22 Extremely Profitable Small Business Ideas in India | Invest Only Rs 10,000 and Earn Good

many passionate young Indians always have a question in mind that what are best small business ideas in India they can start here are 22 very good business ideas with low investment and high profit on the positive note we believe that all these small business ideas in India can be launched under 1 lakh rupees 1 meal services – Street food joint 3 aquarium and fish for bakery and confectionary 5 air BnB 6 event planner 7 water jars 8 food truck 9 cheese manufacturing 10 beauty saloon 11 cryptocurrency mining 12 freelancing [Music] 13 cooking classes 14 dropshipping 15 blogging 16 ad management 17 YouTube 18 flipping websites 19 home tutoring 20 property reselling 21 massage therapy center 22 Jim [Music] so we have told you all the business ideas that require less capital and be started by any middle-income or no income person easily if you have more ideas let us know in the comments don’t forget to subscribe to our Channel and hit the notifications icon thanks for watching the video on star top wonders visit www.sap.com/learnbi for [Music]

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