America's First Black Billion Dollar Businessman | Reginald F. Lewis Biography | Black History

reginal F Lewis built theatres foods and became the first black American to build a billion-dollar company and the richest black man in the 1980s in 1992 Forbes listed him as among the 400 richest Americans and had an estimated net worth of 400 million dollars his first major deal was the purchase for twenty two point five million dollars the McCall pattern company a home sewing pattern business in 1987 he bought Beatrice international foods from Beatrice company for nine hundred eighty five million dollars he renamed it TLC Beatrice International a snack food beverage and grocery store conglomerate that was the largest black-owned business in the United States Mike Milken of the Maverick investment bank Drexel Burnham Lambert partly financed the deal mr. Lewis created a plan to sell off some of the divisions assets simultaneously with the takeover in order to reduce the amount needed to finance the leveraged buyout in 1987 when TLC Beatrice reported revenue of 1.8 billion dollars it became the first black owned company to have more than 1 billion dollars in annual sales TLC Beatrice International Holdings Inc had sales of 2.2 billion dollars at its peak in 1996 and fortune magazine show TLC as number 512 on its list of 1000 largest companies

47 thoughts on “America's First Black Billion Dollar Businessman | Reginald F. Lewis Biography | Black History

  1. Reginald Lewis born and raised in Baltimore Maryland on Moser Street one of the worst neighborhoods in the city still to this day

  2. +Bayer Mack : I love you videos. Please make them longer. Thank you and Shalom my Hebrew Yisrealite Misphacha (Family).

  3. I remember my teachers at my high school;at southwestern back in the year of 1992 use to talk about him in class;

  4. These comments shows how ignorant black Americans STILL are in america… Idolizing wealth… He was BOULE … He was selected, not a "go getter" …💯💯💯

  5. Don't forget about Mansa musa the richest Man ever lived and don't for get that He's Black Man power to the people

  6. I have never heard of this Gentleman EVER before.

    I am so gonna dig into his profile and read up some more on him.

  7. Rest in peace. I read the book : "why should white guys have all the fun. "

    In the book he says the only thing he regrets in " not taking the time to smell the roses"

  8. Who owns his wealth now? Prabably didnt do enough for his owm race.. Most is busy been a king and building his fortune back to the other races. Cause most of the time its not of his own race…still helping to build up the other races. Thats the black man. Most!! Of them..

  9. Wonderful and great for his success. But most black mens rise to height and money . but there own progress to help our race. Lost gone! Right back too the other race..Just his thing !! He lived it! It worked it! And had his and theres.. But our race. Still struggling.. Cause they got it again… No am not no prejudice hating jealous person. Just observant to ignorance and selflessness, and did nothing are less for there own kind??

  10. 💯I bought his book Why should white guys have all the fun in High school…tried to get to his museum in BMore a few years ago but it was closed…RIP Sir 💯Chico from STL

  11. Biggest problem with black people.invest in your neighborhood when you get take their ass to white neighborhood and died broke

  12. Reginald Lewis Baltimore billionaire son grew up on Moser Street in Baltimore Maryland off of Poplar Grove back then in Reginald Lewis this time a very rough neighborhood in the 70s and 80s one of the worst neighborhoods in Baltimore City the 90s and the 2000 still one of the worst neighborhoods and most dangerous neighborhoods in Baltimore City it goes to show you you don't have to let your environment dictate who you become

  13. I Remember when he was on the cover of Black Enterprise Magazine, a brother that Should be Talked about in Business School….

  14. Remember this brother fr back in the day…he died of brain cancer. Hurt me to my heart… rest in peace…

  15. Greetings Mr Lewis…….yes you did….we are inspired by you and motivated by you…thanks for sharing

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