3 Actionable Tips To Drive ECommerce Conversions This Holiday Season

– Welcome guys to the ECommerce
Marketer and Barketer. I’m Kara, this is our star
barketer of the day Hazel, and today I’ll be sharing
three tactics you can try to drive eCommerce sales
this holiday season. (upbeat music) (dog barking) So during the holidays, customers already expect that your company will be running promotions and
find these on your website, through emails, even through
your social channels. But there’s nothing more
confusing or frustrating than receiving an email for 10% off then hopping on your website and getting a pop-up to receive 20% off. I mean what’s the point of
being a loyal email subscriber, right Hazel. Right, so first tip, make sure all of your marketing
promotions are aligned. Map out all of your
channels and double-check that your strategy aligns
with all of your activities. Or if you have different teams
handling different channels, hold a meeting to make sure
everyone is on the same page of what promotions your
customers and leads should see and when they should see them. Second tip, optimize your checkout pages. Consider using Google’s
PageSpeed Insights tool to run a speed test and
identify specific ways to improve your check out page’s speed. Also, did you know, about 25%
of online consumers abandon a purchase if they’re forced
to create an account first. Similar to how your pup can get
distracted and will probably stop whatever they’re doing
if they see you have food, your customers can also get
distracted from completing a purchase if you ask them
to create an account first. So, provide the option for guest checkout instead of forcing new
visitors to create an account as this will hugely increase conversions. Last tip I want to cover
is making sure to ask for customer feedback or for a review. 61% of eCommerce customers
read online reviews before making a purchase decision, so customer reviews are huge in helping people decide
on purchasing a product. So consider setting up automated
follow-up emails that ask your customers about how
they’re liking your product. But make sure those emails are set up so that they’re sent a couple
days after the customer actually receives the product. There’s nothing more
ineffective or annoying than receiving an email for feedback when I haven’t even received
the product, right Hazel. Right, so don’t forget to
ask for customer reviews and implement those
onto your product pages. And speaking of follow-up emails, there are tons of other email
campaigns you can set up to improve conversions and
sales during the holiday season. To learn more about those
campaigns and how to set them up, check out our free resource for creating eCommerce
Lead Nurturing Campaigns! So, that’s all I got today guys, but hope this gave you some ideas as you enter the
craziness of the holidays. Thanks for watching and
hope to catch you next week for more eCommerce marketing
tips and strategies with the eCommerce Marketer & Barketer! There’s nothing more
ineffective or annoying than receiving an email for… (Kara laughing) I started and then she was like nope. Come on Hazel, you got this. You got this.

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