5 Proven Tips for Making Money with Affiliate Marketing

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  1. QOTD ⚡What affiliate programs have you tried? Let me know! 👇🏼Want to know more about Affiliate Marketing right now? Learn how to make money and master affiliate marketing in this free YouTube series here ➡️https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLgc0GNip2uYWiwIiKy5CJdemtlx3H8GNF

  2. Thanks Sean! Great tips and perfect for beginners like me! You and Benji give me everyday motivation and inspiration to hustle and crush it with my small YouTube channel! xoxo

  3. Awesome video!! I’m currently apart of Amazon, but still trying to grow my channel. My most recent video is my best (looking) to date thanks to the advice of you and other creators. Definitely going to check out your viral video checklist. Keep doing great things.

  4. Mostly I've just tried Amazon affiliate. I have surgery coming up in a couple of weeks, after I recover, I am going to try using famebit.

  5. I've only just dabbled in Amazon Associates. I'm focusing more on content and learning right now so I can provide value to my subs first.

  6. You inspire me so much Sean. Thank you for helping me beat my fears and doubts that have held me down for years and pursue my dreams!

  7. Pretty good information one thing that I have not ever done with my YouTube channel is jump on top of a trend maybe I should give it a shot sometime.

  8. Superior video and video series! Learned much! I have been using Amazon of late, but have also tried CJ, and tried to get in to WalMart however they are dragging their feet on approving me.

  9. Thanks for another great video. I'm not yet in a place where I want to be an affiliate but it's great to learn now in case I want to implement it later!

  10. I m gonna review YouTube secret tomorrow on my this newly started Vlog channel.. Plz Sean I need your feedback after releasing.

  11. Does anyone know what apps to use to edit vids on an android and make thumbnails and an overall easy transition to youtube?

  12. Dude. I'm not made of money. My videos are simple road cam vids. I have really no tech knowledge at all. I am disabled as in without the use of the right side of my body. I have no intro of outdo. People who watch seem to like my content. You made me kinda mad yesterday and I botched about it yesterday in my short Winter Storm Jayden series. You should check it out . Usually I am a get to the point kind of guy. I have a couple other simple channels. I m as ke no money from this right now. I need $1000 a month by summer. Not from yt $$. I might be at 1000 subs but not 4000 hours. Can you put me there with your stuff? Yes or No please.

  13. The problem is that my target audience is from Colombia and We dont have Amazon store here, it's really expensive to buy something from there and then deliver it to here. I cant find an afilliate programme for my target audience.

  14. Yessss a 20 min video! Hahaha I get so excited when I see a long ThinkMedia/Video Influencer video ^_^ Thanks Sean & Team Think!

  15. This is amazing! I learned so much in affiliate marketing and I now share my ideas with my students! If you need help, let me know! 👍

  16. Just started putting videos on my channel about 2 months ago, so no affiliates. I’m making videos because I love the game I’m making them on, anything else would be lagniappe (A little something extra)

  17. Hey Sean I have a question. I want to review an Presonus home recording studio kit on YouTube with an affiliate link. However one of the things in the kit was faulty and a few other people got it faulty but the other things work fine.
    1/ Should I still review and just be honest and hope if they buy they don’t get a faulty one, or
    2/ Not review at all
    ?????????? Please respond 😃

  18. Hi Sean! I haven’t done this yet bc my channel will not be live till 2/1 BUT after watching all your videos and really taking the time to think about relatability & content I plan to become an affiliate with Amazon, Target, and a small kid clothing line that I’ve always been into. These decisions have reason and purpose! Thank you for continuing to create content that is so helpful! About to go download the new checklist bc I only have the old one that I recently filled out.

  19. I'm going to make it rain with affiliate marketing 🌧️💵 lol. But honestly, passive income is where it's at. I just made $50 this month for products that I reviewed last year. The reviews work for me even when I'm not working on the reviews.

