5 Trading Tips That Made Me 7 Figures

– What’s up! Tim Sykes here in my ridiculous pool overlooking Santorini. Look at this suite. I’m out here in the pool. I got the cleaning lady inside so I figured I might as
well make some videos. Leave a comment underneath this if you like my videos with a view. Does it inspire you to actually get here and to study? You know I’ve been to Santorini probably a dozen times. Very fortunate I’ve lived here for over a month when I was writing
my best selling book, An American Hedge Fund, and I’m gonna give you that book for free. Click the link just below this video too. I’m gonna give you just a free eh free pdf of the book. And I just wanna reward you, you know? Like you can buy it on
Amazon for 20, 30 bucks. A lotta people do. It’s been a crazy seller
for over the past decade but I wanna give you a
free opportunity to learn to reward you if you’re
my YouTube follower or if you’re watching these videos. Just look at this. Look at how freaking
beautiful the world is. (sighs) And I think I probably
have one of the best of those suites here in penthouses in all of Santorini. For those of you wondering, I know I’m gonna get a
lot questions is about $3.000 a night. I like to reward myself. I like to reward my dedicated students and I like to reward myself and I like to reward you
know random people too. I’ve now also donated
four plus million dollars to charity. And like I said,
I’m not here to brag, I’m here to talk about why I’m real and I like to use actual numbers. A lot of people don’t
like to do that, you know? Some people like to, “Oh, I’m just gonna film 20 videos” “and rent this for like one night.” No, I’m actually here for a week. This is the Andronis
Luxury Villas by the way. This is the Socrates suite. You can look it up.
It’s fantastic. This is one of my favorite
places in the world and it’s just good to be real. You really have to be careful learning from the wrong people these days. A lotta fakes.
A lotta newbies. They just post a screenshot or two. They post maybe,
a big profit screenshot and they say, “Look how easy it is.” “You don’t need to study all the past.” “Sykes is a dinosaur.” Well if you don’t study
the past, guess what? You’re increasing your risk dramatically. And a lotta these gunslingers who like to say that I’m a dinosaur, they blow up. Or their students blow up but you don’t really
know because they don’t report all their trades transparently. That’s the thing. So they don’t like me talking about actual numbers. They don’t like me being this real. But it’s imperative. Never forget that 90% of traders lose. So, I’m not just here
to brag or itch or moan. I’m just here to educate and show you the way that it is, okay? Look at this view. Just look at it one more time, cause I want you getting here. So, what will it actually take? It’s not about learning
from fakes or newbies. It’s not about you know just wanting to come here. Everybody wants to come
here whenever they want. I’m not here for any special reason. I’m just here because I can. And when you have that financial freedom you can do whatever you want. So, step number one I’m
gonna give you a step. Sorry I have to keep holding this phone. It’s not waterproof. I need to go home and actually update my software and hardware for once but I haven’t been home. I have no home.
I’m just traveling the world. But step number one is get multiple streams of income. Okay? And definitely try out
different strategies. So many people they put all their eggs in one basket. They say, “Okay this
strategy has to work.” I don’t think so. Okay? I like my strategy. I know my trading strategy works. It’s worked over 20 plus years, but I’ve also adapted. Sometimes I go long,
sometimes I go short. Sometimes I’m trading
you know 5 dollar stocks, sometimes I’m trading 20 cent stocks. It all depends on where
the best opportunity is. So I’ve diversified my
strategies and my patterns but also I don’t just make money in the stock market. I make money from teaching. I have you know some VC investments. I have hedge fund investments. I have some mutual fund investments. I have different currencies. And most millionaires know this. Most millionaires have seven different streams of income. But a lotta people don’t. A lot of people just have one job or they have one
investment or one strategy. So, step number one to getting freedom to views like this is having you know a lot of different options with you know
where you can make money. I don’t make money all the time you know? Sometimes like my hedge fund was down like 2% one year
but then it was up 20% plus. Another year it’s called Anson. My friend Moez Kassam, he also short sells a
lotta scams but he just has a much bigger fund in a
much bigger position size than I normally take. I don’t invest or trade for anybody else, by the way. There’s a few imposters out there who say, “Oh I’m Tim Sykes and I’m gonna manage your money,” “And binary options are the key,” “And so is Crypto and Forex.” And all of that stuff is a joke. I do not manage money. I only teach, and frankly I’m very fortunate to be able to because I love teaching and I love getting good
information out there. (clears throat) Second thing to getting
to places like this. Understanding that it is a process. My average trading profit is just around 2,000 dollars per trade. I also lose like two, three, four hundred dollars sometimes on these trades. I trade with a small account. I donate all my trading
profits to charity just so that you understand my main priority is my students. I wouldn’t trade with a small account if I really wanted to
just trade for myself. I would trade with like a 10 million dollar account and make you know a few
million dollars a year. But I trade with a small account to help you learn. To help you see how to build your own small account. And so all of my top students, I have five millionaire students, but many students who
are making six figures. And guess what? They are making a thousand two thousand sometimes five thousand, sometimes it adds up you know when there is a perfect play. Mark Crook made 50,000
dollars the other day, but on average it’s one
or two thousand dollars. And if you do simple math, a thousand dollars times a thousand trades equals a million dollars. So you need basically a
