Bartering — Squatters Ep: 5.1

hey hey I don't usually do this kind of thing don't worry i do last night was nice yeah most guys are usually pushy speak for yourself handsy huh so do you want my number uh yeah sure yeah sure oh here's the thing you don't have Wi-Fi what difference does that make you'd be surprised what are those uh vitamins Oh what kind we get that number in the city that never sleeps Hank and Alex are looking for a place to sleep they made a bet to live rent-free but what they didn't know is what it would cost them three rules no paying for housing no stay with friends and you can't leave Manhattan to wise guys one stupid solution to a housing problem squatters hey hey mister we think about this wallet you use it every day yeah have it's mine huh yeah that's my wallet they all look alike to me I can see my driver's license well today's your lucky day $10 finder's fee ten dollars Wow throwing the license for free fine hey that's a 20 I don't do change how much are the snow glows made me an offer I can't refuse I'm not being arrested for selling without a permit see you don't know anything about me I think I got a pretty good idea I always gotta find a place to live I gotta find a way to make a bob no still got it you know what I like you it's here's what I'm gonna do I'll give you the whole stash 4513 513 it's my favorite number favorite number favorite number you know what I have a favorite number you want to know what it is it's 45 that's the amount of dollars that was in this wallet when you stole it how about the number eight I love that number two that's the amount of nights I've spent sleeping in my office since my landlord raised my rent and I refused to pay and how I'm spending all the money that i have saved to find my crap back from you haha I shouldn't have to pay you anything I should just come back here with the police but I'm not going to because in 15 minutes if I don't get back to my office I can't get back in so fun fine here's what do you have 200 yeah okay there's five and about 13 you can't do that hey you don't have change and I'm definitely not tipping you for your services all right mister can you spare a dollar any change you owe me five hundred dollars where are you Oh touch you know I'm gonna get done Oh dude up dude

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