$300,000 on Amazon this Month Selling BRAND PRODUCTS (NO Paid Ads or Traffic Required!)

what is going on Amazon sellers or
hopefully soon-to-be Amazon sellers my name is beau crebbil and in today’s
video I want to go over about the milestone and just announced about how I
just hit over three hundred thousand dollars in the last month of selling on
Amazon now usually how these videos start is with some a guy Ragini’s of
someone with renting out really expensive house that they can’t afford
and just kind of flash them a bunch of the material wealth and but I’m an
investor I look up to people like Warren Buffett I look at the people like
Charlie Munger I look up to my mentors and I’ve been really lucky enough to not
have the same mindset of people around my age to make similar amounts of money
because you can really end up hurting you I mean for example the people around
my age of making someone our money and when they go buy an expensive car or
watch that thing they’re buying is actually not adding to their net worth
so they can’t become a thing my kind of credit investor and I’m technically in a
credit investor and there’s so many things that can come with that benefits
actually really funny thing is my um Amazon business literally got me
approved for mortgage mortgage on a house and like I’ll go there’s gonna be
an entire for another video but somebody that’s what I want to explain to that is
somebody just hit over three hundred thousand dollars on the last 30 days in
my Amazon business now I’m actually very reluctant to like share my sales all the
time actually what I want to do right now is go into my computer and share
with you that these sales are real I actually made a video about how people a
would have fake screenshots so I’m gonna just dive right into my computer right
now okay so you can see I’m going to my computer you can see it’s my computer
says my name I’m going to hit refresh boom well actually I just did a little
extra sales right there so that’s cool but over 300 2000 dollars eighty one
dollars for the day I hope to do more than the day but hit refresh again but I
made a video on how people would have faked their screen shots and refreshing
is pretty much the only way to make sure that they’re real but that is it so now
back to me explain about how it’s kind of I’m reluctant to really like explain
to people like oh the revenues I’m doing is because I think it can distract you
right I don’t want you to compare yourself to others you want to be going
off your own pace I’ve been selling online for 10 years
now yeah now I’ve only Reuben serious about it for the past
or five years because I stopped being individual an athlete and dropped out of
college anything along those lines but you don’t wanna compare yourself to
others but I’ve made crazy amount of mistakes in my Amazon business and you
really want to I mean it’s better to learn from other people’s mistakes it’s
okay to learn from your own mistakes but it’s better to learn from other people’s
and but these numbers I’m looking at right now these sales figures I want
this to be 10x next year and I think that’s actually realistic for me so what
I’ve kind of noticed is that once I started doing more and more in sales
after I got to the point where I didn’t have to worry about making a living or
one half to about money at all everything that just seems like a
numbers and just a game after this it’s simply a game so just kind of keep doing
and having the same focus every single day so okay whatever made a bunch of
money now that doesn’t even go waste a bunch money now and buy some stupid
things and one thing I actually ought to lead you off with in this video is
because I don’t want there to be me bragging about my sales I want to give
you some actual valuable information and to be about actually keeping your cost
down all right a big problem that I’ve seen with people who want to grow their
business is when they grow their business they grow their expenses they
get more employees they get a bigger warehouse I mean for example I don’t
understand why some people have a big warehouse in their Amazon business today
in the Lord you don’t need to all my products I merely run this business out
of my house in my PJs right now my Amazon business I don’t touch the
products I buy them for my suppliers ship them directly to an Amazon white
house with an Amazon fulfill this to my customers and a lot of people do that
but then they also have their own warehouse I only give you this example
right now let’s say you have a warehouse that’s costing you $10,000 a month which
is pretty realistic for a warehouse to kind of gain back that $10,000 and let’s
say you’re getting a 10% margin not 10% ROI but 10% margin so every time you do
$100,000 and sales and getting 10% margin it’s a $10,000 profit you need to
do an extra $100,000 a month compared to what I do to make the same profits so me
doing $3,000 if someone has a warehouse where they’re wasting 10 grand a month
off of it they’re going to have to do an extra 1.2 million dollars a year to do
the same what I’m doing so I like to be efficient and let me know on some
you know right now on a couple things on how you can actually lower your
logistics so I mean first off if you have a warehouse think about getting out
of that but one thing actually one let you know is about virtual assistants so
when you’re start to do more revenues you can’t be a little more busy I mean I
honestly I spend less time today than I ever have so but if for some reason
you’re not organizing your business then that could be a problem but virtual
assistants virtual assistants are people that you outsource to other countries
typically in the Philippines or India and they’re employees at a very low wage
now don’t feel bad that you’re paying these employees four bucks an hour
because you can literally get virtual assistants very intelligent people on
employees for three four bucks an hour three to four dollars an hour the
Philippines is like 15 in the US I wouldn’t do the transfer rate but with
virtual assistants I don’t pay them like all the time but it won’t me when I need
them so if you need something done your business and you understand that you
only want to be focusing on high-level pass because to do this Amazon business
that skill you won’t be focusing on high-level tasks which are sourcing
products and building relationships with suppliers and anything else if you can
outsource it great automate it even better but virtual
assistants could be something if you want to kind of learn like where to get
the best virtual assistants I actually will have a link down below in my
description I’m talking about a site so you can actually click down below to get
virtual assistants the second thing I want to leave you off with is about
reimbursements so when you’re doing lots of volume and Amazon and when you’re
buying products from your supplier and get them shipped into Amazon there’s
gonna be many times where Amazon loses products and but there’s also many times
where Amazon actually gives you too many products than you sent in so when Amazon
loses your products you can get reimbursed for them if your distributor
your supplier damages your products you will get reimbursed for the selling
price minus the fees so exactly what you would sell it for if Amazon damages or
loses your products they will reimburse you at the selling price minus the fees
so exactly what you can sell it for now there’s some times they try to
automatically reimburse you but if you check in your manage shipments and your
as you just sent in five hundred units and they want to give you 490 you need
to go in there and you need to supply your invoice
you’ll get reimbursed for those products now on the flip side there’s been many
times where I realize that Amazon sent me in 510 units when I sent 500 and now
that’s up to you I usually stay quiet on those lines and just don’t say anything
about it but that’s something to kind of leave you off with but again I’m just
really excited for my Amazon business I’m happy that I did this milestone but
what am I gonna do different am I even celebrating about this no I’m gonna get
back to work and just keep working on this I want this number to be TEDx next
around this time so thank you so much for watching this video if you want to
learn more about selling on Amazon I do have a course that goes over everything
you need to know from step by step by step I’ll have a link down below in the
description but hope you have a great day to have any questions at all about
selling on Amazon drop them down below in the comments I will respond to every
single comment feel free to subscribe to my youtube channel I have a podcast out
there up over 200 other YouTube videos and just have a great day

