Bartering Items: Post Apocolyptic Currency

the survivors edge I'm CEO prepper and today we're gonna be going over bartering items now everybody's got their own list of bartering items I have my list so I'm gonna give you an idea of what I'll use to barter when an economic collapse occurs now one thing a lot of people say is cash have cash on hand yeah that's good for the short term but if you throw in hyperinflation I don't think you have enough cash to even buy a loaf of bread so one thing – one thing that we use is junk oh well older older coins I bring them up here older coins there we go older coins anything before 1965 is good the reason why is because these were actually made with about 90% silver content so they are they'll be more valuable than your average quarter that you have in your pocket so when you get your change from growing grocery shopping or anything like that pay attention you may have quarters from before the 1965 date when they start changing the metal content but at least this case they're they're 90 percent silver also you never know this is a Mercury dime so and these are pretty valuable to collectors but again 90% silver next it's always a good thing to have some silver coins or gold if you can afford them but mainly most Preppers will recommend silver and these are 0.999 percent fine one ounce pieces of silver coins or you can go and buy the bars so that takes us the money now after working in the correction system for a while I did learn a few things there are some things that are very valuable to the inmates now in a situation where money is absolutely no good so say you have a fall of Rome scenario shtf whatever you want to call it grit down what have you there are some things that'll be worth more than money worth more than even silver now silver you can buy you can go ahead and trade it off for things of that nature there is actually a show called revolution it was off for about three seasons where they used diamonds as currency I don't see everybody walking around with diamonds but hey you never know so but the reason I bring up the corrections situation is because again some things were worth more than money and there's very simple stuff so I would say you might want to take this example the correction scenario and what the inmates use as currency and apply it here too grid downfall of Rome scenario okay one thing seasoning believe it or not this is very simple this is actually stuff I do stock up on and I I mean I get the good stuff for myself but I stock up on cheap stuff to barter with batteries now these are double a's i have batteries of every size but i buy these at like the dollar tree and people will be going crazy over these especially in a grid down scenario where there's no power the OGP liar i have a ton of lighters i have mostly Bix but i do have a ton of these now say you need to barter something keep the bigs for yourself or keep the zipless for you so barter these off people will kill for a little fire now some people say don't barter food I'll have to agree with that don't barter food however there is a peat there is some food that you can barter and one would be boom ramen noodles reason being I always recommend ramen noodles you're gonna barter those off they're gonna butter off any food ramen noodles it's a trick why first it's cheap as it's cheap to get even now the other thing is they have no nutritional value whatsoever so it's it's basically a filler I know that anybody in the right mind knows that but when people are starving and they have something that you want Barta Barta barter something else again it's gonna be laughable but it's believe me people will trade anything for this stuff because it's a simple pleasure that will probably come become very scarce yes the old toilet paper a even even at the end of the world people stay out to wipe their ass okay now I personally quit but I still I have started making cigarettes it's a lot cheaper than going out and buying cartons of the professional stuff but you know even especially in shtf grid down whatever you won't call it any scenario any disaster scenario you know people love simple pleasurable things cigarettes even though they are bad for you and we don't know this but people will still smoke and they will pay top dollar for it too but one other thing if you're gonna do cigarettes do them in a case that you can actually seal like whether watertight and I'm gonna put some some of those packets data keep them fresh we'll see speaking of other stuff that people will more than likely their simple pleasures no they're not necessarily good for you but you know people will do anything to get their hands on this stuff and they're great bartering tools and you can literally get away with damn near buying anything from them for this stuff boom alcohol i buy these at $0.99 retail yes I know it's a bad idea by retail but you know what I don't have a liquor license so I'll buy it.retail but yeah these are the small shots but he'll this stuff will be worth of gold when when you have a disaster scenario next we have now you guys have already seen our doomsday cigarettes now get boom this is vacuum-sealed coffee grounds yes cursed earth coffee folks we have bought a few well let's just say we bought some coffee and I decided you know I thought about one day I was like you know it'd be a great idea we have coffee we'd love coffee you know in scenarios where it's not easily available so what would people do for something as simple as coffee I'd rather not ask but hey you know if you need it and you can barter with it boom there you go coffee and it's vacuum-sealed can't beat it cursed earth coffee right there alright now a couple of things and people this is stuff people have bling around and they don't think about it but it's great stuff to have and you can barter with it you can get these now I will say this you can get a book and this is really good for grid down scenarios if you get like a stack of books from like the goodwill or you know some other place that sells them real cheap you know in a grid down scenario or fall of Rome whatever just some disaster scenario where there's no electricity EMP what have you a book it you gotta think about it you got a look at what people did a hundred years ago before the advent of TV and the internet and computers and stuff people read books so expect them to go they will more likely go back to something simple as a book now another thing that you may want to go ahead and get and get plenty of we do have plenty of these and the reason why first off we are very we're pretty conservative and we are very strong in our in our spiritual religious beliefs and I'm a big believer in the old military mantra of there are no atheist in the foxhole whether it's a Bible Torah or Quran you know everybody at some point believes in a higher power and so you can get a bunch of you know have your own Bible obviously or whatever spiritual book that you you know in accordance to the religion that you believe in but or your spiritual beliefs but also have a bunch of others because you may have to actually use these to barter with I hate to say that but it's true so there you go you may also have the barter with amantha come away with your favorite book but in order to keep from doing that get a bunch of just a barter with so that's all the bartering arms that we're playing on using for grid down scenarios oh one other thing I almost forgot and no I did not know these are not what we're playing on using not the actual ones were planning on using I just forgot to get them candles people will still want candles especially in grid down scenarios so stop a bomb not just for yourself but to barter with too so that's the end of this video thank you for watching and remember it's not question of if it's a question of when and now you have the survivors edge

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  1. Diamonds are too hard to grade and the skill is not easy enough or widespread enough for that to really work on an individual basis.

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