Barbie Car Gets Custom Engine Mounts and Drivetrain – Building the Barbie Kart #2

well we've got the murder cart running take it took it for a spin did some drifts so now the plan is to put that on here and make it into a Barbie murder cart but first we got to get rid of this whole roll cage weirdness that's on here it's big ugly heavy and in the way after driving it – I'm pretty sure it doesn't help at all yeah it's like if we put one little like support here or like a triangle like you said like here even yeah I don't think it's necessary at all there's a lot of poor engineering on this thing yeah the only nice thing is having the gas tank being gravity fed but right we'll find a different way to make that happen well we just shed a solid 40 to 50 pounds I'd say and it already looks cooler what it's made for cutting wood and nails a little bit of Barbie car plastic it's nothing why at the moment is to borrow the engine from my dirt bike and put the engine in the front of the cart instead of the rear that way better skids and also the engine on my dirt bike is much smaller and it runs a lot better so we can have the engine actually sticking out of the hood and looking decent instead of like instead of having to just chop the entire back section of this often have a big engine hanging out plus on top of that this engine doesn't cool very well because it doesn't get any air it's just an air-cooled engine it doesn't get any air when it's right behind the driver so with the new idea that cylinder head will be sticking right out of the middle of this hood so they'll get all of the air flow and cool it down faster all right we've pulled the engine from both the dirt bike and the cart and we stripped the cart down to basically everything we think we'll need we're gonna cut off all the extra weight and shorten the whole chassis by how much I don't know I haven't measured about 8 inches somewhere in there well actually first motor mounts and mock up the chain because the chain is gonna have to go the drive change would have to go from somewhere around here all the way back to somewhere back here so let's figure out where that's gonna go and obviously we'll make a guard for it so we don't get our legs ripped off by the chain you all right you can just sand it down the areas where he's gonna be welding and then we got this big old pipe here that we're gonna put over it to hold it together do it rally cage style huh yeah all right time to test fit the body onto the frame we've shortened it but not welded it yet so check and make sure it's all line up oh man does that look good looks like a proper muscle car now investigate we might be able to just extend the steering column leg a couple like an inch which we're probably gonna want to do anyways no general did it like two inches fail fit absolutely perfect we can even I wonder if we can make the key work that is so cool for other ideas that we talked about like putting it in the back and just cutting it back out now this is gonna be 100% better yeah even just seeing the real brake caliper in a Barbie car makes me happy yeah well now before we do anything else let's test fit the engine oh yeah it's gonna fit in there definitely fabricating the Mustang for a bigger engine before doing this did you ever think you'd do fabrication for engine mounts in a Barbie car mmm no I don't think that was ever on my list of things to do but I did always want to build a go-kart so there it is and I've always wanted to do an engine swap I definitely didn't think the first engine swap I did would be in a go-kart Barbie car but I also didn't think it would be switching from rear engine to front engine never thought I'd do that in anything mounting the carrier bearing support bracket for the drive shaft here obviously the original drive for the motorcycle was way back here which would have put the chain going right through your leg to get to the back axle so we got to extend it out these are all parts that were part of the original go-kart that we got so just extend it out here and then the chain will run straight back there to the back sprocket and it will actually probably run right inside of the body of the of the Barbie car so that'll keep it from shredding our legs if we bump them to it so I'm just trying to get this bracket in the right place oh and if you want well do it balls across not even smoking there you go be required

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  2. How did he manage to do the shifting ? Cause the engine has a shift lever so how was he able to shift?

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  4. I didnt do it like that,I only used 2 pieces of angle iron and a 49cc motor underneath,along with a battery and 200 watt stereo,yours is just a go kart with a barbie body,sorry.

  5. Is that a xr100 motor? If so how did you put a electric start on it. Im going to start looking for a frame I have a xr 100 motor laying around.

  6. I had this done before with a red Barbie mustang on a lawn mower not as fast but still cool at the time it was like 10 years ago 😂

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