7 NBA Players Who WILL Be On A NEW TEAM Before The Start Of The 2019 SEASON!

here are seven MBA players who could play on a new team before the start of the 2019 2020 MBA season first of all I just want to say a massive massive thank you to every single person who's recently been liking the videos and subscribing the support recently has been incredible and I just want to say a massive thanks to you guys this whole channel and my return to YouTube would not have been possible without your help so just a massive thank you anyway if you enjoy these types of videos be sure to smash that like button and subscribe if you're new and let's get into the video the way that we are ordering these seven players is from old veteran players to the top of the NBA landscape we kind of all know the russell westbrook will be top three but who are the other guys who are the other all-stars and who are the mediocre guys that could be a sold piece to a contending team or just any team in the league let's start off with number seven Vince Carter Vince Carter is 42 years old so he's obviously reaching the end of his career but if this is his last season where may he play I believe he'll probably go to a contending team as he does not have an NBA championship and I don't think he should go to any other team that isn't contending I really wanted Vince Carter originally to join the Toronto Raptors but with Kawhi Leonard leaving and I think the Raptors would be a contending team so I don't really want to see him back on the Raptors but if he doesn't join a contending team please make it the Toronto Raptors because that would just be so cool but a few teams that could look to him are the Los Angeles Clippers the Los Angeles Lakers the Brooklyn Nets and even the Golden State Warriors as they don't have klay Thompson and could use a shooting guard small forward player on their roster even if Vince Carter is 42 years old he can be a sole contributor off the bench and they did lose Andre Iguodala so I believe he could probably end up on the Golden State worries if they want him in just 17 and a half minutes Vince Carter averaged 7 points shooting 38% from 3 which is something that a lot of teams would actually need a guy that can come off the bench and shoot threes at a good percentage and whilst he is old his athleticism is still there yes he isn't the same Vince Carter that threw down the craziest dunks in the year 2000 but he is still a reasonably athletic player at 42 years old which is just in number seven Carmelo Anthony this is a player that I really don't see playing on any team other than the Los Angeles Lakers if the Lakers can pick him up I believe he would be a solid contributor I'm not as harsh on Melo as a lot of the other people especially in the youtube comment section everyone goes so hard on Carmelo Anthony but I believe he could still be a solo contributor and I believe that because he hasn't really played too many games in the past couple of seasons he actually would be willing to take a back seat and yes I know in the past he sent me off the bench yeah I know come off the bench but this time around I do think he would come off the bench and if he came off the bench as a small forward power forward player on the Lakers he could be a sole contributor a guy that can space the floor hit the open shot and score in a variety of ways and I believe that if anyone was going to get him on their team it would be LeBron James Carmelo his best friend and a guy that wouldn't mind having him on the team in my opinion he's inconsistent shooting in the past and his lack of playing off the bench has really got a lot of people upset over him but at the end of the day no matter how you view Melo now if you look at his entire career he's one of the greatest scorers and purest small forwards to ever play the game and I believe he should be on a team if the Lakers are looking at Amar'e Stoudemire and Monta Ellis I believe that you have to have Carmelo Anthony on your radar and I believe he will end up on the Los Angeles Lakers – number six Dwight Howard this is a guy that I believe is actually a very good contributor to any team he ends up on now he isn't that similar mold to Melo where everybody hates on Dwight Howard but at the end of the day in just nine games last season he averaged 13 points and nine rebounds whilst being unhealthy the year before literally in 2017 2018 Dwight was still getting hate but he was a guy that played 81 games out of 82 he averaged 16 and a half points 12 and a half rebounds shooting 55% from the field and averaged one point six blocks that is a very very good stat for a guy that was 32 years old and it's almost as if people expect white Howard to not decline yes he's gonna decline he's a center in the NBA that was the greatest Center in the NBA led his team to the NBA Finals at one point yes he's not gonna be the same Dwight Howard but that is a very good stat line and it just shows that if he's healthy which he was two seasons ago he can be a very good player 81 games out of 82 people say this is injury prone but the year before last season when he was actually injured he played 81 games the year before that 74 games the year before that 71 games then he was injured for around half the season as he played 41 games but then before that 7176 so people that say that his injury prone seriously just don't watch Dwight Howard play because he's not into reproach he plays more games throughout the entire season than most of the NBA centers today Dwight Howard last season made it obvious that he