$500 McDonald's Monopoly CHALLENGE!

comes down to the last one guys jaqen that would be the one why not everybody furious peak coming at you guys from the funeral you guys I'm doing well computer build video and all that stuff is gonna come soon it's fun this one of them there's another one anyways at the end of the last video I asked if you guys would want to see a video like that and a lot of you guys said yes I want to see a video like that I want to see what kind of computers you build and the fact that I'm a complete noob at building these systems and I got it done and I'm really happy with the end result so I'd love to share with you the always that video will come soon if you're one of those people that want to buy a new computer but you're intimidated to make one let me tell you it's not as hard as it looks so the other day I or 200 Nuggets for a monopoly challenge to see if I could win this year now a lot of you guys were like that's not as epic as last year when you ordered a hundred fries now some of you guys are asking about those Nuggets well I actually give them to a big office next door because I had to run for the airport what I will do another nugget challenge for this series becoming furious Pizza stay tuned for that but today we're going to do something even more happening that's right we are going to actually we're going to do the exact same thing we did last year except we're going to do it in two parts so last year I did this Monopoly challenge the Monopoly experiment course a lot of other people did that video as well afterwards so last year I bought a hundred large fries and the challenge with those fries afterwards we also did a hundred large drinks with a hundred large fries we got them all from one location groan is like you got to go to four different locations you got to go to multiple locations cuz they spread those stickers around I don't know how true that is but I did that and we actually had a worse result then this year when I released that video I was told they don't actually release all the stickers at once that they you know kind of release some week after week so I did that video with the Nuggets two weeks ago right now it is in the evening I'm gonna order some food that one I can consume to that if a drink was maybe dumped into the sink we wouldn't be as concerned and then tomorrow during the day include this video when all my buddies over here are in their offices I'm going to be able to feed them along with completing this monopoly challenge she last year we spent three hundred and forty dollars on one situation which was all those fries and we found out the odds totally separate and then we did the drinks which was like a hundred and seventy bucks or something 160 bucks adding the two was about five hundred dollars so this what France is going to be the five hundred dollar McDonald's Monopoly challenge oh let's get started obviously I'm gonna get a lot of fries cuz I want to kind of duplicate last year but we're gonna get a bunch of like drinks and stuff too we're gonna get some hashbrowns we're gonna mix it up extra grape gonna do some hash browns and hash browns so we get some fries large fries fries are so expensive here when you large fries 25 items there five more items for today we got fifty items that sounds great a few moments later this is half the items I am so glad we only didn't have today all right let's see what stickers we got this time alright I know what you're thinking this is an awesome idea so we're gonna get these fell out of drinks one two a lot of drinks oh I got kind of fun that Sunday here we got ten drinks drinks out nevertheless we got a lot of fries we got a lot of cokes this is only half guy look at what we got here all that good stuff got a drinks or fries so we got a lot of pieces from before we're gonna try and combine all of them together see if we improved on our odds and our chances what's a little hungry so you know fuel ourselves with some hash browns here you guys know the process you guys know the drill eat some fries and then you pick those stickers off if we want down I want to hear your guys thoughts our chances of actually winning anything I am doing different locations for McDonald's so combining all these theories together see really what we can win apparently I can actually enter some stickers and codes online so I know the title of this video is 100 fries we are not gonna use 100 fries I just want to do like a part two of last year's video so that that og theories Pete viewers will kind of have a reference as to what I am doing here but I am trying to do a really like I'm really trying to see if I can with anything by a changing of the system where I'm ordering different kinds of foods like I've never tried it with hash browns got some hash browns here I've never tried it maybe my luck will be better I have no idea maybe different locations will be better last year we did different locations for the drinks and we did one location for the fries so this year we're kind of combining all of that you just never know you just never know almost done him then the drinks fries our dog drinks drinks here to be honest I don't think I'm the only one that does this out there there's people that don't even post videos about it that do this kind of stuff I feel