach

  41. Can you please tell me the name of your video that talks about leaving things in the store. “Pay the rent” don’t buy because on sale. I can’t find it again!!!

  42. 13. No: I'm an introvert who hates early mornings & although dogs are sometimes cute, they've got low IQ & the RTO is just too low & the vet's bills ( aren't we supposed to be saving money around here?)..oh, vey…at least cats catch mice.

  43. 02:59 I stopped the video and went to AppStore to download GD PDF application)))

    Upd 04:55 I Love Chelsea)))

  44. I eat vegetarian at home, and at work, they feed me meat from time to time in organized meals, so l don't feel a craving for it usually. ( not a vegetarian, just hate cooking)

  45. "Nobody should be financially punished for not being rich enough" lol tell that to every not-rich person ever…

  46. This Lifestyle Fix will teach you morning habits to increase your productivity: https://youtu.be/MMrnsi8Vgxw.

  47. Spread sheets for cleaning and groceries is intense! Lol Maybe I'm too relaxed, but hand written lists do just fine for me.

    On the female "apologizing" or gentling of expressing ourselves – YES on kicking that crap to the curb! 💪👏 I get in trouble because I am too forward, too direct, too honest etc… I don't think those are bad qualities (unless someone is tactless and unthoughtful in their approach), but I get in trouble for being unapologetic about it because it is not yet the solid norm for women to be so forthright. Let's please, please, normalize women having a voice!

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