Bartering Halibut for Pigeon | Alaska: The Last Frontier

it is April in Alaska and the Kilcher homestead is still in the throes of winter oddly a third-generation Kilcher he's down to his last piece of freezer-burn fish having failed to stockpile enough meat in the fall he is willing to try anything to secure his next meal most people would kill the heavy opportunity to eat wild Alaskan halibut all winter long I personally get pretty sick and tired of it I think I got an idea got a nice little break in the storms here I figured I'd take the opportunity while the sun's shining and ski down a my neighbor bill is about a couple miles away pretty much the close this neighbor for me hoping to barter trade some food exchange halibut and come home with something else right on I haven't had anybody ski up to my land for a long time well I thought I'd stop by and get some halibut that's fantastic no I have a pigeon flock how on earth did you manage to catch pigeons I had been catching them by hand and stuff and that kind of thing yeah so I decided that I would turn my art booth into a trap ended up catching 22 I want to give you a pigeon right it's a nice big plug bird

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