Africa – How to Create Commercial Invoice Export Shipping

Hi, let me show you
how African exporters use to create
Commercial Invoice documents. As an example, let’s say that I am an Exporter
in Africa and I have shipped a 20’ container
of Bitter Kola to my customer in the USA. At the top,
I need to select an Exporter. I can select from my list,
or click create new then add and save
new company details. Let’s select African Exports. The Consignee, I will select from
my pre-saved list, (American Food Co). Please note, not all fields
on this document are required. If you do not have any information,
you can skip them if you want to. My Method of Dispatch
is by Sea. Type of Shipment I choose is
Full Container Load (FCL). If I know the Vessel and Voyage,
I enter the details here. Okay. Voyage, 160W. My Port of Loading is Lagos. I choose my Date of Departure. Port of Discharge
is Long Beach in the USA. Final Destination,
Long Beach. Okay. On my right-hand side, This is where I get to fill in
the reference details. If there is a 3rd party involved,
this is where I get to select a 3rd party. So, for this invoice,
I’ll just put 2 and the dates. Bill of Lading and all that details,
I’ll just keep them for now. Country of Origin of goods,
that’s Nigeria. Country of Final Destination
is the United States. Now, for the methods of payment, Let’s say “50% DEPOSIT,
BALANCE UPON BILL OF LADING” Now, this is where I get to
add my products into my invoice. I can click or create new
to add and save new products details or I can simply select my products
from my pre-saved list, let’s select Bitter Kola. As you can see,
it automatically populates these fields, Description of goods
and all that fields from here. I do not need to manually enter
the details or the type. All I need to do
is to fill in my quantity, I’ll just add 25 metric tonnes here. You can click on Add Line
to add new products to your invoice. This Additional Information, this is where you fill in
additional information. Let’s say, ’20 DAYS LEAD TIME
AFTER DEPOSIT’. I can add my Bank Details
if I want to. This is where I get to Add Extra Charges. This can be for any additional freight
or surcharges. On there, the IncoTerm, I’ll choose FOB,
the place is LAGOS. I’ll choose my Currency, USD. Place of Issue, still LAGOS, Date of Issue,
I choose my dates. Signatory Company should be my Company,
AFRICAN EXPORTS. For the Name of Authorized Signatory,
my name. For the signature,
you can either use your mouse to sign here but if you have your signature saved
with your profile, all you need to do is to click
Use Profile Signature. It automatically populates that for you. Once you’re done,
just go over your document to be sure that you fill in
the required fields and then, click Save and finish. You see?
Here’s a preview of our document. You can Edit Document,
you can Download, you can Print. So, let us download this. And we will just click Preview. Good. This is my Commercial Invoice
created in Thank you.

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