Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) for Industry 4.0 & Smart Manufacturing

machines replacing labor is a norm in the modern era yet shortage of operator and operator cost upkeep results in increase of minimum wages inconsistency in efficiency and unproductivity of human workers when it comes to repetitive delivery jobs a risk to human health and safety especially when handling heavy goods if you need a safe robust and cost-effective HEV to automate the in-house routine transportation if you need a full AGV solution including integration with existing system and equipment to optimize the delivery process if you need an Ag V system that can fit into their existing system process with minimum infrastructure changes and cops if you need a real-time monitoring tracking and reporting for all delivery ensuring effectiveness and productivity if you need comprehensive after-sales support and spare parts availability at the same time D F automation and robotics is your solution we always provide a full in-house transportation solution not only supplying AGV but also integrating a G V system with your existing infrastructure we also offer user-friendly software and GUI allowing the user to monitor program and configure AGV easily we emphasize the importance of after-sales service local presence for best service to customer and software to allow remote support for troubleshooting here at D F automation and robotics we fully owned the products and technologies and are able to configure a GB system and solution based on your requirement D F automation and robotics driving the future of robotics

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