A Complete 2020 Marketing Strategy That Requires No Budget | Digital Agency Expo Keynote

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    1:10 – How did I scale when I had no money?
    3:50 – What I’m most proud of in business
    8:08 —————————Q&A—————————
    8:12 – Should I partner with someone or start doing digital by myself?
    13:18 – What advice would you give entrepreneurs in Asia to build their personal brand?
    19:30 – What’s the next move if I’m planning to sell my company?
    22:58 – How do I scale my personal brand now that I’m ready?
    29:43 – How to get clients on board to create more content?
    32:58 – Why do you mean when you say “fuck 7-day trials”?
    37:30 – You now have a Spanish YT page, is creating content in Spanish the right move for companies?
    40:45 – Will we have Kosher Empathy Wine?
    41:45 – Why are your curse words bleeped out on LinkedIn?
    42:50 – If people don’t pay for it, I feel like they don’t value my additional service.. Where do you draw the line?
    44:53 – Tips for influencer marketing
    47:10 – How do you convince brands to spend on TikTok?
    48:40 – What’s the strategy to start off with a new product?
    50:33 – What would you do if you were to start a media company today?
    53:25 – How to create a voice-first discovery platform
    56:18 – How do you transition your clients to an accounts manager?
    59:52 – How do you negotiate business deals when clients try to lowball your price?
    1:01:54 – What was the mindset shift you had once you started to work with the Fortune 500s?

  2. Thanks for providing so much content. Your message is so consistent and you are really saying the same core things. I listened and started my own podcast!

  3. Amazing presentation. But Gary, would you try to encourage more women to ask questions too at your events? Would be real nice to hear more women’s voices. Thanks so kindly.

  4. Hey, Gary! Im thinking about starting a podcast and i would love it if you were my first guest!
    Id love it if you could come to my tiny little mess of a quarter basement in edmonton, alberta. But, if thats not an option, would you be willing to do a FaceTime type thing? Or even just an audio would be absolutely phenomoenal.
    Let me know!

  5. I seriously been thinking about going to the mall to stick flyers on cars, I’ve gone to parks and the skating rink and handed people flyers. Didn’t want people thinking I’m trying to take their car 😂

  6. Minute 53:32. That's when your body language speaks louder about your sense humility and respect for others than your mouth. Gary doesn't understand at first, but his immediate reaction is to bend down to listen a second time.


  8. Aloha Gary🌸
    I LOVE you, your lessons and your message.
    So much I want to say… But I won't waste my work time!
    Mahalo for life.

  9. The reason I win.. me me me.. if you want to accomplish something… the thing about me is… me me me me..
    If you don’t like where you are in life… think about this… me.
    The reason you suck is because you aren’t me.
    Did you know the first person to see the opportunity in Snapchat wasn’t you?
    It was me.
    If you really want to be successful, here’s the secret… you know when you… sometimes I think of me when I, did you know the most important thing I did when I was in my twenties was,
    See let me put it this way, the thing about me personally, you ever look at social media and see the opportunity that I , think about this.. I sold wine when I was in charge since I was 14,
    Every weekend me me me me.. so my point is , hey let’s do an exercise… raise your hand if you aren’t me… great, you know I’m most proud of me… operations, success, defense, value, lining up, and I think just to wrap this up
    Do we have any fucking questions?

  10. 46:00 ummm technically Mickey Mouse has some scandals too. Look up steamboat willie, and you'll see sexism/racism/animal abuse etc XD orale the old bw cartoons were quite different


  12. Not one, but two different people thanked him for all the FREE content he put out, and gave him props for helping them each create SEVEN figure businesses

    It sure says a lot about Gary

  13. Focus on customer experience, bring value and help people than you create brand awareness in order to cover all stages of sales funnel. Very true. Any brand needs to use this approach.

  14. Love this content. Here in Africa/South Africa we are little behind. Which is great! Because we can leverage your content and give it for free… thank you for your content and info. We appreciate you.

  15. Thank you for the hug my man. I wasn’t even supposed to be at the event. I was backstage when I heard you were going to be there & I freaked out haha. And there aren’t many people that I would feel that way towards, so I asked myself why. And it’s because I can go back and pinpoint the moment when I discovered your stuff. My life changed from there on out.

    Started my first company. Failed. Hard. Recorded videos along the way.
    Started my second company. Failed. Recorded videos along the way.
    Started my third company. Recorded videos along the way. Migrated content to LinkedIn and became one of the first video creators there. And this time the company.. is growing.. pretty quickly and completely bootstrapped.

