A Guide To DIY E-liquid – How To Make Vape Juice

Hi there, this is Stephen from Vape Club,
and today we’re gonna be talking about DIY e-liquid. Now while we do carry a
range of the world’s finest liquids here at Vape Club, there’s gonna be a point
where you might want to make your own eliquid. So we’re gonna show you what
that is and how to do it. If you watched our Beginners Guide To Vape Eliquid,
you’ll know that eliquid is made up of four main components: the PG, the VG, the
nicotine and the flavourings. In pre-made e-liquids this is, as the name suggests,
pre-made and ready to be used. With DIY e-liquid, you put these four main
ingredients together yourself however you like. So everything from choosing the
flavour, to the nicotine strength, to the PG VG ratio, and also how much of the
eliquid you want. Before you start mixing, you’re going to need some equipment. For starters you’re gonna need a container to actually mix your a liquid in. Get
something with a lid so you can shake it up afterwards. You’re gonna need some
syringes to measure each part of the e-liquid accurately. If you don’t do this
you could mismatch some of the measurements. So too much nicotine, or too
much flavouring, or you could get the PG VG ratios wrong. Before you use any of
your equipment you’re gonna want to give it a good
clean. You’re going to be making stuff that you inhale so the last thing you
want is any dirt or dust or other nasty things that’re gonna stop you from
enjoying your tasty eliquid. Now before TPD, you had concentrations of nicotine
that were very high and also you could get large volumes of it. This meant you
had to be responsible for storing it away safely.
Now that the TPD is in force this is no longer an issue. You can get nic shots
or nicotine shots which is unflavored e-liquid that has a concentration of
nicotine up to 20mg. So the first thing you need to decide on is the
ratio of your eliquid. This will decide the PG/VG ratio, and
this will also determine how thick your eliquid is. If you’re using it in a sub
ohm tank you’re gonna want about a 70% VG or
higher. If you’re using it in a mouth to lung tank you’re gonna want to add about
50% PG or higher. The next thing to do is choose the percentage of flavouring
to add. Most flavours work well at about a 15% of the overall e-liquid.
But it does depend on the flavour and person-to-person. So some flavours work
well at 10%, others at 15, others at 20. If
you find that your eliquid is too strong feel free to add some more VG or PG to
dilute as needed. Or if it’s too weak add a bit more concentrate. Finally, you want to
decide the nicotine strength. When making e-liquid, it’s best to know how
much of each component you’re going to add before you start mixing. So you want
to know the PG/VG ratio, your flavourings and your nicotine. The easiest way to do
this is to use an online calculator. My favorite is steamengine.org. All you
need to do is go through it to fill in the various parameters for e-liquid.
First: batch size. We’re going to make a 100ml of e-liquid. Next, we put in
our nicotine based strength and it’s PG VG ratio which is 20MG and
80% VG. We then need to add our flavour percentage so the
calculator remembers to include it. We’re going to mix at a 15% flavour so we
input that. After this, we choose our desired nicotine strength which is 3mg. The calculator will then tell you the exact measurements in
milliliters for your eliquid. With our calculations done we can see that we
need 15ml of nicotine base, 15ml of flavour, 68ml of VG and 2mils of PG for a 100ml of 3mg,
80% VG liquid. Now we know what we’re working with, it’s time to mix. Since we
know that we need 15ml of our base, we will add one and a half of our nic
shots. You’re gonna need a full 10ml for the first bottle and a 5ml from
the second one. When you’re measuring anything, make sure you check and
double-check the amounts with your syringe. This is especially important
when it comes to nicotine and flavour base. With our nicotine in, will add our
flavour because our flavour concentrate comes in a 30ml bottle we’ll want to
measure exactly half of it out and add to our mix. This makes up the first 30ml of our 100ml of liquid and gives us our nicotine and flavour base.
With the bases of our liquid together it’s time to add our PG and VG to dilute
it and make it something pleasant to vape. Because we’ve chosen an 80% VG mix we’ll add that first. We need to measure out 68ml of VG and
then 2ml of PG which we can add to our beaker one at a time. Now that all
our components are in, it’s time to mix our mix. Now if you’ve got a container
like we do here with the lid, probably best to put that on before you start
shaking. And if you don’t, go ahead and decant your liquid into another
container that has a lid. The best way to mix your liquid is just to give it a
really good shake. You want to make sure that the concentrate and the nicotine
are evenly distributed throughout the PG and VG. Now that you have your a liquid
all mixed up now is a good idea to start putting into your bottles. We can go
ahead and fill up our bottles here. As mentioned before, you can use bigger
bottles than these, but we’re gonna go ahead and measure out 10ml. This would
also be an excellent time to label up your bottle or bottles with your flavour,
PG/VG ratio, nicotine strength, and the date that you made it. The next part of
this whole process is probably the hardest part and that’s leaving it alone.
And I mean putting it into a cupboard and leaving it for a week, also known as
steeping. This will allow time for the flavours to get to know each other and it
just helps that flavour come through. If you don’t do this part,
it just won’t quite taste the same. This is incredibly important for dessert or
pastry based flavors. These will need at least a week to steep. This is not
usually the case with menthol or fruit based liquids, sometimes just a vigorous
shake and they’re good to vape. Best thing to do, is once you’ve made your e-liquid,
go ahead and put a little bit in your tank or on your coil, vape it. And if you find
it’s not quite the way that you want it, go ahead put it in the cupboard let it
steep for a week. And then after that period of time go ahead get it try it
again and repeat this until you get the flavour you want. If you buy pre-made
e-liquid, you’ll find that it’s already been
steeped for at least a couple of weeks. This is why you can use it straight away.
With DIY eliquid however, it requires a bit more patience. But if you leave it
for a while, your custom eliquid will be better for
it. Remember any eliquid that you’ve made like this is for personal consumption
only and cannot be sold. This is due to TPD legislation. Hopefully this gives you
a good idea about what goes into making DIY e-liquids.
And remember as well that the amounts that we used are just a guideline. It’s
all down to you. You can choose how much you want to make or how little you make.
You can also choose all sorts of flavors. If you want to mint and pastry? Great. Do
you want a banana and caramel? Excellent. It’s all down to you. The name of the
game is experimentation. As always, if you do have any questions, or you want to
tell us an amazing flavour idea you have, do leave them in the comments below. You
can also get in touch with our lovely team at Vapeclub.co.uk. If you’ve
liked what you’ve seen, do hit the like button. And if you want to see more from
us do hit that subscribe button. I’ve been Stephen from VapeClub, bye bye
for now.

