Apex Construct – PGW 2017 Trailer | PS VR

MALE VOICE: I've been looking for you
for a long time. The world has changed. It's been ripped apart by an
unknown force. And now her creatures rule
what's left of it. [MUSIC PLAYING] She'll do everyhthing in her
power to destroy you. [MUSIC PLAYING] So, will you help me defeat

32 thoughts on “Apex Construct – PGW 2017 Trailer | PS VR

  1. The greatest Psvr game yet; I cannot believe the frames per second, my brain couldn't tell the difference from virtual reality to reality.

  2. "Would you help me defeat her?"

    Shows robots similar to Horizon Zero Dawn

    I think you unknowingly play as the robot who helped Hades rise

  3. I thought Sony had acquired record licenses and remade the game from the thumbnail. Because it looks just like that robot dog

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