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  1. Here is an article about Wendy fine: https://www.southernsuburbstatler.co.za/news/opera-star-lights-the-way-for-new-sa-talent-11621696

  2. Does anyone have any of Wendy Fine's other performances…..sound tracks? Such a pity that so little is posted

  3. Listening to the music, I have to say Smetana was not a crack. He lacks of melody and works too much with theme materials. Why is The Moldau so popular? Because it has melodies! Why are the other pieces of My Fatherland no so popular? Because they lack of melody and have too much material work. In other words: When working with melodies, Smetana was really great. Otherwise he was merely average. Maybe below.

  4. She ended her career a couple of years after that (maybe beginning of the eighties). She retired back to SA and as far as I know still lives in Cape Town. This is a great document of how good she really was. I saw her around 1980 singing Tiefland – the voice was absolutely huge by then, but very exciting

  5. Thanks for posting this. Your collection of Czech opera films is astonishing. Please keep up the good work.

  6. (I know, replying to my own reply: I must be tired! But I forgot something that might be of interest.) It's difficult to find Wendy Fine recordings, but there's a wonderfully raw version of her Marie (Wozzeck) under Kleiber for the curious. It can be found on operadepot (dot) com. (YouTube really doesn't like links these days!)

  7. You're very welcome! It's amazing that you got to see her live. (I am, alas, too young to have seen any of these people in person.)

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