A businessman in Gaza

measured al Hayek is a gasm businessman preparing to travel to China to import clothes booking his ticket is the easy part actually getting permission to leave Gaza and enter Egypt is a long and complicated process requiring special coordination from both sides I feel really very exciting to go to China plus a long time now about four years he didn't visit there I'm sure everything it has been changed there now and on for years is a long long time especially in China ten days after buying his ticket measured is told to go to the rougher border but it will be at least five hours until he finds out whether he can leave only around 400 are allowed to cross each day and today thousands awaiting the entire process can take weeks and there's no guarantee of success since Egypt announcer would open the rougher crossing indefinitely thousands of Palestinians have been able to leave Gaza but thousands more have been turned away at the border and the reason for that is because Egypt has a very strict criteria on who's allowed out and most gazans simply don't meet their criteria only students attending a foreign university patients foreign passport or visa holders and people who have good contacts with Egyptian intelligence are allowed to leave the complicated more and more on media they say they don't stop saying that the checkpoints the Rafah checkpoint is open but I'm facility is closed frustration grows as people wait all day to find out if they will be allowed to leave many are disappointed but for measured good news he's boarding the bus to Egypt with relief it's already been a very long day they still have to get through the Egyptian side of the border around thirty percent of them will be rejected by Egypt forced to return immediately to Gaza but measured Al Haig made it and is now on his business trip in China I'm feeling great because now I'm going to continue my business I start again since four years ago now Nicole Johnston al-jazeera rougher

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