100 thoughts on “A Guide To DIY E-liquid – How To Make Vape Juice

  1. I'm a bit confused. I wanna try to make a nicotine free ejuice. I have a 30 ml bottle to make ejuice in. What i got is a NICBASE VPG 100ML 70%VG/30%PG in it and a flavor is Big Mouth 10 ml fanta. How do i calculate how much of eatch i need?
    Thanks in advance!

  2. So if I wanted to do 80 20 of strawberry could I add 20%pg strawberry 2 nicotine shots to make 3mg VG 20% 60% VG

  3. Just asking could I use VG only instead of adding PG to it? I consider VG healthier (also I’m not using nicotine would that still be ok?). Thanks in advance.

  4. You guys seem to impress me with every video. If DIY ejuices aren't your thing then perhps buy the best quality ranges @ www.cotchandvape.com

  5. Showing people to mix using a scale would have been the right way. There is zero clean up and it's more accurate. If any of you want to know where to buy flavors, VG, PG, and nic just let me know. Here is where you can go to get everything in one spot- https://www.nicotineriver.com/
    If you're in Europe you can go here- https://www.chefsflavours.co.uk/
    Here are some recipes you can mix. Just click on where it says Mix once you find a recipe you think you might like. https://alltheflavors.com/
    There is also this database of recipes. I use it to make recipes. You should really read the Guide if you want to get the most out of the site. http://e-liquid-recipes.com/list?q=&missing=0&exclsingle=0&adaptedfrom=&sort=score&direction=desc Once you find a recipe you want to mix hit the wrench icon, then Adapt this. If you need help just let me know

  6. I took what I liked from other slushy recipes and made my own lime slush and ecto cooler slush that are steeping a little now.

