ART: Import & Export Motion Tools | 12 | Tutorial Series | Unreal Engine

all right now let’s go over import and export motion I’m actually gonna start with the export motion so that we can show off some of the import features later so export motions the the guy down here that’s running with the arrow out just go ahead and click that first we can export FBX is this is for importing our animation into the Unreal Engine some of the buttons that we can see here are the character you want to export motion for you can add animation sequences so you could have your start loop and end the weapon is if you had a prop in your scene say like you had a shotgun and you were doing a reload animation and you want to export both the animation of the character and the animation of the weapon you could choose the weapon in this list give the weapon suffix a name so this will be the suffix appended on to the weapon animation so you could say underscore shotgun for example and then it will automatically export out you’ll reload for both the character and the weapon you can choose the frame range of the project which by defaults can use your time slider the fps and the rotation interpolation the Unreal Engine uses quaternion slurp is recommended that you probably set it to that if you ever see weirdness with how your rotations are coming in you definitely want to try given quaternion slurp at the try in oh and then lastly if you have any more targets which this character does not you can just click on export morphs the more for that character will show up in this list and you can select them to export if you want to export animation now this is actual animation data curves for the rig so that you can import it onto other characters or you can blend it with other animations you can do that here so you can export atom give it a file name give it a category so we’ll just call this tests those will give it a category of tests and we’ll go ahead and hit export animation exported and then let’s also go ahead and give our FBX so let’s go ahead and I’m just going to relaunch this and sure that seems fine sample dot FBX we’ll go ahead and hit export I made a simple silly little animation I’m not very good at this kind of thing so it’s kind of garbage but you can see how exporting FBX is work export complete now we can show off import so what I’m actually gonna do is select all my controls and get rid of all the keys so that we are completely empty and so we can show off the importing features so if I scrub the timeline now have no animation go ahead and 0 and all my controls so our first import features importing mocap this takes an FBX file much like the one we just exported and you can import it onto the selected character in the menu here you can choose your import method FK IKR both the frame offset to import it on so you could say I wanted to start on frame 100 and there’s checkboxes for if you want it to solve the foot roll since the Rik rig is using a reverse foot and solve me vectors since our IQ rig does not have a pole vector it needs to actually calculate what value should be on the twist you can also choose which parts to apply the motion so let’s go ahead and actually browse to our sample FBX I’m gonna choose both and I’m gonna hit import you can see now that the rig is getting that motion that we originally had and now it’s solving for the iCade pull vectors which we had checked in that option box all right so now that it’s imported we can take a look and you can see that it’s imported the motion capture that we exported the FBX directly onto our controls we’ve got our knee twist values in there that it’s calculated for us oops when I close the import window and lastly you have import animations so this is again importing animation data the exact same atom we exported you have your project the character you want to import on to the categories so you can have a bunch of categories and then the motion itself now if you click on this you can either import all the data or import onto select controls so you could just import say the upper body of a reload animation and the lower body of a run animation and that’s import and export

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  1. I setup a Character using ARTv1. I put the ARTv1 character into Unreal. I retarget animation onto that skeleton using UE4. Then export that .fbx. I attempt to import that animation onto the character via import Mocap. Doesn't work.   Does anyone suggestions on a better method to do this process? 🙂

  2. When I export using (Export FBX) option it saves fine to the folder I set up. However, when trying to (Export Anim) is not saving to the same folder. Where is it saving, so I can import it into UE4?

  3. Carro p3
    för 4 minuter sedan
    Its easy to export the rig and mesh (the character) from Maya 17 student to Unreal , but what DOESENT follow are the morph targets/ blendshapes. I've edited the AnimRig mb file and it works great to import for different projects. but when exporting to FBX and into Unreal, the Blendshapes/ morph targets wont follow. with different settings sometimes even the mesh that have blendshapes wont follow. When opening the Export File for exporting, the blendshapes arn't there.

    I've searched everywhere for a solution and this is my last hope… help please?

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