8 Cryptocurrency Exchanges for Buying and Selling Fiat like USD to Bitcoin and Ethereum

how do we change currencies like US dollars Canadian dollars euros into big coin aetherium and hundreds more exciting crypto currencies today right here you'll get to see eight cryptocurrency exchanges where you can buy and sell fiat currency like US dollars euros and I hope this will work for you today if you're looking to get involved if you find this video helpful with you please leave a like on this to let me know exactly that I should make more videos like this for you here we go eight cryptocurrency exchanges that I hope will work for you at least one of them in any country in the world what I'll do first is just show you the website right here like this and then I'll show you a little bit more detail about each one if you haven't heard of these websites before I recommend taking a look at them yourself and maybe sign up for an account and see if you can deposit using what they offer I hope this will give you insight as to which ones are worth using to me the top two and this is just from my personal experience or coinbase calm and bitstamp dotnet between these two you should be able especially if you can make a wire transfer an ACH transfer I think it's a SEPA transfer in Europe you should be able to buy Bitcoin on either of these coinbase available in 30 plus countries I think bitstamp dotnet you can use in most of the world if you can make a wire transfer over there I'll show you more about that in a minute cracking calm and GDX calm may also work for you as well as Gemini dot-com and X btc-e dot-com finally you have a local Bitcoin calm and wall of coins calm now these two are significantly different than the first six the first six coinbase bitstamp cracking GD x gemini and x BTC these all require that you basically set up an account online and make some kind of bank transfer to them or you can if you've already got bitcoin or other currencies you can just deposit that now local Bitcoin the wall of coins these you can actually use cash out of your wallet to go make a deposit with wall of coins directly into someone's bank account and with local bitcoins you can interact directly with other sellers if you can't use any of these first six I highly recommend figuring out if you can use one of these first six because these are the best ways to buy Bitcoin online with Fiat however if you can't use any of those you may be able to use local bitcoins or wall of coins now once we've got Bitcoin then what you want to do to buy an altcoin you can either use bit r x-com which is currently my favorite or it could be bit t-rex comm or byte whatever and then Polonia comm is the one i've used the most so once you bought bitcoin on one of these other eight websites you can then buy into all these other currencies if you're excited about etherium litecoin steam – or what new economy movement whatever you're excited about you can get into that easily on bit Rex and Polonius with these other websites are consistently adding more as well so that's the basic how do you get started that's the basic list right there if you found even one website you didn't know about would you please leave a like on this video if you already knew all these websites and it didn't give me anything new and it totally sucks please leave a dislike on it so although I totally screwed up with you and I need to change my approach in future videos what I'll do now is give you a more in-depth look at each of these different websites that I hope will be helpful if you've never heard of several of them or you want to see where they work potentially for you the number one website I've used personally is coinbase comm there's a link to this on my resources page and I'm grateful as you can see here 177 people have signed up for coinbase through my link and actually bought at least or sold at least $100 of bitcoin if you go to my resources page on my website and you want to sign up for coinbase would you please use that link there because coinbase gives you an eye each of us $10 in Bitcoin when you sign up using my link coinbase is what I've used to buy and sell over $100,000 a Bitcoin because it's really fast all I do I go into dashboard I can buy and sell now coinbase charges a 1% fee coinbase also allows me to make ACH transfers with no fee directly back and forth between my bank account coinbase also accepts wire transfers now the main problem with coinbase is that it's not available everywhere and features may be limited by your country now the nice thing is if you're in Australia a lot of websites it can be tough if you're in Australia to buy and if you're in Australia you can buy in I'll minimize my head here so you can see you can buy in in Australia with a debit or credit card supposedly now these may not actually work for you which is why I encourage test out different websites in Singapore coinbase is available in most of Europe coinbase is available Australia Belgium Bulgaria Croatia Cyprus Czech Republic Denmark Finland Greece Hungary Ireland Italy Jersey Latvia Liechtenstein Malta Monaco Netherlands Norway Poland Portugal San Marino Slovakia Slovenia Spain Sweden Switzerland and United Kingdom these are all available in Europe you can use your bank account deposit with a credit debit card you can also I think at least according to their website you can use a credit or debit card to