    I literally went from -$900 in my bank account to signing a contract to be on an Amazon Prime Docuseries. And that started with you. So thank you. Because you’re impacting so many. And I know so many others can pinpoint that moment when you impacted them as well. You’re the definition of influence. Keep crushing it. Sending mad love your way from Milwaukee.


  16. Gary, I've been watching your content for years now and I love all the 'hoorah' motivational crap as much as anyone else BUT this segment early on where you talk about meeting invoices and making payroll is the reality of real business and I'd love to hear more of this from you.

  17. Some nice music uncle G , my best friend from Israel will pump your day ,
    😍 love from Israel

  18. I’m also a Father, Was everything okay with your daughter? Sending good vibes to you and your 9 most important people in your life. 🤗

  19. The animation strategy that you mentioned at https://youtu.be/6Wcg15FaUnU?t=2743 is working like magic for most of our clients as well. You are so far ahead of the curve and I love this about you. Just applying all the things that you talk about for free has landed us so many opportunities in our animation company! Thanks so much Gary.

  20. Don't think AR/Blockchain is "so far" off. Take a look at the Vodafone UK campaign that was done with vatoms with Blockv.io – they did a pokemon go style treasure hunt.

  21. How will the new rules for YouTube COPPA effect Gary? Everyone seems to be scrambling with that!
    We enjoy Gary Vee✌😊👍

  22. Hy Gary, thx so much for the wisdom you provide. I'm from germany and since i watch almost every video of you, not only my english skills multiplied like… tenfold.
    But to be honest, i'm tired of myself as i'm listening to the same shit everyday and didn't execute til now. Time for a change. Thank you for your limitless effort bro. You are easily the best guru that isn't a guru.

  23. When I see it *makes his marketing noise.

    The sound of silence and recognition in that room. Fkn epic. I need to get started on my sound lol.

  24. Ok in all seriousness- I've been a freelance video producer for several years now, and just took it full time last year. I specialize in branding and marketing content, and I'm trying to grow into a boutique production company but don't know what I'm doing. Currently my largest source is being contracted by digital agencies, but I want to find my own clients and build my own brand. All I know is how to make videos, but I'm not trying to become a YouTuber who tells others how to make videos. What type of content should I create on TikTok, LinkedIn, etc that isn't "this is why you should be doing video for your business"? Thanks

  25. first off, I've never seen nor heard Gary speak before… only seen him on my Instagram and LinkedIn… I ended up staying on listening to this entire video (maybe I miss hearing his cusses :)) Seriously there are many gems here. Thank you! I started my entrepreneurship at early age in my 20's, but I took time to get back on it after raising my kids in past 2 decades. This motivates me and eye opening… I hate sales. Why I own my nonprofit to save lives. I feel I am lost in the circle and catching up with digital power I will continue watching you!! Gary, thanks again Smile more for us xox

  26. Gary should run for President lol. Imagine a day where everyone is living the life we dream of and not be afraid of judgement #garydidit

  27. I just created a TikTok for the first time a few days ago thanks to Gary. Wow the organic reach is the truth I have no more than 12 followers I posted 5 videos so far 3 of them have 400+ views. Definitely creating a linked in today. I have a podcast as well one day Gary I would love to have you be my 100th guest on Durty Muzik Radio. Stay blessed everyone keep grinding.

  28. Very quickly becoming a daily listener & even better a daily context creator & for me it’s just not giving a fuck about it being being from the get. Just create & provide value. Thanks Gary & the community

  29. What is CAC? What is LVB? – all these short terms I'd love to know what they are – Maybe put the description of all the various abbreviations!

  30. Don't worry Gary…5 years of Spanish studies and I don't know what the FUCK "totalmente de acuerdo" meant either. Good stuff as always and thank you brother.

  31. I’m not saying Gary didn’t work hard. But he didn’t need funding because he had his parents business and connections. He wasn’t some poor low income dude who made it from the bottom.

  32. Hey Gary.. I made a song for you called "Like Gary Vee".. If you could listen to it and see if you like it. It would be a dream of mine for you to walk out to one of your lectures with this song playing.. Or maybe even have it at the end of one of your videos. Much love man!


  33. Hey Gary! i have been watching you for a while now. I am 16 working at a job but i want to become an entrepreneur and start my own business. I take business classes at my school, and competitions but want to start a business early. If you know what Shopify (resell site) is, i was wondering if that is a good place to start? If not where do I start in developing my own business?

  34. Minute 23: "Companies that are very good at ________" I didn't understand what he said there… kak? I have no idea, please help! Thanks a lot!

  35. 16:50 Funny as fuck!
    18:30 Admiration … Russel and Grant charge big bucks for this
    The rest… saved for later look forward to it thanks G!

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