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hi my name is Jean Michel and I'm a Kirby distributor out of Fresno California I'm owner of triple a carpet care I've been a barter member for 22 years I really really enjoy bartering I've traded and done almost everything you can imagine as far as office equipment I've been fortunate enough to trade phone systems a computer a copy machine I've had lots of services bookkeeping and accounting services done all my printing business cards of flyers I've also used it for a lot of personal use in my home I've had the texture coding done on my home I've had my in-home painted inside now before on trade I've been able to put new carpet in my house at one time I've had other additional repairs done as far as roofing which was really nice it's coming in good times I've also have many many medical services that new glasses eye exams dental work I've also been able to use trade dollars to do travel I've used it all over the country Florida I took a trip back to the Tennessee one time I use it in Nashville restaurants lodging Washington Seattle San Diego went down there for a week's vacation I've also used a lot for personal uses for my family members we've done all of our family haircuts perms nail care you've been able to buy clothing on trade as well as many other personal uses such as joy I've been doing at 22 years I I probably average about ten thousand dollars a year and trade i have no problem spending it have a lot of fun with it i think it's the way to go I get to meet a lot of new and interesting people and get a lot of customers that I wouldn't normally have so I would encourage any but one that owns a business to trade lots of fun you

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  1. Hi dd! I enjoyed this video quite a lot. You might care to see my video on bartering that I made earlier today with my friend, Mr B. – Oddly, enough, I've been bartering for 22 years as well!

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