$20 Dick's Sporting Goods FISHING CHALLENGE! (COMPLETED!)

$20.00 Dick's Sporting Goods fishing challenge let's get after it so this we're gonna be doing today guys we're gonna be going to Dick's Sporting Goods buying twenty dollars worth of fishing tackle lures hooks weights whatever it is we're not gonna buy a fishing rod but usually in these videos I usually go to the tackle shops I usually buy a certain amount of tackle at a certain number like twenty dollars twenty five dollars whatever my limit is and then I go talk about the tackle well today we're gonna do something a little bit different and we're actually gonna go to Dick's Sporting Goods spend $20 on lures terminal tackle hooks weights whatever it is and actually go to my backyard pond and try to catch a fish on each bait let's go ahead and get this video started one thing I did forget to add guys was I've actually been to this Dix multiple times I'm actually filmed here I'd say at least three times and three times I've actually got caught filming I had not got kicked out of here but they have politely asked me that I cannot film in this store so I'm gonna keep this very low-key when I go in there if I don't feel much I will take all the tackle all to my car anyways and show you guys what I bought but I'm gonna bring my iPhone in there we're gonna be super low-key about it let's get it started you really don't have much of a selection sync is a black and blue pumpkin watermelon red probably something I've been with the green pumpkin they have Yama motors where they're like nine dollars compared to three dollars so I'm probably gonna go to green pumpkin the water cleared he's not it's not super dirty back on farm alright guys actually just got home from Dick's Sporting Goods I apologize for not filming much in there the guy who actually caught me the past two times is actually their names kind of keep an eye on me I'll try to keep it as low-key as possible but I am gonna show you guys the baits that I actually got today so here's the receipt from today it actually ended up being 20 dollars and 59 cents so we hit that twenty twenty dollar mark before tax it was actually nineteen dollars and twenty four cents so let me show you guys what I bought starting off with a soft plastic base that I actually bought first ones were the yum dingers and I actually got these in green pumpkin because they did not have too many colors those are actually $2.99 and it's gonna work perfect in my pond since the waters are not too dirty anyways so that should be good on the next bait I got I had a few dollars left and I needed like crawl style bait and this one actually looks very identical to a crawfish this is actually in junebug which works great in my pond as well like I said it's not too dirty not too clear so honestly the green pumpkin and the jumba are gonna work perfectly fine I believe I can get bites on them either way moving along with those baits I actually got some 316 sounds bullet weights right here regular light weights I got some bobber stops and I also got some regular ewg hooks I Gamakatsu and lastly this is the moving bait that I bought which is actually a z-man ChatterBait white and chartreuse so we're gonna be tying this on on one rod and then we're probably gonna start off with either the worm or the crawl I haven't decided yet but these are both gonna be on the same rig with the bobber stop alright guys just got our pulls rigged up we have the chatter bait on one rod and then we have the Texas rig Sanko thats actually has a bobber stop on the top of it on the other rod how this is gonna work is pretty much I'm gonna fish this corner by my house with the Texas rig including the Cinco and the crawl I'm gonna try to catch a fish on both of those and once I do that I'm gonna actually take the ChatterBait and kind of go walk around the pond and cover a lot of water and see how many fishermen can catch let's go ahead and get this challenge started alright guys as you guys can tell I have the yum dingers right here and then we have the big guy baits curls and we're gonna start off with this in this corner I don't like carrying around multiple rods and fishing I like they cover a lot of water so this is what we're going to do we're in a start off of this Texas rig we're going to see if we can pop one off real quick on the sink oh I knew a lot of fish sit out here I'll see what we can get all right guys we should give one right here this should not be a problem there's a little bit of grass that comes out right here staying way off of this don't spook any fish should be one laying on the into the especially he's got a slight ripple pushing back in here I ain't get the best cast and there is a freaking net is not good no world he spit it he was a freaking like three pounder oh my god how I lose him he's just running with it that was a freakin good one guys on the sink oh I don't know how I lost him Godley is slow right now too I can tell you guys that it's gonna be a lot harder than I was expecting we're gonna keep on trying though this is not the easiest place to catch fish out I can tell you that oh he's got it get up here boy saw the two as a whole different fish to I promise you that that was not the same one there's more here and me being the idiot that I am I actually forgot my crawls over by my fence I did not bring him with me so I'm off to run back and grab those I can tell you one thing the sink it was done to cast in a row hooks one that was about a pound bigger than this still that is absolute beautiful fish right there on the sink oh that's one out of three baits done I'm gonna go back and get the crawl and we're gonna see if we can catch second one let's get a release on this bad boy