4 Things You Must Have to Grow an Online Business

(cheerful music) – All right, sit down and do this. Visual check, nostrils
still extremely big. Perfect. How you doing? My name is Paul Scrivens. This is Dare to Conquer,
and in today’s video, we’re gonna discuss the four things that you need to grow
a successful business. Now, by the end of this
video, you’re gonna look at me and you’re going to say,
thanks captain obvious, that was really, really
helpful, really appreciated. Hopefully I did my
sarcastic tone correctly. But I am gonna tell you the four things, and these are very basic things, but they’re the four basic things that every successful business does over, and over, and over again. So, you ready? Let’s get into it. Number one, value. And value is one of those things
that always gets mistaken, because people sometimes don’t understand the value in different companies. For example, if somebody starts at Subway, you say, okay, great,
you started at Subway, you make sandwiches. Well, there’s a value
that’s being created, and that’s why people continuously go back to Subway. What is the value? Subway makes sandwiches to
solve the problem of hunger, they do it at a reasonable price, which solves the problem of
cost for people and money, and the make the
sandwiches fairly quickly, depending who your sandwich artist is, and so they solve the
problem of needing food at a reasonable cost in a
reasonable amount of time. That’s value for a lot of people. Then you have YouTubers
who make a ton of money. You think, what value are they providing? Well, you have the types
that do educational videos, and you have the types that
do entertainment videos. And you know, the ones that
do comedies and all that, you might think, what’s the value in that? Well, we all need some type
of entertainment in our lives in some form, and that’s the value that they’re providing for their audience. So, every successful business provides at least one type of
value to their audience, and if you can’t find the value that you’re going to
provide to your audience, you’re never gonna grow a
successful business ever. Now, a lot of people fall
in the trap of thinking, well, I’m definitely providing value, I know I provide value because I do this. Well, chances are, you’re
not providing great value or value that people find worthwhile. You need to provide value that people are okay with
putting their time aside to give their attention to you. You need to provide the type of value where people are okay reaching over, grabbing their wallet, opening it up, and giving you their money, so not all value is created equal, so you need to find that value that is really gonna grab
your audience’s attention, which brings us to number two, you need an audience. Without an audience, you have no business, you just don’t have a business. Now, your audience can be one person or your audience can
be millions of people, and that’s one of the things that, you know, drives me crazy about people that really wanna
start a successful business. They see a couple of other people get huge amounts of
traffic to their website, or they have tons of
followers on social media and they think that’s exactly what I need. But if you think about
it, when you break down the math of it all, do you
really need that many people? For example, let’s say you’re
selling a $100 product, and you know, we’ll say
this product is a watch, and you wanna make $5000 a month. Now, you know, let’s just assume the watch is pure profit, $100. I don’t wanna get into the whole math of revenue and expenses and all that, so let’s just say $100, pure profit, that’s how much you’re
selling the watch for, you wanna make $5000 a month. You just need 50 people, you just need 50 people a month to get that $5000. Assuming there’s 30 days in a month, you need almost two people
a day to buy a watch. That’s it, just two people
a day to buy a watch to reach your monthly goal. Now, don’t you think you
can get two people a day to buy something from you? That is the economics of
making money with a business. It’s not, oh, I need one million followers and then finally I can
get my $3000 a month. No, think about the math,
and when you break it down, it really becomes a lot easier to grasp and to feel confident
that you can achieve. So, when you have that
audience, big or small, you want the right type
of audience, right? You don’t want all the people, you want the right people. So, you have that value and you’re providing
value for your audience. You need number three
to bring them together, and number three is marketing. And when people hear marketing, they kinda freak out because they think, ugh, I’m not a marketer, I
don’t know how to market. And the beauty of today’s day and age, especially in the online world is anything you do is marketing, essentially. If you’re writing a blog
post, that’s marketing. You’re marketing you. If you’re doing a video on
YouTube, you’re marketing you. You’re sending out an
email, you’re marketing you. You’re doing a picture on Instagram, you’re marketing you. All of that is marketing because, in today’s world, all
you’re trying to do is extend your brand to your audience, and odds are, your brand is you, or your brand is a representation
of you in some way. So, you have the value,
you have the audience. Marketing brings those together. Marketing is what you’re able to do to show the value to your audience. Without marketing, you
have value over here and you have an audience over there. Marketing is that bridge. So what is number four, because that sounds like the
only three things you need, which is mostly true. Those are the three
things that you 100% need, but this fourth one is something that you can’t live without, and that’s money. You need revenue, and I’m