55 thoughts on “$300,000 on Amazon this Month Selling BRAND PRODUCTS (NO Paid Ads or Traffic Required!)

  1. Comment below your goals for 2019 & I’ll give you some realistic advice!

    My goals are the following

    – at least 5x my amazon sales
    – 2x my eBay & Walmart sales
    – release amazon Europe course by end of Jan 2019
    – acquire 2 more suppliers
    – focus everyday on how I can provide even more value to my students

    What’s your goals?? 👇

  2. I saw a Facebook ad and the hate from others and I really have to say I appreciate how humble you were to their comments!.. You were legit and kept asking what their amazon account looked like! Great job! Let them haters hate! And Keep doing you!

  3. Goals: To start working smarter rather than harder. To take your class. To stop focusing on how bad 2018 was for our family. To start focusing on the positive again.

    Congratulations on your $300k Beau. However, the fact that you see the big picture and not the current $ amount is even more remarkable at your age. Your parents must be very proud.

  4. Hello Beau I want to sign up for your course. I’m wandering Who will train me? I don’t have a lot of experience with computers. Do you think I’ll have any problems? Thank you very much. PS I really want to start selling on amazon. I’ve been in business for 24 years installing Flooring.

  5. I was recently reading about piggybacking on Amazon & the argument as to whether Amazon allows for it or does not. Can you give some insight?

  6. I just purchased the program yesterday! For 2019 I aim to be totally fluid with the entire process, purchase solid products confidently and hit 10k per month in sales…and create friendships suppliers

  7. My goals for 2019:
    $5k per month profit after all expenses.
    Find 3-5 suppliers that will work with me and be able to source enough products for me as I grow so it can turn into a long term partnership.

    As far as you 5xing your sales Beau, what are the logistical hurdles in doing that? Are there enough products out there for you to do this? I know you can go get more suppliers in different markets/niches but do you think there will ever be a ceiling to how much you can grow your sales?
    Thanks for the video. It's really inspiring to watch someone ahead of me so I can see what's coming in my future.

  8. Hi Beau, been following your videos about selling on Amazon. To be honest I'm already sold and will purchase in the near future. I only have 2 questions, will I also have to learn how to advertise my listing? Or does Amazon have me covered?

  9. Are 10% profit margins a realistic average?
    If not, what profit margin should one expect on average for $100k in sales? Thx.

  10. So .. what are your thoughts about shipments that have been sitting for a long time that have been marked as delivered but yet to be checked/processed in.. now I know during the holidays things take much longer but this specific FC (BW12)has a ton of ppl complaining about it that they loose products/or take weeks sometimes months to check in inventory even in the off season. Should I start correspondence immediately or wait till after Christmas?