buy in Canada however I recommend against coin based in Canada because there are better options available elsewhere now in the United States you can use your PayPal account you can deposit with your bank account and withdraw it's very easy you can also use a credit or debit card and that's where I'm located now if you don't like the look of coin base it's not available in your country the second option or if you're in Europe I recommend using bit stamp dotnet bitstamp dotnet the fees are lower than join base and they are bitstamp dotnet seems to be based in the UK so I recommend if you're in Europe I think bitstamp dot and that's a great option and it says the rest of the world here on their wire transfer now the basic thing you need to be able to do to buy bitcoin with one of the six websites I showed you up here now coin base and bitstamp both have other payment options but with most of these others you really need to be able to do a wire transfer from your bank and if you're in a country that's for example if you're in Malaysia you will need to be able to do a wire transfer and in bitstamp you should be able to just wire any currency you want to to bitstamp they have the option to register an account all over the world you should now I don't know if I'm correct for your specific country but you should be able to wire almost any currency straight to bid stamp according to their deposit instructions if you read their deposit instructions it says international bank transfer deposits US dollars won't be all other currencies will be converted to the selected balance currency this means you should be able to wire from almost any country in the world straight to bitstamp dotnet and then get your deposit on there bitstamp is extremely fast to buy and sell I tried to sell I long story short I ain't transferred one hundred and thirty thousand dollars in transactions in one day when I sold my – masternode and it went through incredibly quick and easy to do bitstamp dotnet is outstanding for buying Bitcoin and I think in almost any country in the world you should be able to do an international bank transfer with a pretty low fee and then get that credited to your account so I think bitstamp net if you're in the not in somewhere like the u.s. that's listed on coin base basically if you're in the u.s. it's pretty easy to buy Bitcoin and lots of different websites if you're in the rest of world you're not in the US or Europe this should work good for you now would you please comment if I'm wrong to help other people learn whether it's available in your specific country or not the cool thing is you can actually use your credit card at least in the US where I'm at I think in many other countries in the world you can even use your credit card on bitstamp net now the fee is big so if I drop a $5000 purchase on my credit card that's a 250 dollar fee ouch and then what if you buy it and the price goes down that's even worse but sure you could buy it at 5% the price could go up 20% it might be worth it still you should be able to use bitstamp net to drop it straight on your credit card which I think's outstanding now if you don't have cash in the bank and you're going to just put it on a credit card I'd highly recommend against that however I trust your judgment maybe you can make something good out of it so to me the top two options these are the top two options in my mind to buy bitcoin with fiat currency online coinbase com really easy to use available in 30 or something country and bitstamp dotnet if I had to just rank one I'd probably say bitstamp dotnet is the top globally and in the u.s. coin based extremely convenient for me personally now what I highly recommend check out both of these first if you can't use either coin base or bit stamps or if you've already used them you want something else then there are more options however these tend to be a bit more limited than coin base and bitstamp now you should be able in lots of different areas to buy on to Kraken as well so Kraken you can do very same type of deposit as biston you can use a SEPA deposit if you're in Europe and that's free you can use a bank wire out of the US you can do a bank wire in Europe you can do you can do a US dollar bank wire deposit outside the US you can even do Japanese yen if you're in Canada you can do a Canadian wire deposit for free you can also withdraw straight in these methods as well so crackin again though you need to be able to do a wire deposit anywhere except Europe to get on to cracking if I'm reading this correctly although you may be able to do a Japanese a yen bank deposit straight on there so Kraken and bitstamp between the two of those you hopefully in whatever country you're in if you you should be able to buy and using one of those two and the fees are pretty good once you end cracking you've got some more possibilities you can trade as well cracking out of these websites has a big option has a lot of different currencies you can buy so bitstamp right now you can only buy ripple and bitcoin with your fiat currency on coinbase you can only currently buy light coin bit coin in aetherium Kraken is one of the few where you can make a deposit and it looks like you can do it for most of the world and then there's a lot of trading pairs you can go – aetherium classic aetherium and there's several other things you can trade straight on Kraken as well which might