APM Terminals – Lifting Global Trade

World trade is a vital force driving the
global economy. Today’s world relies on international transportation to connect
people, businesses and countries. Ports and inland transportation services are central to transportation infrastructure at APM Terminals our ports and inland
network connect people and help businesses grow. Every nation in the
world wants access to a competitive port system to serve their long-term
ambitions and ensure sustainable growth for the future. Our global network helps
lift national and regional economies and forms the transportation backbone of the
global economy. For the world’s leading importers and exporters we’re using our
strength and scale to support global supply chain management with the best
locations and services needed to keep the leading brand successful in world
markets. For shipping lines our global port, terminal and inland services
network of 22,000 employees in over 60 countries includes over 60 ports and 130
inland locations on five continents serving every major trade lane. 90% of global trade moves by ship the liner shipping industry
served by APM Terminals and other operators carries four point six
trillion dollars worth of international trade approximately one-third of the
total value of global commerce with 6000 vessels and container throughput at the
world’s ports approaching 600 million TEU’s annually. Today’s port and shipping
industry must continue to evolve to meet new challenges our goal is to meet the
constantly changing needs of the shipping industry in both shoreside and
inland operations we seek partnerships with best-in-class organizations to
bring value to our joint customers and improve operating efficiencies. APM
Terminals aims to set the industry standards not
only in terms of efficiency and productivity but also for safety,
security and environmental sustainability. Eco efficiency is now company policy in the development and operation of our
facilities. We assess and benchmark the environmental impact of our operations
at every terminal and share environmental best practices. We have
reduced carbon dioxide emissions by 15% per TEU since 2007 and are implementing
a company-wide environment management system aligned with ISO 14001 standards.
21st century container terminals also require new standards in security and
safety. APM Terminals works closely with national governments to assure the
integrity of container security and with customs offices to maintain a
smooth flow of cargo inspections and our company-wide safety culture program
provides safety workshops and awareness training in every location our goal is
the elimination of accidents and we’re leading the industry in safety
performance. We are an international company but we are a local firm as well,
dedicated to socially responsible business practices in every community we operate. Progress and productivity in our industry have many measures but for APM Terminals our priority will always be people in every location throughout our
global port terminal and inland services network we continue to seek highly
motivated and talented individuals to join our team as the company expands it
offers new opportunities for personal and professional growth around the world
in an increasingly global economy the need for an efficient reliable flow of
world trade will continue to create new demands new challenges and new
opportunities with a talented and dedicated team of professionals
throughout our network APM Terminals is ready to serve you.
So now when you see our name you’ll know who is lifting global train to new

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