A New Way To Find Direct Factories and Supplier From China On 1688? | Part 1 of 2

how are you my friend I hope your day
it’s beautiful I have to warn you today’s video it’s going to be a little
bit boring but what I’m going to teach you it’s going to be super exciting
because I’m gonna show you a new way to find the direct factories from China
most people use Alibaba comm to find the Chinese suppliers but there are so many
factories on 1688.com if you’re using a
sourcing agent your sourcing agent is looking at 1688.com as well so I
wanted to teach you how to find those factories on 1688.com the only
challenge is that this website it’s in Chinese is a B2B platform designed for
Chinese business so we have to jump through a lot of hoops to find the good
factories for us if you’re new to this channel my name is Yuping nice to meet
you I have been doing sourcing for so many years I have a lot to share with
you be sure to subscribe so let’s get our research started okay my friends let’s quickly go over
today’s agenda so you’ll know what’s going to be covered in today’s video
first we’re gonna quickly translate this 1688 the Chinese website
into English then I’m gonna show you how to enter the correct search keyword in
order for you to get a good search results then we’re gonna spend most of
our time find and qualify these suppliers on 1688 because
that’s what we’re here for to find good factories after we find them I’m gonna
show you how to buy from this website so let’s first get this website translated
so we understand what we’re looking for okay my beautiful friend let’s hop on to
1688.com as you can see here this entire website is
presented to us in these Chinese characters let me quickly show you two
ways to translate this website into English especially for those of you
don’t know how to do that first way is to add google translate extension
you just type in the keyword google translate extension here on the first
link it will give you this little sign this is the right google translate
extension you just add this to your Chrome browser and choose to add this
extension now this Google Translate is added to our extension bar now if we
look at our 1688 in Chinese we can tell the Google Translate to
translate this entire page once we hit on that all these major tabs are
going to be English as you can see it’s not perfect but is readable at least the
other way that I know which is so simple I just simply right click on my mouse I
will see this option to translate this entire web page to English as you can
see here I just translate it just to be sure that this is not the function where
the Chrome extension that we just downloaded we can just remove this
Chrome extension and we’ll do the same and it still works I’m not a computer
geek I’m only showing you the two ways that I know can translate these Chinese
website into English so let’s move on to the keyword research it is important to
know what is the correct keyword when we enter into this field when you are on 1688.com
searching for a product there are three ways to find a product I’ll show you the
three ways but I’ll explain why there is only one way can give you the best
research results let me show you the first way is to use this camera icon
first let’s translate this website so we know where we’re doing for example if
you’re looking on Amazon researching a product you see something really cool
you wanted to see if 1688 has it
let’s use our perfect yoga mat as an example see this first sponsored ad if
we want it to search this product what we can do is to save this product image
in our folder and then we go back to 1688 to use this camera icon to search
this product image just grab it double click and they saying it’s uploading now
you can see the similar product image on 1 6 8 8 similar to what you’re looking
for is showing as research result pretty cool isn’t it
the second way to find the product it is to enter your English keyword say yoga
mat just pay down search this is search but we can translate this page first so
this is yoga mat were looking for right and then you get a bunch of yoga mat
products the third way of researching this product on 1688 it is to paste
the Chinese characters in this field first let’s translate this page lets for
example we wanted to search the yoga mat instead of entering the English yoga mat
here we go to google translate and then we translate the English yoga mat into
this Chinese simplified characters Chinese simplified character is what you
need to look for and then you copy this Chinese character and go back to 1688 and paste that into the search field this is the yoga mat in
this website and you hit on search you see now I want to compare out of the
three method which one gives you the best research result is it the method
number one using the picture to search for a similar product the cool way of
finding a product or is using this English keyword and find the similar
product or using the Chinese characters as Chinese characters through the Google
Translate and we paste it here and hit on search which way is better if you
know how the website is build one six eight eight you must have guessed it the
third way pasting the Chinese characters into the search field give you the best
results let’s see here by using the Chinese characters we have a forty eight
thousand related products because this entire website the database is based on
Chinese characters not the English keyword as you can see here the yoga mat
as a keyword when you hit on search there’s only one hundred ninety nine
related product when you use the picture to search even though you have a very
similar results identical to what you’re looking for almost but it’s not very
reliable for example if you wanted to search this product that has a pattern
this yoga mat has a cool pattern on top you want some factory who can do a cool
design for you this the search result you see here is
nothing related to the yoga mat you’re looking for let’s take a look at the
another example where yoga mat is in a rolling image and this was the databases
showing you they’re just looking for product has the similar shape or even
color patent to give you the search result so that’s why I wanted to point
out the right way it is to search by the Chinese character you can translate this
website now you know your search result it is correct always start from the
right place if you are spending your time looking for things but you’re not
even looking at the complete data then you are wasting your time
so keep that in mind always paste the Chinese characters into the search field
now we know how to enter the keywords let’s start the steps of a finding
factories on 1 6 8 8 okay my friend we’re going to find where
our supplier is located who they are what they do and how we are going to
contact them we’re not going to give up until we find a good supplier we’re
finally on 1688.com let’s go through the steps first we copy
this yoga mat Chinese character then we paste into the search field and then
research we can translate this page now now it’s English what you see here is by
product the website is returning fifty thousand fifty thousand eight hundred
eighty four related products what we’re gonna do is to sort by suppliers to see
how many suppliers are offering these product you see here these are the
suppliers about ninety six hundred companies are producing these product
now we’re going to apply the criteria to find the right factory to work with
you first I’m gonna show you how to use these building criteria to screen out a
decent size of us suppliers 9600 is way too many we need to narrow them down
using these criteria and I’ll show you which ones are important and which ones