eliminate the step of going to sign up also on bit Rex or Polonius to give you the ability to trade a lot more of these different crypto currencies on here so Kraken is a great option if you want to give that a test also if you don't know what an international bank wire transfer is in your son that sounds intimidating look into it just go to your bank ask how you do it google it online you want to be able to do an international bank wire transfer if you want to buy bitcoin online I think it's yes it's a little more effort than using your debit card yes the fees are a little bit higher but you gain access with the wire transfer to be able to put deposits on some of these that don't take debit cards if you're on bitstamp according to their documentation I don't see that you can put a debit card on very easily I might be wrong but it depending on your country you might not be able to do a debit card a wire transfer should work for most countries now you've also got G Dexcom which is spelled out G Dax calm now G Dax calm is in the u.s. it has Bitcoin aetherium and litecoin G Dax is basically kind of it's it's connected well with coinbase I'm not sure if they own it or it's a partner somehow but it's basically like an extension of coinbase if in terms of the countries it works in are very similar to the ones that it works in for coinbase you can buy it you can send a wire transfer into G Dax you can also deposit with HC H or SEPA on G DX as well and then you can withdraw up to ten thousand a day on it so you can deposit on G Dax however just like coin basic it doesn't work in Canada it does work in Europe and it does work in the UK but Australian Singapore have limited trading functionality as well so G Dax is another option then there's another website and I hadn't heard of this until I just researched it today it's called Gemini comm so it's Gemini com Gemini dot-com works in Hong Kong and South Korea also so if you're in one of those countries specifically Hong Kong or South Korea you might be interested in making a deposit through Gemini instead of using one of the other websites Hong Kong South Korea Singapore is also on here the United Kingdom and Puerto Rico as well as Canada and the United States so on Gemini you can buy in with US dollars in Canada I hope they'd support Canadian dollars but maybe they just do Bitcoin US dollars on everything it looks like they just do good coin u.s. dollars on everything but here you can buy in in the US as well as Canada Hong Kong Singapore in South Korea on Gemini so that looks good to me now there's also X btc-e which it has a knowledge base in Russian as well as as well as these others so you hope with the knowledge base in Russian you could buy in if you were in Russian and I think this is might be I'm not sure if that's Japanese or Chinese but it's whatever this language is here is supporting here let me just click on this and see what yeah that let's take a look Chinese yes all right Chinese there we go I think that was my first guess I might have said Japanese so you'd hope with support documents and Russian and Chinese they'd be able to get Russian and Chinese customers on board on BTX btc-e dot-com it's basically they've got listed here wire transfer and perfect money so these they also have other they have FAFSA pay and they have that listed on there as well but basically this looks like you're going to need to be able to make wire transfer as well however it says deposit via the option it says profit can also be withdrawn by wire transfer deposit via this option was the largest whatever that means so x btc-e might work for you as well and that's a basic coverage these are six websites these are six websites where you can essentially deal straight with the exchange and in terms of getting the best price that is what you want now the next two websites I'm going to give you so I'll go back over these real quick tell them what you told them tell me you're going to tell them tell them and tell much told them so coin basin bitstamp dotnet are my two top choices Kraken and GD X and Gemini and X btc-e also look like excellent options now these final two you have to deal with individual sellers essentially now I've used wall of coins on over 50 years forty or fifty thousand dollars of Bitcoin transactions on wall of coins I have a course on my website that shows how I use wall of coins to buy Bitcoin and then sell it marked up 10 you'll see why I can do that in a minute now I also got my bank account closed because I did too many transactions for too high of a dollar amount doing this so if you want to do that successfully you want to do it on a smaller dollar amount so wall of coins allows you to buy Bitcoin directly from other sellers this currently works in the US and it may have functionality in your country just try it out see if there's any accounts available in your country if not then it doesn't work for you wall of coins is ice because you can use cash directly from your wallet and I know the owner of wall of coins I also have I think I have a half percent ownership in the company as well so it's important to disclose that up front here I've used wall of coins to buy and sell about 50,000 or so Bitcoin mostly sell what I would do is buy Bitcoin on some of these other websites put it for sale on wall of coins mark it up there's essentially a convenience fee that you get there's a convenience