not saying in the short term, ’cause in the short term,
you’re gonna find that, you know, maybe you’re not making money, but in the long term, if you’re gonna invest your time in this, you need to be making revenue. And a lot of people like to say, oh, I’m just doing this because
I love it, it’s my passion. Well, you do it for a number of months or a number of years, you’re
gonna get tired of it, because it’s not making money. And I’m not saying it
needs to make enough money where you get to buy a
yacht and travel the world, but it needs to make enough money where, you know, the basics are covered. You know, it needs to make enough money where it provides food on the table, it keeps a roof over your
head, it pays the bills. If it does that, then it’s easier to stay in love with what you’re doing. It’s a lot harder to stay in
love with what you’re doing when no money is coming in, because what happens is
you break down and you say, okay, well, I gotta make
money for somebody else so I actually can continue
to do what I wanna do. And so, you need revenue. So, everything that you
do, always be thinking, okay, you know, is this a
potential revenue stream? You know, is there a new revenue model that I might be missing? I’m not saying always look to
make money from your audience, because most of the time you wanna provide some type of awesome free value. However, that doesn’t
mean you should ignore the potential revenue streams that you have in your audience. Like, a lot of people look
at YouTubers and they say, yeah, how do they make
money besides the ads? Well, you know, you
also have sponsorships. And a lot of them, you look
down in the descriptions you’ll see a lot of affiliate links, a lot of them sell courses. There’s just lots of different ways that you can make money. It’s not you create a
brand and you make money one specific way. You have a ton of different options, and so that’s something you always need to keep your mind on. Now, those are the four things. So again, a quick recap. You need value, you need an audience, you need marketing, and you need revenue. You get those four
things, you’ll pretty much have a successful business. Now, I told you they’re
gonna be four obvious things and you’re thinking,
Paul, you’re an idiot, and well, here’s the thing, if you look at anything successful, you look at anything crazy, a big mistake that a lot of people do is they try to think, this
is super complicated, I need to break this down. But when you simplify it like I just did, those are the four things, and everything that you do, you’re gonna somehow equate
to those four things. You’re gonna say, okay, is this one action I’m doing right now, is it going to help me with
one of those four things? Is it gonna help me provide more value? Is it gonna help me build my audience? Is it gonna help me find my audience? Is it gonna help me make more money? Because the people that
run successful businesses, everything that they do in some way has an impact on one of those four things. And so, that’s why it’s important to always keep those things in mind. And yeah, they’re simple to keep in mind, but they’re not always simple to execute. And that’s the really
big difference between the people over here
and people over there. I’m able to have this setup behind me because I do those four things. I don’t do anything that you can’t do, and that’s something important that I wanna impart upon you. A lot of these people are making really good money online
with their businesses. They’re not doing anything
that you can’t do. They just understand the formula, and what it takes, and they’re putting those things together. So, what I decided that I’m going to do is I’m gonna take you behind the scenes of this new business that
I’m going to work on. And when I do businesses,
I don’t try to do little side businesses that
make a little bit of money. When I do business, I think big. I think, how can I make this business a million dollar a year business. Now, I know you might be thinking, whoa, that’s, I don’t need that much or that sounds like a lot of work, and you’ll find that the things that I do to create a million dollar business aren’t that different than the people that create
$5000 a month businesses. And so, I’m calling it Empire Builder. It’s gonna be fun, it’s gonna be awesome. Again, it’s gonna be
everything behind the scenes, you get to see all this stuff. I’m not asking you to buy anything. It’s gonna be here, it’s
gonna be here on video, it’s gonna be over there in blog posts, it’s gonna be in a lot
of different places. So, if you’re interested in that, I want you to look below, and below you’ll find a link, and that link will send you to a page, and on that page, you will see, oh wow, he is really sharing
all this awesome stuff. So, hopefully you’ll join me, and if you like this
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what the truffle shuffle is. But yeah, anyways, all right, this is Paul from Dare to Conquer, check you next time.

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  1. We were just discussing the "truffle shuffle" this evening. Awesome! My brain is always churning when I try to fall asleep at night…the notes I wrote for myself this morning included "do the things that will move the needle". Your list of 4 are the main things that I need to focus on to move that damn needle! 🙂

  2. Another great video. It was presented well the way you simplified the points. With so much info out there people need to look at a simplified version every now and then to give a proper perspective and understand that it's not as complex as we think it is. Good job.

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