Activist Joshua Wong urges Germany to stop selling arms to Hong Kong police

Apart from issuing statements
to condemn the authorities, Germany should immediately
suspend the sale and export of riot weapons to Hong Kong police. Germany should also suspend
trade negotiations with China and Hong Kong until
human rights issues are put on the agenda and should consider enacting
laws that’s standard for companies operating in Xinjiang
and sanction those that fail to live up to European ideals
of human rights. Three decades ago, no one
expected the Soviet Union would fall, no one predicted the
Berlin Wall would fall. With our pressure and
determination we have to let the world be aware that Hong Kong
people deserve democracy.

60 thoughts on “Activist Joshua Wong urges Germany to stop selling arms to Hong Kong police

  1. We support peaceful non disruptive protest. The cops are there to keep the peace and protect properties. You guys have stepped out of line and you demand to cut the supplies of riot tools for the cops to do their job. You are without a shadow of a doubt a American agent. We were suspecting you but you opened your mouth and removed all doubt

  2. Standard Chinese practice is to buy one or two bits of tech and then copy it just like they did with their high speed trains.
    So China has already stopped buying stuff off Germany…

  3. Full withdrawal of the extradition bill
    2 A commission of inquiry into alleged police brutality
    3 Retracting the classification of protesters as “rioters”
    4 Amnesty for arrested protesters
    5 Dual universal suffrage, meaning for both the Legislative Council and the Chief Executive
    the fight is not over yet

  4. The violent riot has been upgrading by the deterioration of the judicial system in HK. The rioters were arrested by police but released by the court immediately, the courts don't want to stop the riot and show inconsistency in their work, this system must be reformed.

  5. The violent riot has been upgrading by the deterioration of the judicial system in HK. The rioters were arrested by police but released by the court immediately, the courts don't want to stop the riot and show inconsistency in their work, this system must be reformed.

  6. UK and US are behind this. They have been behind many death, despair and destruction all across the world. Remove the cancer and let the wound heal. Hong Kong was never the first and she would not be the last. The world should unite and find a solution to sort out the American/Brit problem.

  7. The world has to choose now. Do you let Zio-Nited Snakes of Azzfuker continue with their endemic dumpster fire demise and annihilation, rampaging and savaging one country after another?

    Or the world come togather and put a final stop to all this?



    Tomorrow: Is your country.

    Either way we do not have a choice. I thought Trump is a anti establishment outlier anomaly. I was dead wrong.

  8. If my understanding is correct , he's implied to supporting importing weapons from CN? If western countries are not the options?

  9. The irony is that rule of law and the integrity of the democracy movement in Hong Kong are being undermined by the appalling crimes committed by those radicalised and violent black thugs on a daily basis for months.

  10. Germany must get prepared to take in as many criminal thugs as political refugees from Hong Kong as it possibly can to show its solidarity with Joshua Wong. Lip service is hypocriticl. Political posturing is cheap.

  11. HK police dun get most of their equipment from Germany…….. omg…… police use simple light weapons (which are rarely used unless in extreme cases). Those weapons can be self made or bought from China.

  12. I must say Joshua Wong has guts…. now he is flying around telling world leaders what they must do……. the arrogance of this youngster is mind boggling……! Someone, please tell him to grow up…!!!

  13. No riot gears so how to fight you rioters? That is exactly you want isnt it? USA is funding you and you've met US ambassador. You and your US lorf are like a cancer or a parasite that feeds on the destruction of this world

  14. Very unlikely Germany is of any interest in supporting HKong's democracy movement, there is no public statement whatsoever from German top official so far. You shouldn't continue to waste time pleading for their support to HK., they don't want to provoke Beijing damaging their close bi-lateral trade relationship.

  15. The unstoppable power of the people is what we all see here. The point is that Hongkongers demand independence and freedom. Nothing is more valuable than independence and freedom. Fighting for independence and freedom is the right thing to do. When it comes to fighting for independence and freedom, there's no such thing that is late or too late. Sometimes it takes decades or even a century to attain independence and freedom. Many Hongkongers said, they are NOT Chinese and like Tibet, Inner Mongolia, the Uyghur autonomous region and Manchuria; Hong Kong has never been, nor will ever be part of China.

  16. Shame on Germany! Merkel is a disgrace to Germany. Germany most often publicly criticizes other countries like Vietnam for their violation of human rights and democracy. Now look what Germany has done! Selling riot control weapons and equipment to China to stop the human rights and democracy in Hong Kong! Shame on Germany! Merkel is a disgrace to Germany. Hypocrisy is at its best!

  17. 这位是中国的败家犬,哪个国家或哪个家庭有可能出现败家子,他代表不了中国,我们中国的百姓支持中国政府,中国处于国泰民安,民众安居乐业的状态。世界上没有十全十美的事情,国家也如此,家庭也如此,摸索着改进,摸索着壮大,但我们绝不接受外国势力强加于对我们得指责与插手。国有国法家有家规,这位小兔崽子中国会用国法于家规来管教的

  18. 1 and 1.5 system … ??!!

    The Hong Kong Police Force is the primary law enforcement, investigation agency, and largest disciplined service under the Security Bureau of Hong Kong. It was established by the British Hong Kong government on 1 May 1844.

    1-country-2-systems works under Basic law.

    Hong Kong is an “inalienable” part of the People’s Republic, China’s parliament authorises it to exercise a “high degree of autonomy” to enjoy executive, legislative and independent judicial power. China is responsible for defence and foreign affairs but Hong Kong runs its own internal security.

    “High degree” not “free”

    “Democracy” not “independence”

    “Respect” not “Ruin” basic law

  19. Who the hell Joshua Wong think he is?!?

    HK has become a domestic terrorist group. They has lost credibility of peaceful. They still complain when the bill is retracted. All this means is HK citizens can kill their girlfriend in Taiwan and fly back without problems.

  20. Human Right? They retracted a bill that now makes HK citizens safe from murder in other countries. They blame China to protect a citizen that murdered his girlfriend in Taiwan. This is insane.

    Who the hell does Joshua Wong think he is? What makes him an expert of fairness and accountability?

    It’s obvious they want HK to be the central hub for a sanctuary state for Murders!!!!

  21. Joshua Wong wants human rights without the police to enforce law and order. Hope he gets mugged next time he walks on the streets of Hong Kong.

  22. His only intent to make the ordinary, law-abiding HK people suffer and HK to a chaotic state.
    The more HK people suffer and chaotic HK is, the higher the payments he will get.
    How come the so-called "reporters" never asked him to disclose his sources of income? Someone should put a trace on his financial sources….

  23. Hong Kong protests: police use water cannon on demonstrators ►

  24. what qualifications and experience does he has to go around the world meeting worlds leaders with his demands. period. where are the vast experiences from these leaders gone. Allowing a little running rat to tell u what to do, how to run the world

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