fee for being able to pay directly in cash as you can see many of these other options like coinbase bitstamp they can have wire transfer fees and my dogs grooming herself like crazy I can't take it yeah go back out in the house agree myself somewhere else all I'm hearing god but that's not my problem is that I start grooming that I maybe my arm hairs aren't all straight Jerry you need to edit this this sucks that's real this is real this is what I guess is my real life so I've used wallet coins if you can buy Bitcoin on other websites you alright Jerry how does wall coins work I'm getting lost man ok wallet coins works as a seller you sign up and connect your bank account wall of coins you then deposit your Bitcoin and I think they have – available now as well you deposit that on wall of coins buyers come along and make cash deposits in your bank account and then once you confirm the deposit then wall of coins gives the Buy they're they're Bitcoin or – and you've already got the cash deposit in your bank account now if you do this on small amounts by 180 dollars or less at once this can work really well the banks typically aren't that interested in smaller deposits now where I went wrong I was taking two plus thousand dollar deposits at once and the banks get kind of curious as to why people all over the country are making huge cash deposits into your bank account all at once I sold more than ten thousand dollars in two or three weeks and then my bank flipped and just closed my account so this is a great fast way to buy some Bitcoin online if you want to directly deposit cash into a bank account in the US and I like it because you know wall of coins has the Bitcoin then you don't have to deal directly with the seller using wall of coins now if you're in the US then this might work really good for you however if you're not in the US are like okay it's I can't buy anything on it now another option is local bitcoins dot-com now please would you continue to watch through this I'll mention some problems at the end first the opportunity local bitcoins calm you have two hundred and forty-eight countries on here currently where you can buy and sell Bitcoin near you now if you are having a hard time with using these other websites I do not recommend using local bitcoins a wall of coins if you can use one of these others yes these take more effort to set up it might be real easy to just go give someone a hundred dollars in cash somewhere and buy it but it's much better to get coin based get one of these set up if you can but if you can't these are really good options now with these they each have different payment methods and you need to be aware of the exact terms and conditions I've never used local big coins before so you may have other issues with it however I'll give you the set up simply what you can do on local bitcoins is you can go train act with a seller near you who has Bitcoin and then buy the Bitcoin directly from them now there's all kinds of things that you could potentially go wrong with this however local Bitcoin seems to do a good job they've got feedback ratings on here and you can see how much sellers have done for example this one is the cash deposit to a specific Bank you can look at this seller you can say how see how long it takes them you can see the confirm trades you can see the feedback score you can see all these things verified on here so this what you do essentially is pick a local seller and the price you pay per Bitcoin now you're likely to get some marked up prices on these because you're essentially paying a cash convenience fee so I'm guessing I don't know the Canadian dollars off the top of my head so let me just find out us to Canadian alright so one so let's see how much a Bitcoin is right now twenty two hundred so let's put twenty to thirty ok so right now you can get if you're on coin base you could buy Bitcoin for about three well not in Canada if you use Canadian dollars on something like bitstamp you can buy it for about three thousand Canadian dollars you'll see the lowest price is three thousand four hundred Canadian dollars for a Bitcoin that means you're paying a significant as with my course that I showed on here buy and sell ten percent you can do the same thing on local Bitcoin you can essentially buy a bunch of Bitcoin on one of these other websites and sell it on local Bitcoin at a ten plus percent markup you'll see these are this is currently about a thirteen to fifteen percent markup here so local bitcoins if you can't use one of the other methods we'll give you the chance to buy in but you're likely to pay a premium for dealing directly with another seller now this might be a really good opportunity also to use local bitcoins if you can buy on bitstamp for example if you can go by to $10,000 a Bitcoin with a wire transfer on bitstamp you could then probably sell it for $11,000 on local bitcoins and I would imagine that's what most of the sellers are doing on local bitcoins so this is a really good opportunity you can then you can buy them online in Canada or you can meet directly with another seller meet them in person and buy cash so there's different sellers they take things like PayPal there's all kinds of different options so if you explore on local bitcoins you can figure out what's the best for you now problems with local bitcoins and this could be a similar issue with wall of coins some