wasn't healthy he noticed that he wasn't healthy and that's the reason why he played nine games and rested now he says I'm a full go I've been running I've been playing I've lost 25 pounds in four weeks and my conditioning has got a lot better and you can see that look at this photo right now you can tell that obviously Dwight Howard and his fashion sense is something else but he is also looking a lot slimmer and that is something that would be very enticing for teams that they can count on Dwight Howard being a little bit healthier and obviously if he played 81 games only two seasons ago wants to say that he can't get back to even 70 or 80 games this season I believe there's a few teams that would look to get Dwight Howard and I personally believe he has to be on a team next season right now he's on the Memphis Grizzlies but they plan to waive him so these are the teams that I think will go after him number one the Boston Celtics they now have Kemba Walker alongside Gordon Hayward Jayson Tatum Jalen Brown and losing Al Horford they picked up and his Cantor Cantor isn't bad but he's a shocking defender but if they got Dwight Howard he would be able to lock down at that center position and obviously he isn't as good on the offensive end as he used to be but to me he's a better all-around player and it's cantor both defensively and offensively and even if he doesn't play as many games well you still have enes kanter on your team that you just signed this season so I believe that Dwight Harold would be a great fit on the Boston Celtics another team would actually beat the Los Angeles Clippers number one they are a team that is competing for an NBA championship Dwight Howard despite going to the finals which still goes underrated in my opinion he took that magic team to the finals but that's for a whole nother video Dwight Howard I think at this age would be looking to win an NBA championship and the Clippers with Kawhi Leonard and Paul George would actually be a great fit for him Harrell is an undersized Center he is 6 foot 8 and his true position is at power forward who else do they have well their only center is zu back and zu back was being ok he is only 22 years old and he isn't that great on the defensive end Dwight Howard on the Clippers I could see that as being a good fit even if he doesn't get that many minutes I believe that him and Harrell would be a good fit and that is something to match up against DeMarcus Cousins and Anthony Davis if they make it to the Western Conference Finals and it's the Battle of LA number 5 Andre Iguodala this is a guy that many teams will target and because he won't be like Dwight Howard and be waived by the Memphis Grizzlies he's a guy that will have to be traded for which means that the Lakers really want him but are they going to trade for him I guess if they offer up a first-round pick the Memphis Grizzlies will take that but I believe there's a few other teams that would also offer up a first-round pick so it's really just up to the Memphis Grizzlies but I do believe that Andre Iguodala will end up on either the Lakers or the Houston Rockets both teams will throw in pigs they want to get him their team's that really do need him in the Western Conference that is so tough and I believe that one of those two teams will end up getting him or a sneaky team that may also get him is his former team the Denver Nuggets with the injury-prone Michael Porter Jr who may or may not return he would be a good fit on that team as he's a defensive wing who can also play make and that is something that the Denver Nuggets love number four Steven Adams obviously with Russell Westbrook requesting a trade out of Oklahoma this brings them into a rebuild and I don't believe there is any point in keeping Steven if you were trying to rebuild he will definitely be a good fit on any contending team as a lot of teams will be targeting a big man and if they can offer one or two first-round picks I think the Oklahoma City Thunder will just take that and run with it and Stephen Adams if the Boston Celtics can offer up two first-round picks just like I said with Dwight Howard and I believe that they can get him if they want to pay the price of offering two first-round picks and if I'm Danny Ainge I'm doing that because Stephen Adams is a very soul player another team that could be a sleeper is the Atlanta Hawks they really don't have a big man at their position and I don't think they're going to get Dwight Howard with us I don't think he would come back to the Atlanta Hawks as he played there only a few seasons ago but Stephen Adams is a guy that he could feed on that team as he is only 26 years old and a lot of the Atlanta Hawks guys are in their early 20s and they will look to make a push in the Eastern Conference like this is the team that I think could go after Stephen Adams but like I said basically all the teams that went after Dwight Howard I believe will also go after Stephen Adams so the Clippers the Celtics the kings and I wouldn't be surprised if the Miami Heat do get Russell Westbrook they also try to get Stephen Adams in the deal as they probably have to give up either BAM Adebayo Kelly Olynyk James Johnson or one of their big men and if they can get Stephen Adams to replace them well that would also be a good fit for the Miami Heat as they have Westbrook Butler Winslow Stephen Adams and that is a decent team in the Eastern Conference number three Kevin Love or Kyle Lowry now I put these two together because I don't think that they will be traded before the start of this