4 Easy Steps to Starting an Online Business | 2018 Tutorial.

hey what’s going on YouTube welcome to
the ATM market channel in this video I’ll be showing you how to start your
first online business in four easy steps alright so this is an entrepreneurs
Channel so I thought it’d be a great idea to show you how to start your very
first business if you haven’t already usually people want to start a business
to make some money once they start making higher and higher amounts of
money it’s good to have your business established because they will come with
a lot of great benefits that I’ll go over towards the end of the video also
if you’re trying to start an online business it’s good to have this
information completed because when you try signing up for new services or
creating new accounts they will always ask you for your business information so
I’ll be showing you guys how to establish your very first business and
for easy steps the first step to starting an online business is deciding
what kind of business you want to start there are plenty of options for you to
choose from for example affiliate marketing Amazon FBA a marketing agency
and eBay store drop shipping or a freelancer it’s good to do research on
the different business options you have to find the one that fits right for you
but in all honesty any a business idea you have would be good to start online
because every single year more and more people have access to the
Internet in ten years from now the amount of people online is going to
increase dramatically as we continue to push the older generation out we will
have a generation that has always had the internet in their life so it’d be
good to start an online business now and established for the future so once you have decided on the kind of
business you want to start the second step is to deciding on your business
name now this is a very important step because you do not want to accidentally
take someone else’s business name which can lead to an automatic lawsuit or
legal problems down the line so I want to show you examples of different
business names and the trademarks they fall under to hopefully give you a
better idea when it comes to choosing your business name so the first example
is a generic business name these are very basic names you can give to your
business that hold no type of protection so they’re usually the ones you want to
stay away from an example of this would be if you name your new shampoo company
shampoo or if you name your zipper company zipper you’re making it very
easy for competitors to steal your ideas and making it very hard to protect your
trademarks so I usually always recommend people to stay away from generic
business names the next example is a descriptive business name a descriptive
business name describes either the services or the product or business is
selling for example Best Buy it’s letting you know you’re getting the best
view around or maybe cold and creamy or an ice cream shop or maybe our super
shine for a wooden floor cleaner these names describe the business or describe
the product that you are selling for the business after that is a suggestive
business name a suggestive business names gives people a suggestion to what
your product or what your business is doing the best example I could use is
the Greyhound bus company a Greyhound doesn’t really have much to do with a
bus but you can see how they could go ahead and relate to each other because
Greyhound bus company wants to deliver fast transportation another example
could be a hefty bag a hefty is suggesting to you how strong those bags
are and so after that is an arbitrary business name an arbitrary name holds
meaning in real life but has no relation with the actual product for example
Apple before an Apple would just be a fruit now everybody knows apples as cell
phones tablets laptops computers and many other other
devices another example would be in dove dove skincare a dove is a bird but has
no relation to do with actual skin care products for example lotions shampoos
soaps they have no relation with each other and now the final example is a
fanciful business name a fanciful name is any made-up word you decided to
create and give the business any word you put together you created on your own
that you want to go ahead and give to your business examples of this would be
Kodak Sony Exxon Xerox just any made-up word out
there guys these are the best type of business
things because they hold the most protection as you can see there at the
top of the Lateran here so it’d be wise to go ahead and choose one of these
names now depending depending on what kind of business you want to start
I’d suggest you looking through all of these options right here before deciding
on your business name the third step to starting your business is getting a logo
created like these have done right here you can head over to fiber comm to have
a professional make your business logo for you in a couple of days or for a
more affordable option you can head over to services like logo joy and you can
have an automatic logo made for you in minutes I have used both options guys
and they both work out fine so it’s really up to you you want to choose a
logo that complements the name of your business since they can leave a lasting
impression in the minds of your customers so it’s good to take some time
out and make sure you choose the right logo for your business so the final step
to starting your online business is actually registering your business so
you want to go ahead and register the business name you created through your
state and federally to go ahead and register your business you can log onto
your state website and fill out a business application you will go ahead
and start doing all the fighting all the paperwork for your business giving them
all your personal information and giving them all your business information to go
ahead and get the process started what I usually recommend people to do to make
it easier for them is hire or legal service team for example legal zone nigo
zoom will go and take care of the entire filing
paperwork for you for a B of course but I really will make things easier to make
sure you have completely established your business the way you want it they
will ask you for information you will tell them what you need and they’ll take
care of the whole process for you Legal Zoom will take care of all of the
filing and later on send you your business
ìin number an EIN number is basically the social security number of your
business later on you will use this number to buy your business taxes and
receive are your business benefits there are many benefits that come with having
a business registered and established for example tax benefits let’s say your
company made a hundred thousand dollars last year but in profit you only made
sixty thousand dollars your business will only get taxed to sixty thousand
dollars profit as opposed to getting taxed of $400,000 another benefit could
be business expenses let’s say you what you spent five hundred dollars on
advertising and promoting your business you could go ahead and claim those five
hundred dollars when you file your taxes next year as opposed to not having a
business established and just basically spending five hundred dollars that you
will never be able to claim another example of business benefit could be the
legal action let’s say your business goes into bankruptcy you will not lose
your home you will not lose your cars your valuable assets if your business
files for bankruptcy or if your business is getting sued and it’s under a lawsuit
right now you want to go ahead and have your business established so you are
separating your business bank accounts from your personal bank accounts and
your personal finances in case anything happens you always want to have your
personal accounts protected so make sure you do establish your business once
you’ve decided on your name your logo and you’ve done your research you want
to make sure you do do some research so make sure you’re not stealing anybody’s
products anybody’s business names anybody’s ideas that are already
patented you can hire a professional patent searcher that usually charge
about three or four hundred dollars in Howard or I would honestly just
to search on all media websites search on all search engines to make sure you
are not accidentally stealing somebody else’s ideas so I say check beans check
Google check Yahoo check Facebook check you to check all internet pages to make
sure you are not getting anyone’s ideas so now you’re ready to start your first
online business so go ahead and get all this taken care of and out of the way so
you guys can start taking action on your business ideas remember number one is to
always take action so start your business today
I’ll be leaving everything that I used in the description below so you guys can
go ahead and check all that out and for now thank you guys for stopping by the
HTM market and see you guys on the next video

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