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the last thing I want to do once my one-time app is ready to go I want to print it out or I might send it to some other format printing it out is is relatively straightforward I'm going to file and then the print option here I can choose the color printers and there's this image quality I need to read more about the ELMO but it makes any difference so that's fairly straightforward what I'm going to have you do for several of your mounts is make a PDF version of it so it's something you could post on the web or attach an email to send somebody so let's figure out how to do that someone go to file and I got an option here of exporting the map now here's where I've got a host of different options that I can use for exporting that map default here is coming up as a JPEG file I could send this to some other image formats and the one I'm interested is the PDF version so I'll select PDF I can set some quality settings here this will dramatically increase the size of your file if you make this too large so also depends somewhat upon whether or not you've got raster or vector data in there if you got vector data the PDS going to maintain those vectors so it's the DPI is when the dpi setting won't matter as much a few of the settings I want to make in here I want to switch and look into some of these convert marker symbols to polygons some of your symbols like your North arrow on some people's machines if they don't have that same font it's going to show up as a question mark so I'm going to convert that North here which is an actual font I'm a converted to a polygon so it's going to work on anyone's computer see there's any of those settings in here that I want to set that looks to be it going to key key one to make sure that you've said is the embed all document fonts this used to not be something upset by default so make sure that – checked so that some of the fonts you're using like the North Area or the the titlebar will be included in the PDF file all right make sure that you're in the folder you want to save it in change the name if need be and click Save and then this will export a PDF that you can do whatever you want with on just real quick again notice that there were a couple of additional options export map if you are going to post an image on the web most of you knew about JPEG files all you'll learn at some point that that's introduces some artifacts when the compression algorithms are run on it in general if you want an image file use a PNG file for exporting this that works particularly well if you're taking your map and putting it into a Word document all right that's exporting your map

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  1. Is there a reason why the background color do not stay when you PDF export the map ? I tried so many ways but it keeps coming out as a white background.

  2. It was a bit more complex,i needed to change the screen resolution also,found a topic at a gis forum,thanks a lot anyway!

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