season but they could be obviously with the Raptors not getting Kawhi Leonard back it leaves them in a weird predicament where they have Larry they have Gasol they have Ibaka but they're really not going to contend with this team and with Pascal siakam at 25 years old they may as well build around him and I don't think Marcus Ong and Kyle Lowry will be on this team much longer as they're both on one-year contracts so they may be traded at the trade deadline and that would be the most realistic option if the Raptors aren't very good so I'm going to say Kyle Lowry but I don't think he'll be traded just yet but I do think that Kevin Love could be a guy because he is on a team with basically all young players : section 20 garland is 9 tene and then the rest of their players like Larry Nance and JD Osmond like they're all just in their mid-20s and Kevin Love is 31 and he's a guy that would like to contend in my opinion and I believe that he could be traded before the start of this season Kevin Love is a guy that is really interesting because his contract situation is not what many teams want he's a guy that he's on a pretty big contract and it's hard to find the right deal for him but at the same time it's hard to see him on a Cleveland Cavaliers team that is clearly trying to rebuild so I believe that the likely destination for him is to end up on the Portland Trailblazers but because they just got into some white side I don't think they're gonna get him at the start of this season but watch out for the trade deadline because once no pitch comes back you can straight swap Hassan Whiteside and a pick and I believe that the Cavs would take that number one would because Hassan Whiteside is on a one-year deal which means he would be off the books for the Cleveland Cavaliers and number two they would also get a first or two first-round picks for him and then if he's on the Portland Trailblazers they will have a very good team in the Western Conference Lillard CJ kale of Newark itch and they have some guys off the bench like Bazemore and hezonia they could be a very good team to content even in the Western Conference but you still have to put him at a guy that could be traded before the season because you never know in the NBA number two Bradley Beal and John Wall at this point in time the Washington Wizards are not looking to trade Bradley Beal unless they can also trade John Wall at the same time and this is obviously because of John wall's huge contract and the Wizards want to go young with Rui Hutchins aura and future first-round picks and start a rebuild but they're in that weird predicament where they have Bradley bill and they have an injured John Wall on a huge contract so the Washington Wizards do not want to trade Bradley bill if they can not trade John Wall and because the two will be together it's hard to get a good deal for both of them the Miami Heat have contacted the Washington Wizards about getting Bradley bill as they want to get Jimmy Butler a second star which is either going to be Russell Westbrook or Bradley Beal but at the moment for the Washington Wizards they really don't want to trade Bradley Beal by himself in saying that because the Washington Wizards we're willing to trade badly bill if they could also add John Wall to the trade I believe that the Miami Heat will also risk that simply if they do miss out on Russell Westbrook and they want to get Jimmy Butler a second star and Bradley bill is that guy well you never know Bradley Beal and John Wall may head to the Miami Heat but other than Bradley Beal and John Wall to the heat there was really no other teams that would go after those two players simply because the contract situation is too hard to figure out there's a few teams that have also contacted the Washington Wizards like the Boston Celtics when they lost out on Anthony Davis the south is contacted the Wizards about getting Bradley Beal and if they can make the contract situation work out then Bradley bill could head to Boston in a trade that involves Gordon Haywood and two or three future first-round picks to the Washington Wizards that would make the contract situation work out and the Wizards would also get future first-round picks that they could rebuild with and number one Russell Westbrook now I made a video on Russell Westbrook so if you guys want to watch a full in-depth video on where I think Russell Westbrook will end up you can click the link in the description box down below but I believe there's a few options number one the Miami Heat is the first option then the Orlando Magic the Detroit Pistons are coming in hard as they want Blake Griffin Andre Drummond and Westbrook as a big three in the Eastern Conference and obviously because he has requested a trade I think you will be gone before the start of this season so let me know where you think Russell Westbrook will end up and with that said if you enjoyed this video be sure to leave a like subscribe if you're new for daily NBA content you sort of hit the notifications button and follow me on Instagram to see what I get up to and with that said let me know do you think there are any other plays that could be on a new team before the start of this season I'm out peace

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  2. The Lakers don't have $17 million for Iggy unless the Grizzlies buyout his $17 million year contract which I doubt. The Grizzlies can trade him but the Lakers have to trade players to free up the cap space for that $17 million gap.

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