Alfredo Coppola, Co-CEO, US Market Access Center Inc. – JETRO Innovation Program (JIP)

My name is Alfredo Coppola.
I’m the Co-CEO of US Market Access Center. I had three tech startups in my career.
Two of them I grew to the Silicon Valley area and one was a terrific success here.
So I got what we call the Silicon Valley fever in the mid-90’s and there was no turning back.
This truly is an entrepreneur’s paradise. Among the three startups that
I was building in my career, some of our biggest customers were
Deloitte and Price Waterhouse Cooper. But one of the companies was a
computer gaming company, so I did partnerships with Paramount
Pictures in Hollywood, Microsoft, Time Warner was doing a lot of business in
entertainment area so really built a lot of relationships not just in Silicon
Valley but also in Hollywood, California. Myself and my co-founders — the three of
us we all experienced setting up a company in another country and
experiencing all the challenges along the way. I spent more than $200,000 of my own
money to enter the U.S. market myself. We wanted to make that path easier for people. So USMAC is positioned as an accelerator, and our tag line is basically
‘Think Big. Start Smart. Scale Fast.’ The training program is usually four
or five days, and we do it in country, and it combines training in the morning
and in the afternoon we do one-on-one mentoring. And the one-on-one mentoring is the time where we really get to know
the entrepreneur inside and out We get to understand what they’re made of,
what their challenges are, and we test them along the way.
We want to see that at the end of the four days,
they believe they can build a company that’s not just doing 2 or 3 million in revenue
but maybe 2 or 3 billion in revenue one day. We had made some suggestions to JETRO that they consider maybe transforming the value
that they’re providing their startups from real estate, that is free office space
and consulting, to acceleration. They started to explore that with us,
so we’re really enjoying the relationship with JETRO. We absolutely adore working with
Japanese startups. What I love about the Japanese culture is
that they are on time, they’re punctual, and they work really hard.
We play the role of coach, of a mentor, and they really listen. The reasons why the Japanese companies
participate in the USMAC & JETRO Program is it really removes so much of the risk
associated with expanding to a new country. I wish I had this when I was
starting my startup back in Canada. The benefits are absolutely amazing. So we’ve really enjoyed working
with Japanese companies, we love your technology. We’d love you to be part of this program,
so please join now.

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