thousand winning trades at a thousand dollars each to become a millionaire. Also, you’re gonna have some loses, so you probably need like fifteen hundred thousand
dollar type profits and to minimize your loses. That’s step number three. Do not just think about the upside of any strategy of any investment. You have to think about the downside. You have to think about the risk. What if you’re wrong? What if you lose money? Too many people just so focused like, “Oh I have to be a millionaire.” “I have to get views like this.” “I have to get luxury.” “I have to take care of my family.” “I have to buy a nice car.” What if you’re wrong? Always consider the downside risk before you risk your hard earned money. Never forget 90% of traders lose. There’s so many fakes
and newbies out there. Most investments even if they have like an amazing technology, they’re probably full of crap or something probably will go wrong. When something is too good to be true it usually is. So a lotta people say, “Oh Tim you turned a
few thousand into a few million, it looks so easy.” It’s not. This is why I have 6,000 video lessons. I can speed up your learning curve, but it’s not gonna happen over night. You need patience, and if you are gonna do you know the 1500 profitable trades
at a 1000 dollars each it’s gonna take a lotta time. I’m not trading every single day. This is number four. Wait for, is it number four or number five? I don’t know.
I’m terrible at this. At planning and organizing. But whatever it’s whether
it’s step number four or step number five, you have to wait for
the best opportunities. There’s not always gonna be a great trade. Sometimes the best trade is no trade. I’m here chilling. My StocksToTrade software is in there scanning for stocks, by the way click a link below. I’m gonna give you a special offer on StocksToTrade. But I don’t see any great trades right now and I’m not gonna force it. I’m not just gonna sit in front of the computer and watch you know nothing and twiddle my thumbs
like a lot of people do. I’m ready for a play. I’ll go and check what StocksToTrade has in an hour, but I don’t need to trade and you shouldn’t need to trade. I don’t want you to become
a slave to your job. I don’t want you to become
a slave to the market. Instead learn to take advantage when there is opportunity. I think that’s a very good lesson. And then I think that
the last lesson is that if you just keep adapting
and you keep learning and you keep refining your
process and optimizing. You know like you have to picture yourself as like a scientist like test, test, test different hypothesizes. Refine, refine, refine. Optimize, optimize, optimize. Eventually you’ll find what works for you because what works for me might not work exactly for you. You’re different than me. I’m different than you. And all my top traders are different, but one thing they have in common is that they have all studied a lot and they found different
patterns and setups that work for their own strengths and their own weaknesses. Some people like going long break outs. Some people like dip buying morning panic. Some people like shorting first red days. Some people like the midday perk. Whatever suits you. Whatever you find you’re best at and what you’re most comfortable with. Do it. That’s the thing you know? I don’t know if this video is dark. It looks kinda dark but I also have sunglasses on. But anyways, more important than just the view here is what I’m saying. If you have the right
mindset it really helps you and it’ll really change your perspective and I think your success over time. I don’t want you to think that you’re gonna make
all this money right away. Even my top student Tim Grittani who has made over eight million dollars. Guess what? He made nothing his first nine months. He was just studying,
testing and learning. So you gotta have the right mindset and those mind you that year when he was
testing and learning, like there were a lot of hot stocks. There were a lot of hot sectors. This year in 2019 there
haven’t been that many specific hot stocks or hot sectors. Just a lotta short
squeezes because there’s a lotta newbie shorts. So not all years are created equal. You gotta give yourself time. Tomorrow my student Huddy is coming here. He’s just crossed over two hundred thousand dollars in profits, just graduated college. And guess what? He’s in Europe.
He’s chilling. It’s pretty cool. We’re gonna ask him a lotta questions. Thank you guys for asking
him a lotta questions. I asked you guys to ask cause you know he’s just a normal student. He’s just an average guy. He saw my videos. He put in a year in a half really where he didn’t make that much but he was just testing and tinkering now in roughly two years he’s made a little over
two hundred thousand. So he’s making a little over a hundred thousand a year. Just graduated college. Living the life
and he gets it. And I want you to get it too. So again leave a comment just below if you like videos like this with a view. Does it inspire you
and show you what’s possible? And also click some links below. I have some special offers for you. Just wanna reward you for your time and dedication to learning. I’m so grateful to be your teacher. Keep asking questions. I’ll keep teaching,
I’ll keep doing this because you know it’s fun to chill here, but I get a bigger thrill out of helping you guys get here
and changing your life with everything that is in my head. Everything that I’ve learned over the past 20 plus years. I’m gonna get goin, I’m actually gonna go check my StocksToTrade scanner right now and see if anything is moving. I don’t have to trade,
but I’m always still looking. I’m still always prepared. Cheers. – Hey! Tim Sykes. Millionaire, mentor, and trader. Thank you for watching my videos. I hope that they help you. I wanna share everything that I’ve learned over the years. You can check out more
videos right over there and also click subscribe so that you can watch all of these videos. Get that knowledge and become my next millionaire student. (upbeat music)

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  13. I worked at ZGallerie for almost a half a decade and sold many of a mirror called Santorini and never knew how beautiful it was until you showed me in past videos as well as this ones. Thanks Tim.

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