  7. I don’t like pg, it’s very thin and causes my vapes to make me believe I burnt the coil. Vg is best since it’s organic and is less likely to have problems be found (if possible) in the years.

  8. Just FYI the aroma that hes using is heisenberg from vampire vape.
    Probably one of the best aromas.
    My adv atm

  9. Hi! Chase from the U.S here, just wondering on how I can make a pumpkin Spice Latte flavor? I get the idea of making the juice but not extracting the flavor. If you all plan to make it ill buy it in a heart beat.

  10. Could I just buy vg and pg that's already flavored and mix accordingly. Example a 70/30 blend making a 100 ml bottle….i would just add 70 ml of vg and 30 ml of pg?

    Caramel Mint Espresso

  11. some good info here. some other notes NEVER use any flavor that is colored. the color is most likely food coloring has no taste and will ruin atomizers quickly.
    Also if you want to use ALL VG you will need to use some distilled water instead of pg, I use 3 – 5 %. 5% if I use only 7% or less of flavor in vg. if your flavor is in pg no water needed. 100% vg does not wick well leaving you to get dry cotton hits or burnt cotton.
    Lastly very few flavors take 15% or more. try all flavors @ 5% and wait or STEEP for few days even up to a couple of months. even when you go to your local vape shop and buy juice you should steep it for few days at least. the vape companies make the juice and ship them as soon as possible then the shops try to sell them quickly so you may buy a juice that is only a week old.

  12. Anyone able to get the name of the flavor concentrate he's using? It's not on the site anymore from what I can tell and I love that blue look.

  13. …nicotine up to 20mg? I vape 70mg. For only $11, I got a 120mL bottle of 100mg salt nic and it's 50/50. my flavors are shit nasty though I really need good quality flavoring if anyone knows where to get it.

  14. What about a good tobacco flavor . Try an replicate a cigar with a natural wrapper or Connecticut wrapper. An all the earthy leathery and coffee wood notes that you tend to taste in a cigars thick smoke without the nicotine?

  15. Hi if anyone could answer this would be a great help!
    Is there anyway to make it yourself at home and gain approval from TPD to sell online through amazon or your own website etc.
    Thanks again.

  16. Suggestion: what is needed is the cause -> effect of the different components: if I want more vapor then I need more PG?? if I want with more viscosity then I more VG?? etc.

  17. Wheres best place to buy the VG,PG,nic shots and flavourings???
    Based in Ireland btw. Great easy vid to follow and the calculator is the biz. Thanks

  18. This looks interesting and kind of a little vaping hobby. Can anyone tell me the size of beaker and syringes he's using. And places to get them from in the UK? It'd be greatly appreciated, many many thanks.

  19. Well, I've ordered my stuff. I'm using a scale for measuring. Too lazy to wash all the glassware. LOL
    Looking forward to getting going. I'm tired of buying E liquids only to find out they taste like dung.
    Prices here (my area) are about 50 cents per ml of premium juice. Too much. Especially when one tastes like, well, you know .

  20. The reason I need this is because my cousin is picking me up a vape pen and I'm gonna have to pay 36 dollars if I also get e juice. And I only have 20 dollars so I figured, why not just make juice myself

  21. Whats the best way to store 72mg 50/50 ratio nicotine iv been told store in the freezer and when i want to use it air the bottle what does that mean and how long do i wait when taking out the freezer and to mix and whats best way to store pg and vg and best way to store flavourings

  22. I find it already enough to add 5% flavor is that bad? I only made a 30ml test and just aded 1.5ml flavor and it turned out great for Sub Ohm 70vg 30pg and 3mg nicotine strength, I still need to steep it but from the first try I could taste the green apple flavor I have. I use double mesh coil.

  23. I’m from Brasil and didn’t understand what i need to put inside. You didn’t put all the word just the sigla

  24. Volumetric measuring for small batch e liquid is a waste of time. It makes sense on a larger scale (No pun intended) but as for small batches its way easier, cleaner, and much more accurate to measure by weight. If you're looking into DIY I highly suggest getting a scale that can measure down to 0.01g and go from there, you wont regret it.

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