28c3 LT Day 4: Unhosted — freedom from the web's monopolies

I'm young I'm the design dictator for the UH knows the project and we love the web and we want to help you achieve freedom from the web's monopolies and yeah next slide please I'm gonna tell you a quick thing about software evolution next slide so basically software or what we what we do all the time is we have apps on the top and we have data on the bottom like your data next which might be your documents and photos next slide and next slide and there are multiple applications so whatever your word processor your photo editor next slide please and yeah that's all on desktop so you have your home folder your my documents and all the different apps and you have your data where you know they are next slide please but yeah that was on the desktop next slide now on the web they're basically you have all these package deals of apps and storage so you have your google docs you have your facebook you have your flickr and you need to get accounts at each one you need to put your data there you give your data way you license it away and it's a hassle to keep track of all of this next please so yeah and it's it's hosted so you you don't even know any anymore where it is so it's not even on your computer anymore next mostly in California next so what we want to do is enable you to to have the yeah the good parts of the web next yeah but but with with with good parts of your devices as well next all your next all your devices which essentially boils down to having a browser where you can access these from next right so we propose a better architecture next for the web next and which we separate web apps from data storage so say you have your your your web apps your photo editor your document editor and but your data is in one place your home folder for the web which might be whatever your CouchDB instance your own cloud might be even your Dropbox if we get that legacy support running but basically next you go to an application in your browser then you authenticate with your or you you via wet finger call you get to the remote storage next that gets loaded in and basically synced all the time while you work on it next and get sink back and if you leave it then it's vanishing again so you can use it on your friend's computer or on the internet cafe next next so we call that protocol what we are basically all we do is one page specification for an open protocol we call remote storage so it's similar to local storage in the browser but remote so you can use it not only locally but it basically syncs your local storage to this remote storage that you have an X so yeah the technology we use is basically we say free software on the web or free hosted software for the web is not the solution because it's still hosted on the server that you can't control so we say javascript is awesome because it's always on your client it always runs on your computer's so the apps are pure JavaScript next they do webfinger call next to the storage and they authenticate I fio either vaio off next or we do the sign in via browser ID which is developed by Mozilla and it's really really good which wants to take sign in basically from now from the operating system the user management from the operating system to the browser which is great next and cross-origin resource sharing which is basically which basically allows the JavaScript app to make cross-origin across the main Ajax calls to access the data from the remote storage next extend time thanks yeah and get put delete for syncing data next and we work on making storage providers compatible like own cloud couch TV and eventually Google Drive and wordpress entropic snacks yeah that's me on the left that's Mikeal on the right he's our code communist and in the middle it's Kenny who had the original idea and we are in a small town called unwashed which is basically our name excuse me oh yeah we'll just make the application a lot slower um if if you're a good coder know why should I know it depends on how good you can co JavaScript so um yeah and next slide we were sponsored by your donations and the NLF foundation is Dutch foundation next we also do awesome projects with these terms of service didn't read which is for writing term service next then Libra projects with slits list free software web browsers next and open tabs which is decent lasts and transactions next help you guys there everything yeah we run hosted everywhere and thanks

10 thoughts on “28c3 LT Day 4: Unhosted — freedom from the web's monopolies

  1. It's such a shame that at a conference like this a man should say next, next, next, didn't they heard of remote controllers for presentations? But if they didn't, why just edit the video and cut off the NEXT parts, because are a lot of them.

  2. @crassirus Yeah – more or less universal hosting for everyone. But I still can't see it happen – its what all the major companies wants you to do, using their services only. I like the idea though :/

  3. From what I can see the difference is that this would be a system that would interface with every specific storage service so your data wouldn't be locked away with their apps. Eventually I think the plan was to make authentication more universal so as to make more universal storage economical/feasible.

  4. Wow whoever thought not giving the presenter a clicker was a good idea needs to get shot multiple times in the foot.

  5. Great idea. I'd just suggest to record this talk outside of a /talk/ environment, and place that video on your front page. Cheers!

  6. Isn't this what all the internet-giants want you to do, using their own service? Its not something I enjoy seeing, but you can 'login with Facebook' just about anywhere…

  7. Goddammit!! NExt nExT NEXT SLIDE PLS!!!

    The Software seems like a cool idea but i couldn´t even listen to the end!

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