  11. Would like to know if you are labeling your products with the fnsku labels or co-mingle them?
    Also if you do label them do you send the labels to the suppliers or the suppliers creates thone labels and place it on the product before shipping them to amazon?

  12. I got destroyed by fees on my first order. Learned a lot from many mistakes. Hopefully my next order will be planned a little better.

  13. Hi beau

    I love how your so against materialism at your age, I’m 19 and I’m also against it. Our world is run by corrupt money and material items that in the end really have no meaning to us.

    I hope to start your course near the end of January, I wish I could start now but I simply can’t afford it. Keep up the vids my man!

  14. My goal for 2019
    After having watched RA story on TV, I started OA with $2000 in August 2018. I ended up selling $10,000+ in 2018 (mostly in Q4 because I was concentrating on toys). But sourcing was touch challenge. So I started looking into whole sales, then I found you (youtube).
    I like it (brand name stuff) and I have been impressed with you (not just numbers but as a person). Congratulations on the milestone!
    I just got your course and started following your steps. Business setup first.
    In 2019, I am ready to start with $20,000. If I assume similar ROI with OA, I hope $100,000 sales next 6 months (without Q4). Realistic?

  15. Great for you Beau Crabill
    Amazon FBA!, my goal's for 2019 include begin selling wholesale arbitrage a Tactical Arbitrage subscription find where my competitors are buying and build capital, secure $2,000 per month consistent income, I have a private label brand and want to save 4-5 thousand for this, although I'm not 100% certain that I am approved for business income tax deductions at this time I am in start-up debt and need 3-4 products that sell well

  16. Beau is the real deal. I took his course and watch all his videos. Finishing my first month and it was easier than I expected because of Beau and the knowledge he put in his course.

  17. Your link above mentions your Thursday Webinar, however when I click the link, it is showing a webinar for Monday, Dec 24th. With that being Christmas Eve, will it be changed to Thursday? TIA Always great content.

  18. When I was doing private label the FBA counts were rarely exact to the invoice, but my manufacturer, my hired inspector(s), & my freight forwarder(s) were not perfect so it was often hard to tell where exactly the mistake happened sometimes. Obviously the higher the cost of the product(s) the more critical it was to locate the issue, especially for future shipments. My goal for 2019 is to locate 3-4 ideal suppliers that are vetted out and to work myself up to $7,500/month in sales over 12 months, hoping to double that new figure every year. The tough part is when to decide to quit my current job which will give me 60-80 hours per week extra to work on my Amz business.

  19. Crazy sales! i launched my product december 1st and managed to get to the first page in just a few days. 2019 i'm launching atleast 5 more products and going to do $150k in sales. My focus will be on building a reputable brand and using amazon as a launching pad. talked more in depth about this in my latest video

  20. Great video Beau! I notice even your seller fulfilled items are selling incredibly well during Q4. What strategies do you use to fulfill those? SFP?

  21. awesome beau – yes i didnt know if i should need a warehouse since some suppliers require a commercial address and proof of retail location etc. so i was perplexed. does this restriction hurt business?

  22. Hey bud, I would like to chat with you regarding Amazon. We have a successful eCommerce retail business but I do have some questions regarding Amazon.

  23. Heya Beau
    Great vid!
    Just wondering if the whole selling on Amazon could work with those around the world? Say New Zealand? Or is it just for those in the USA.


  24. Bro What do you recommend PPC or Give always. I have A toltal of 3000 units so far I’ve shipped 340 units I pay 0.15 per unit And I’m going to sale for 29.99.

  25. Beau, in your "Automate Product Research" course video, you show how to find products with good ROI metrics. The product you select is a deodorant with wholesale cost of $3.30 and Amazon buybox of $16.99. However, the Amazon item is a 3-pack. So my question is if that $3.30 item you showed from your distributor is indeed a 3-pack (unit cost of $1.10 each), or is it just a single unit where your actual cost would be $9.90 (and thus not profitable). Can you clarify?

  26. Hey man that's impressive numbers! Why is your index score at 439? You're getting close to having restrictions on how much inventory you can have at Amazon…..

  27. My husband and I are wanting to start an online business as well☺ Where do we find trusted suppliers of name brand products? Do you have a coarse you teach? We are eager to get things started! Thanks for your videos👍

  28. congrats on the milestone. i look to scale up to 10k profit a month. i just started in dec. i have one supplier now and looking to get few more.

  29. Thanks for your video. I know what you mean. Focus on what you gotta do, right? I was wondering what you let them do exactly?
    like facebook marketing or stuff like that?

  30. You said in another video that you have 2 Amazon accounts. Is this from the new account or from the older account or both combined?

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