aren’t relatively not that important and then after we screen out the suppliers
we’re gonna use our four-step qualification criteria to further
narrow down the best one so first let’s translate this page into English you
will see these are the screening criteria by region by business type by
number of employees and a new turnover the sales number their popularity and
number of years they have had a good business standing with the one six eight
eight website the purchase distance the strength business
I will need to explain to you so you know how to use this by your guarantees
certification report so let’s go through these screening criteria and then we
will string out a decent number of factories for us to pick and choose the
first screening criteria is by location where the factory is located first when
I saw this I thought that was a good feature but what I find out is after
this feature get translated into English when you click on certain region it
doesn’t really screen so I would suggest you not to start from here the second
criteria is the business type whether its production type where is the trade
type in here they translated as business model you would think this will give you
a good screening if you don’t want to do business with the agent or trade company
it really doesn’t so we’ll leave these two criteria alone for now the third
one is number of people you might opinion number of people in the entire
screening process is one of the three that I consider the most important
screening criteria why is that because the size of the company speaks a lot
about the type of the business for example if I say I want my supplier to
be small less than five this will give you a lot of trading companies because
they have a few people just trading out of their office look at this they have a
five hundred square meters can they call themselves a factory probably not so
they acknowledge that they are a trading company so what is the right screening
criteria for this number of people working for the factory well my thought
is this minimum 50 between 50 to a hundred employee company is a small
sized company but it’s going to be a lot more flexible working with you between
100 to 500 employees they are medium-sized factory
they are mature so between these two probably is a good start for you to pick
out a good factory to work with when the company is over 500 employees look at
this five hundred to a thousand more than thousand there are gigantic
companies they do huge wholesale business and this is Chinese facing
website they sell to other retailers so if you are trying to find a factory to
work with on 1688 I would suggest you to stay between these
two screening criteria fifty two hundred and hundred to five hundred so right now
if we don’t put any screening here we have ninety six hundred if they choose
our factory size to be between fifty two hundred we’re now seeing twenty six
suppliers are selling these yoga mat let’s continue and translate it is one
at a time annual sales volume this doesn’t matter
to me because we’re gonna apply other criteria to figure out how strong this
company is so I’m gonna leave this alone popularity doesn’t matter the number of
years right here we’re going to leave it alone for now because I see that Alibaba
is putting a lot more emphasize on these two criteria for their 1688 website what exactly is a strength business the accurate translation should
be strong business strong business is actually a project that Alibaba launched
on 1688 website they intend to promote the power sellers
basically the companies who can qualify to be featured as a strong business they
have to have the strong sales volume backed up by the good on time delivery
record and the quality so this is not like you pay 10,000 Chinese money and
then you will be featured as a strong business Alibaba
actually has a deep qualification process to qualify these companies to be
featured on the strong business this little screening criteria if we apply
this criteria right now our supplier count is 2,600 if apply this as you can
see the company count went down to 215 companies these are the companies that
are power sellers has good quality and good on time
delivery now let’s talk about this criteria is translate first this fire
guarantee how does it work this fire guarantee is actually sellers
guarantee to the buyer what exactly they’re guaranteeing the seller is
guaranteeing the on time delivery and the way they guarantee the on-time
delivery is to put in 3000 Chinese money 3000 yuan in Ali pay as an escort money
if the buyer doesn’t get the delivery on time as agreed then the buyer can file a
claim with the 1688 since the seller has three thousand Chinese
yuan in the escort then the buyer doesn’t has to worry that the seller dispute the
claim that’s how it work if we apply this criteria as you can see here the
number of company doesn’t change why is that it is because the strong business
most likely they have good quality and they also offer buyer guarantee if I
take out these strong business as you can see here if I take the screening
criteria out our original 26 hundred companies went down to nineteen thirteen
you see the logic here right if we only up
why 5200 employee companies then we will have 2600 companies competing but if we
apply the power sellers be strong business then we will have 200 companies
but if we only want the companies who has the seller guarantee then we will
have 1900 so meaning we need this power seller to further string out which
company we wanted to work most the last one the last screening criteria is a
certification report yes you can apply this at the same time because for a
certain product you will need and you will definitely need the certification
if you apply here we can see that there are 200 companies between the 5,200
employees that you can choose from out of all these screening criteria I would
say the size of the business number of employees and the power sellers the
strong business and also the buyer guarantee these three definitely are a
must depending on the product you can add
your certification report now we screen out 200 companies to pick and choose
let’s use our screening criteria to pick a couple that we really wanted to get in
touch if you have followed along so far you probably realize that we have not
pay attention to any of these Chinese cost of the product because we wanted to
be efficient with our supplier research find the factories who has the
capability then we can guarantee ourselves to find the product now let’s
use our four steps to find our factory if you remember in the Alibaba sourcing
hack video I especially explained in the supplier name there are word elements
the registration location their actual company name the concentrated
they’re going to produce and the type of the partnership if you have not watched
the Alibaba sourcing hack watch that video first if you did watch it I would
strongly encourage you to review one more time because we’re going to use
these screaming criterias that I explained in the Alibaba sourcing hack
let’s take a quick break and make this video the part 1 of the 1688
sourcing hack 1 6 8 8 in the next video in the part 2 of the video I’m gonna
show you how to find and qualify our suppliers using our fourth step method
and once we find a good one I’m gonna show you how to buy from them make sure
you subscribe and turn on the notification bell so when I release the
second part you will get it right away my friend I appreciate you spending time
with me thank you so much for watching I’ll see you in the second part

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