  20. I use Amazon Affiliates like many others and I am looking forward to doing brand deals eventually in the future.

  21. Useful recommendations and easy to follow presentation. I have watched a lot of your videos and think they add a lot of value to my YouTube growth and development. I wish I not just watched them but act on them earlier. Anyway, huge respect and sincere gratitude for all your educational efforts!!!

  22. I watched the hole video and it helped me allot i Will like to thank think Media for it! I am going to try all tips! I hope it also will help my YouTube Channel finnaly grow after 5 years getting notting
    Thank you for the tips Think Media!

  23. I definitely agree about only sharing products that you are passionate about. It is easy to take any sponsorship and to make a video that just gives you an excuse to put your Amazon affiliate link. Thanks for this great video!

  24. Man I really love your videos and how in-depth they are I am currently doing affiliate marketing through Amazon right now. I am definitely going to use these tips to help make more sales. 💪🏽

  25. Hi! I'm trying to change my audience from being mostly italian (being my videos all in italian) to reach a more international audience (making videos in english), but keeping my contents and brand the same. What would be your tips for that? Thank you! 😉

  26. I do Amazon affiliate and it's going okay. My channel is a pet channel and one time someone bought a $700.00 mattress through my link. 😁

  27. Hey guys, I am a small YouTuber vlogger and trying my best to grow my channel successful. I upload video once a week. Feel free to subscribe and turn on post notification and become part of the Fernando Life👍 Help me get road down to 100 subscriber 👍

  28. Hello, I just wanted to ask you something about a video you poster and I do not remember which one exactly it was but anyway. You showed on the search bar of youtube, for example searching for RED camera dragon right next to each results shows the number of searches could you please say how to get them ? Thank you.
    PS: your channel THE reason I started to upload my first video :)…so…Thanks

  29. Great content as always, I have a channel about volleyball. So when I get more views, I'll definitely try to do some affiliate marketing since I can put some links about volleyball gear which can be fun to try.

  30. Hi, sean I just started Cooking Channel about 3 months ago and I got 71,600 Views and 537 Subscribers so far. But I only have 1.14 Minute Average view duration. How can I increase my view duration game up?!!!! Please

  31. @Think Media What are your thoughts on "Merch by Amazon"? Are there better ways to get into merch? Or is this the new way to get your merch out there? Thanks in advance!

  32. Sean! You’ve been influential (pun intended) for me this past year. I’ve read your book twice , bought one of your courses and I’ve seen a ton of your videos. My channel is coming out very soon and I feel more confident in doing so ! Grazie mille!

  33. So when you start getting ad revenue and affiliate marketing sales – do you need a “business entity” officially, in order to file taxes? Can someone explain how that works? It’s a huge barrier in my mind right now! I just want to get an idea of how it all works. Thanks! 💙🌟

  34. That’s a great series! I learned a lot of new useful and interesting stuff about Affiliate Marketing and have already started to use some of your tips. Thanks’ a lot!

  35. Question: You recommend Kajabi, an all-in-one solution. Since you use separate platforms for autoresponders, landing pages, webinars, etc., why pay Kajabi’s higher price? Isn’t Thinkific or Teachable a better value? What am I missing?

  36. Ok you answered my question that I had in video 3 lol I was ahead of myself yay! Was asking about what to download to see the searches per month. Soooo excited thank you I’ve been wondering for months what that was bc I saw it in another video as well.

  37. Great video series. One question. Obviously, when you review a product you need to have the product in your possession. This can get quite expensive. When you're reviewing cameras, for instance, did you have to buy them? Or do you get loaners?
    How does that work? Thanks.

  38. I am trying to do research on YouTube like you show in your video, but no numbers come up to show me how many people have searched for it previously. Is there some setting I need to switch or a particular browser I should be using? Thanks!

  39. Amazon only pays for "qualified" sales. Make a video on that, because that's why I got zero $ for my cookie sales

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