of the illegal markets for example drug dealing and everything else you can get on the black market sometimes bitcoin is being used as a payment and then the way they're able to cash out is to conduct these local transactions for example your drug dealer tells you that you'll pay in Bitcoin you give the drug dealer the money the drug dealer gives you you give the drug dealer the Bitcoin they give you the drugs and then the drug dealer goes to sell the Bitcoin on local Bitcoin now you can run into some of these things in buying and selling locally on either end so one of the reasons I've stopped selling on wall of coins and I've stopped selling I don't sell on local bitcoins I haven't even tried it but you even when I can see I could easily make 10% and I could put in 10,000 and make a thousand profit and put another ten I did that for a while but the problem is I don't want to get in the middle of someone else's money-laundering scheme without my own knowledge that would be pretty stupid and there's court cases and there's stories on the news of people going to jail being involved in money laundering using things like local bitcoins and wall of coins might be too new to have got into anything like that so these can be an issue using something like local bitcoins I hope in presenting all this to you I've given you a comprehensive look at different ways to buy bitcoin and sell Bitcoin and then from once you've got Bitcoin you can easily buy in to everything else on here if you use a website like coin base or bitstamp or Kraken or gee Dex you can actually buy straight into something besides Bitcoin as well so you can buy into aetherium directly on GX with US dollars same thing on coin base along with light coin on bitstamp you can buy directly into ripple currently with US dollars on crackin I believe there's lots of options you can buy straight in with US dollars and I'm not sure about btc-e specifically I'm all it looks like right now on local bitcoins is Bitcoin but on wallet coins you can actually buy straight into dash as well with US dollars I hope this has provided you a comprehensive look at how to get a hold of Bitcoin then once you've got Bitcoin you can deposit it on a bit wrecks dot-com so either bit rectum or Polonia so once you've got a hold of Bitcoin aetherium or light coin or ripple on coin base or bitstamp or cracking orgy dax or gemini or what is this btc-e or however you've got a hold of your Bitcoin a theorem like coin ripple you can then turn it into all these other currencies using either bit rec calm or Polonia acts and some of the very best investment opportunities can be to buy into some of these alt coins now if you've looked at the charts that theorem just went from 170 to 230 in the last couple of days I'd say that would have been a great investment but I thought it was overvalued at the time now ripple was as high as 30 something cents it's down to 22 cents and some of these other currencies have had just explosive increases like this one the Stratus is up like 32 percent up here on the top which I've never even heard or used in and then some of these other currencies down here are down significantly pinned X is while this one under $1 backup over $1 60 down 15% today it's just crazy so some of the most fun to me is to trade in these other currencies so once you've got your Bitcoin your aetherium or light coin once you have a system where you can buy US dollars or Euros or whatever you're using you can buy that into Bitcoin aetherium light coin or ripple then you can put it on two-bit recs and then you can see these Bitcoin markets up here on bit rags then you can trade all kinds of things on these markets you can trade all kinds of these different things you can have lots of fun you can invest as I show I think one of the best ways if you don't know about any currency in particular and you just want to invest and make some money on it one of the best ways is to I have a crypto currency investment in retirement planning course where I show you how to take something like Bitcoin take like a thousand dollars a month you can do it with a hundred a month you can do it with ten thousand a month and basically buy the market just by split it up equally and buy across all the different market on bit wrecks you could buy into a hundred and fifty plus currencies and that way if any of them absolutely blows up then you're going to come out way ahead if you don't know about any of the currencies this is a great way to do it because it's a diversified portfolio that way you don't lose that much on any one particular currency and if any of them blows up and goes up ten or 100 times in value you make so much on that one then it will cover almost all the rest of the losses for your whole portfolio and then as all the old coins go up over time you've got a good chance to just continuously build and build on your profit another way to do it is to go all-in on one specific currency now this is better if you research you've learned about your different options and I have one that I've went all-in on on my number one cryptocurrency investment opportunity I'm really excited about one of these currencies that's in the top 25 here I'm I'm so pumped up about it that I've sold everything else and bought into that currency so these are two different basic ways you can do your investing if you would like to learn more with me would you please