4 consejos para crecer en YOUTUBE, tener más SUSCRIPTORES y mejor ENGAGEMENT 🔰 mejor que el SEO

Hi I’m Steve and the 4 tips Having success on YouTube © and any platform are and do not focus on the Money provides solutions 2 acts of inclusively 3 If something works does not change improved 4 connects to your audience and creates community and good HATH 1 Extra 5 values ​​the time both yours such as the demás as I value your time you do not stay if you do not interested in content that have already offer however if you are interested you can see it all or go to the counsel you interested in going to the description where You have the code where it’s time located wanting to make money worth 1 HATH it does not have why © feel bad about want to have money or talk about money with friends in the country in which I do not know how you live © is but espaà ± a is something taboo about talking about how much cobras especially if a lot and say cobras and more even if your are youtuber and influence as happened recently with youtuber paula gonu made a video revealing to her more than million subscribers how much had invoiced in December spacey ± to appear there is a competition to see who © n charges less if HATH but finally say this because if you focus on you you’ll pay from start to frustrating and you’ll have to leave know that going to make money if you follow all steps that youtube gives you and I will summarize in their courses certificates in this video yet you do not have to lose your target wanting to make money with youtube is not youtube something wrong and you have a power from the beginning you have to create content where a company wanted white promote and never saw a we know that predicament possible Advertisers policies youtube constantly changing but always one place to meet focus in advertising that is not something bad and sure you can deliver quality content like this You can spend to earn a dollar six perfectly with the same effort 2 act inclusively is this what to © as year ± add captions such as I do facilitate the understanding of your analyze content to your audience your go to her audience and a so appropriate if your audience is mostly from a country or zone Geographical let them know that you know and that estás grateful that well is this My audience is people from countries of including speaking to me espaà ± © xico Colombia Argentina Chile are the Main places and all range between the ages of 18 and even over 65 year ± osa chroma with whom I have fought the little around here it looks a little ugly I have to put him more lighting so it will go improving the thing I hope that at least you sound like [Música] nerd is Y [Música 3 if a estás making videos themed and community likes not you switch without checking if it works © Ndolo continues towards if you leave comunicárselo useful in doing so by © what to think about it as they are your friends you can not set them aside and point because if not your vÃnculo be inevitably resent us human 4 Connect with your audience to create Community summarizes the above although not enough to improve the sound your voice or image quality makes your audience will appreciate and strengthens the vÃnculo if economically can not deal with that investment will not worry because I have thought a video to improve all this without investing money if I have done estará up if there are not many more tips that could give you but then this video is much more would be long and not They would be four tips but 40 If you want to know more ways that your video channel or any other mail adress and tell me succeed platform where to want to grow you not have any public Subscriber and that discourages you and give it to me I’ll be happy to be your © first Subscriber I have already done in other PRUNING videos © is what we are checking in the upcoming video hada strong because I do well if it is indeed a hug and I am preparing the upcoming video obta © n tips creators of à © success on how to convert your youtube channel into a business that make money what to © I expect not say what others say Symptoms on twitter share plenty of valuable information it is well fast Now doctor and if I Seguas us LOSE © is saba © HATH is that youtube testing a new feature called the applause of the Be Where of which you are viewing that makes you can donate Another tip creators this is what you see them some companies or users They want to make a campaign ± a of youtube advertising appears to them that the Excluding content It can be marked as tragedy and conflict sensitive social issues sexual connotations obscene language and soez But look at this part sensationalist and shocking to the Selecting this CategorÃa delete ± cheat videos bears as bait and click content on or theories conspirativas paranormal events like these videos of buying a mysterious box the deep web and this happens because all that and saba © is what will happen little by little You will disappear or will be without modernize this advice and you gave it in I leave the video up here that PRUNING © is take a look if you wanted © is Hindu grow and not be penalized and now I know that reaches the final dale like If you liked share it with a friend who is starting on youtube and Well you have a good day [Music]

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