here you go guys beautiful fish there she goes all right guys just rigged up this crazy fish so that looks absolutely phenomenal oh my god with this water being it just has a slight bit of clarity it's like it's a brownish it's got a brownish tint to the water it's a little dirty but it's got that clarity it's kind of confusing so pretty much that's all I was saying both of these colors work great in here but they should destroy since we got some rain the past couple of days the waters a little dirtier than it usually is so they should destroy this zoom bug not only for they destroy this Jimbo but I think that presentation right there is gonna absolutely smack them I have a tree over here this is actually why I had the bobber stop that I want to flip inside the tree and try to drag a fish out of the branches this is gonna be awesome guys we're going in for it see this tree right here I'm just gonna flip right in there I think he just hit it he's got it he had it right away I know there's fish that live in this tree he had it on the fall oh my god there we go baby there we go he choked it too oh man that was perfect guys I was actually reeling it and I watched him come out of nowhere to swallow it and I let him take a second and he ate it can't look at that fish look at the colors on that thing absolutely beautiful I think I'm gonna sit here those two baits done we got the curl and we got the Cinco done I think I'm gonna take the Corolla off put on another Cinco and see if I catch a fish or two they were gonna go back grab my ChatterBait and cover a lot of water let's go baby let's get a release on there he goes all right guys we are two-thirds of the way done with this video I caught a fish on the big boy bait scroll caught a fish on the sanku almost called multiple fish on the Cinco I ended up losing to the first one came off for no apparent reason I have no idea why that one came off second one I guess just didn't have it Ward might not even have been a bass because it did by I mean it whacked it hard I waited took off to the side and just for some reason he just did not get hooked up but we do have one more bait left and it is these email chatter bait so we're about to go out here and cover a lot of water with this bait I'm gonna walk around the majority of the pond hopefully we can catch a big bass let's get after oh my god yes we completed the challenge baby and he hammered it like a freight train look at that thing guys look at that oh my god he hammered it so hard he knocked his sideways that is the third fish guys on the third and final bait we completed the challenge but I'm gonna continue in fish I'm gonna actually cover lauter with this ChatterBait especially if they're gonna eat it like that what a beautiful fish golly on a beautiful day out today nothing big but we're gonna keep haunting let's get a release on this guy keep chucking that chatter be cool he came off where is he stuck in the net stuck in the net no he's you go alright I'm considering that a catch and that was a pretty awesome catch honestly I wish I could have got him out of the net right well my try to be here the water he just swirled on it I couldn't tell you how many times this little netting right here has screwed me on the bank like literally what it happened was when I hooked him my guy was about to flip him up on the bank but my hook caught the net so the fishes popped right off today's video guys just got off the water honestly I'm not too happy with today's you know whole deal with the whole fish catch thing but I am happy that we actually got to complete the challenge I actually got a shoulder injury yesterday I believe it was and it got to the point to Amanda go to the last fish that I actually lost I just couldn't couldn't take it any more I'm trying to let my shoulder heal and now for some reason it's starting to get really really stiff again but enough of that guys I hope you guys enjoyed this video if you guys want to see more $20 challenges whether it's at Bass Pro Shops Academy Walmart Cabela's wherever it is be sure to drop a big like on this video it was all really hard for me not to talk a lot about fishing and what I'm doing and why I'm doing in this video I wanted to keep this very relevant to the topic and about the whole challenge whole set up but if you guys want to see more videos on you know tips for fishing pond fishing to tackle videos be sure to check out my channel and be sure to subscribe and term I post certifications on because I have tons of video like that on my channel but thank you guys so much for the support I love you guys so much be sure to LIKE comment and subscribe and I'll catch you all in the next video

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  1. Suggestion, shop a local mom pop fishing tackle store sometimes , I love your work in the videos.
    Mom & Pop business need our help too 🤙 again keep putting out he great videos & tips . Mark

  2. Boycott Of Gun Grabbing Dick’s Sporting Goods Organizing


    no dicks you can suck it up,we will not come,screw you people,

  3. what’s the best chatterbait color? water is like the pond in the video, it’s kinda stained but dirty. Green pumpkin, watermelon and black and blue work well. thinking black and blue or the same one u have in this video

  4. We had a Gander Mountain in my city and it shut down, that’s where I got all my fishing gear from but Dicks has now stocked a lot more than what they had here.

  5. Great video well done with the challenge bro 👍 why don't you do a catch and cook bro do you release every fish you catch or do you keep the odd one or two now and then for a nice fish fry buddy 🎣👍 tight lines ✌

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