enroll at the University of Giri banfield.com I think both of these cryptocurrency investment retirement planning and this number one investment opportunity these both pitch exact opposite strategies between the two of these courses you have an outstanding way to put a system in place to consistently invest over time I'm guessing you just you want you're excited you want to make some money about these currencies you're probably not looking to trade and give up your day job to become a Bitcoin aetherium or – whatever trader so I think this is a great class for this now if you're like oh my god it's a hundred and eighty dollars well I think the very best option is to either subscribe now I'm grateful there's 86 people in the first month who've subscribed you get access to all of my courses I just launched the University of Gerry Banfield there's hundreds of courses that I'll be uploading over the next hopefully month or a few months that I've already done plus I'm hoping to make a thousand plus courses during my lifetime and this is what I'm going to put all of them for twenty seven a month you get access to all the courses you don't have to fool around with anything else and to me I like to get lifetime access to very lowest price if you buy the all courses for life bundle as I think ten or so people have done in the first month of launch I'm extremely grateful if you're one of those then for two hundred ninety seven dollars paid once you get access to all the courses I make for the rest of my life so I'm very grateful that you've got this far into it I allow all the reviews that come up on the courses some people have said it's out of date so as other people have said taking it more recently it's really good I think the methodology and the principles in this course outstanding I've also got a lot of other courses i show you how i do my facebook ads i show you how i do my email marketing i show you how i do my youtube i do my SEO I've got my autobiography a hundred ways to make money I've got Apollonia tons of course on my website more coming every day if you like to continue learning with me would you please enroll at the University of Gerry Banfield because this helps me to keep being here to help you now if you don't even if you don't have enough money if you I want my courses to be available to every person in the world I realize you might not a you might just be learning about these and you might not have enough money to buy any of my courses and if that's the case I've got a free coupons page here where I've got coupons to some of my classes on here along with free coupons to other peoples courses now this does not include my newest courses that I'll be making and therefore over the course of my life will not include most however if I've made a course already I've got free coupons here to lots of courses you might love and enjoy and if you'd like to just get started and test out of course and you don't have any money would you give my free courses page a try thank you very much for watching this I'm grateful for all the time you spent here in the video I'll do a quick review and then log off here with you so I've shown you eight different cryptocurrency exchanges you can buy and sell big coin along with several others in Fiat like US dollars euros and Canadian coin Basin bitstamp dotnet are my top two choices Kraken and GTX Kraken especially is also very good choice Gemini btc-e may work for you ex btc-e if the others don't and then if you can't use one of these six local bitcoins a wall of coins if you're in the US local bitcoins in almost any country in the world may work for you even at a significant markup you can still turn cash directly into Bitcoin that way now once you've got Bitcoin or aetherium or light coin or ripple then you can use bitter ex and Polonia XCOM which I have tutorials on for free as well as a paid course showing how I use these then these will allow you to buy almost any currency online thank you very much for watching this I love you I hope this has been so helpful if you found this enjoyable would you please leave a like on this video to help other people just by you find it and you

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  21. You show Coinbase as your favorite choice but what I have a problem with Coinbase is they place incredibly lengthy holds on my withdraw transactions. I mean 3-5 days I consider reasonable, but my last withdraw transaction I did… Coinbase placed an 18 day hold period. That's ridiculous. I am fed up with Coinbase and I will find another platform to trade cryptocurrencies. The sad thing I find though is I liked using Binance. But I would have to use Coinbase to fund it. 🙁

  22. Hi. Have you heard of USD Coin? If so, please make a video about this and where I could sign up. I would appreciate it.

  23. I sold some bitcoins to cryptoexmart.com and got paid in my paypal account almost instantly. Cryptoexmart .com is a safe platform.

  24. Coinbase can burn in hell because they wiped out all my bitcoins twice. I learned the hard way and that is to get your bitcoin to a secure wallet such as blockchain .info.

  25. If anyone want to buy or sell btc then contact me. Payment is send or recieve through jazzcash in pakistan and perfect money in other countries. If u want to sell btc then i send u a payment with in 3 min.

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