they're just like super hardcore fans of McDonald's Monopoly and they want to win every single year turn our attention over here and try and figure out if we want anything all right time to get sorting here this might take a little while once you get like a double you know you don't have a rare piece that's how that's that's the clue free drink Louise you know that if you got a double it's never stickers no hell thought that was a rare piece I was mistaken I want to win for Team furious that's that's the goal here is just to show that somebody on the internet making a silly video like this could actually win cause right now I'm just frustrated and not winning this sucks just want to win Airport want to go to Montreal Airport no the Montreal Airport a few more to go ooh a drink Airport wonder if there's like stats of the most popular sticker gotta be one trail airport muffin know what a muffin oh my odds have actually dropped because this is combination of last time and I've won five times and right now I've only won once in this entire ordeal of what I ordered today I mean I didn't really have high hopes but this sucks this is awful that I can't win anything at all like I'm an item's for food from fifty items whoo that is not one in five McDonald's hopefully our odds change tomorrow okay so super rush this morning to get to the office cuz I need to check what was going on in the morning and just simply need to get my day on but I didn't get to get breakfast but that gave me an idea why don't I get a couple of breakfast items just to see if anything changes so I got myself two coffees – bacon and egg mcmuffins because you know oh that was like the freshest wow that's awesome I'm gonna see if I got any good one no my uncle parks no good are the mattel I know that one's no good no all the ones that like are they house Canyon no good I got a cheeseburger without cheese burgers yeah mouse Canyon no good nope not that one yeah okay so none of these are winners tested some breakfast sandwiches at least I got my coffee on with the experiment alright so continuing on like I said I'm gonna order my friend some food they just placed the order they want three filet-o-fish quarter pounder I'll get combo a Big Mac combo like good stuff and so the deal is I'll buy them lunch and then afterwards they give me back their boxes with all their stickers on top so that I can use them for potentially winning hopefully so I'm gonna choose a different location then it shows the other day feel like you've got to switch it up right cuz I'm not having much luck with with this location we need I like go from a different location it's a bigger feet it's probably worth it though for the extra dollar forty nine feet cuz it worries as different for stuff like that thank you combo there we go alright so we got to order the large fry we want that stuff okay Big Mac extra feet value menu combo large fries lil fish and one quarter pounder quarter pound a few moments later alright I'm gonna deliver this food alright so crew here at bow Panda whatever we're gonna call it the deal was they get free lunch if I get the stickers back pretty good deal right yeah alright hopefully I don't win something stay tuned so I just got back all the items from the crew over there I actually saw we ordered four hundred nineteen dollars worth of McDonald's so far for the monopoly challenge I'm gonna order a little bit more it's gonna go up to five hundred by then I'm gonna go for like 550 600 just because what should we do guys go for the lower delivery fee so that we can't get better fighters we're gonna go for some more fries that more fries sounds pretty good we're gonna go for some more large drinks we get some mediums to just to switch it up I've mediums and five large we get some more nuggets just in case and in the States these cost five bucks here they cost $13 holy cannoli I'm gonna go for all-day breakfast again we're gonna get sausage and egg McMuffin we're gonna get another bacon and egg McMuffin and we're gonna get a sausage and egg McMuffin and we're gonna get regular Egg McMuffin more variety we get the better we're up to ninety-nine dollars we're over that 500 mark total on the last video included but we're gonna add the more fries to ten there we go 136 dollars we are at 550 check out let's do it of the bags for the experiment cane I got four large drinks here got it five large and five mediums that I got so right there this is some nuggets we got fries and then we got the diva to help me out here we're we're here to help me out last time strategic Mart smart you don't want to eat bad food that's that works too so you know what's kind of funny I have ordered over $500 of McDonald's here this is ridiculous it's ridiculous and these fries well we're talking about all these fries afterwards about another experiment that we're doing so anyways we're gonna unwrap these and we're gonna just do what we did last time and then we're gonna analyze everything we're gonna see what this year's odds are I think it's a pretty fair analysis because we have a lot of variety of food we did it over multiple days in weeks if I just smell it who I ingest the calories all right I'm gonna unpack this I'm gonna see we're gonna start off with what I dropped off or my buddy's crew over there we're gonna just