Automated Bitcoin trading course + 99 EAs

Hello traders, I’m Desi Ivanova from EAForexAcademy and I’m pleased to welcome you to the Bitcoin Algorithmic Trading Course. In this course, our head trader, Petko Aleksandrov, will teach you how to trade the Bitcoin with Expert Advisors. And more, he will include 99 EAs in the course. What we’ll start within this course is the Meta Trader which is a free trading platform and is the most trusted platform for algorithmic trading because it executes the trades with the Expert Advisors properly. Also, you can download it from most of the regulated brokers and trade many assets. We are going to give you more information about the brokers, how to choose one and how to avoid the scam brokers. As well, you will see how to open a Demo account so you can practice with virtual money without putting any real money on the market. For the beginner traders, Petko will explain what CFD trading is and how easy it is to trade the Bitcoin with the brokers compared to trading on exchanges. The trader will show you how he creates the strategies and the Expert Advisors without programming skills. We will include in the course not only the 99 EAs, but also resource files and scripts that will help you build your own strategies if you want to. You will learn how to place the 99 EAs properly on the Meta Trader platform and how to trade with them. You will see the whole process step by step how to generate and test the strategies on Demo account and how to select the top EAs for real trading. And at the end of the course, you’ll see how we have decided to update the course every first week of the month. And this is something great that you will receive in addition to the 99 Expert Advisors. If you have enjoyed the video, thumbs up, and subscribe to make sure you follow all of our new videos. I hope you’ll enjoy the course, and I will see you just in the next lecture.

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