see ya what kind of stickers they got now we're gonna dive into the rest so we got all our stickies here yeah there's a lot I know every single name now because of this game I know exactly what to get and what Niagara Falls we don't need Niagara Falls miles can you don't need miles canyon now this is more fun where we can actually stick stuff on there just a pickle in here left me a pickle not the other I gotta talk with one missing sticker Aaron let's hope the quarter pounder with cheese is actually like gives us something good I don't know airport yeah Fundy I mean I have this one but all I need is Percy Rock in order to to win Oh a muffin I want a muffin Mellie you get to have a muffin to me sick yeah Oh small hot make cafe brews figure out the rest of these that we got today their fuel myself hydrated you know like I said got five medium cokes actually we should do all the cokes that would make the most sense take them all out here we go cheeseburger their hot beverage we're not getting the stuff that we need not at all guys last time I had a lot of Montreal Airport I haven't had one yet and I feel pretty good about that Montreal Airport I got so many Montreal airports last time I was like what's going on it's medium fries Halifax Airport all the cafe beverage all the drinks have been accounted for on to the French fries now we've seen a lot of these already on Lake Louise Lake Louise wasn't the one that we need right we need Mackenzie River we got a small cafe or the mid Hill you gotta getting worse and worse I feel as we move on with this experiment or maybe the odds are just getting worse year after year or something this was this was the comments last year a 100 large fries so has been three hundred and fifty dollars turned sixty dollars or something and they have filled all the fries think about you wouldn't notice two more bags guys and finish off the fries and we'll move on to the final nuggets would this one Montreal Airport field ever one in five odds of getting a large bro oh yeah cheeseburger top the rest of them is we got two McNuggets got excited about that $25 gift card nope got one more chance to impress me Niagara Canyon no cheeseburger can you Tom getting a little frustrated we did so much better last year than this year even I was hoping that we wouldn't one big crier a couple of breakfast sandwiches to go and then that's it that's it that's it I don't know airport Peggy's Cove comes down to the last one guys bacon that would be the one no what did it say chill air boy my nemesis okay guys the results are in and I feel like you guys already know the results they aren't good based on the calculations we weren't that far off again we actually had 23 winners which are like a copy cheeseburger all that stuff like $30 worth of stuff some of those gift cards that came I don't I don't know if they have that much value I don't know if they have a $25 value necessarily this isn't all of it you guys know I did the Nuggets as well we spent over $500 get $30 with this stuff 23 winners over a hundred and forty items when you do the math we're about one in seven odds now of course you're gonna be asking what happens to all this food welcome it's breakfast for tomorrow that's next for today and then these prized this experiment will continue this is something that I wanted to do for a while I've seen videos of it a lot of people have seen videos of it what happens to McDonald's french fries if you leave them for a month two months a year I'm doing it right here because I simply want to and I think it's gonna be funny you know I've seen videos of like nothing happening to the item and so I'm gonna be doing that right here every single month you'll see this video in a year guys will see this video in a year where I showcase what happens after a week a month two months six months a year I'm gonna put everything into a container they're gonna see hope you guys enjoyed today's video if you did hit that thumbs up button and of course subscribe if you missed last week's video go ahead and click that link right there and if you didn't see last year's Monopoly challenge with a 100 fries click right here we'll catch you guys next week

44 thoughts on “$500 McDonald's Monopoly CHALLENGE!

  1. Hey Pete Haven't Seen You Around You Tube Brother and My Thoughts and Prayers Are With You and Your GF Plus Family!!!

  2. DONT eat all those fries man. you should NOT reheat potato based foods at all. Some chemical process happens inside the starch molekuls and makes it not good for a human organism.

  3. I love how your testing the odd of winning I just want you to win a major prize and I can’t wait to see the fries look the exact same after a year.

  4. Wow! Certainly a lot of Fries and Stuff. I am close to winning a bunch of things at this year's Coast To Coast. I wonder if The United states have this game. Probably not.

  5. Gotta give it to macdonalds.. all the money they must be making with all these retards buying tons of their crap food thinking their actually gonna win something big…. LMFAO

  6. Dude, you should put a container next to the MC fries, but that one should be filled with fries made from freshly cut up potatoes. Just to make a comparison to what happens with fresh fries 😉

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