Basic SEO training

Our Basic SEO Course tells you
everything you need to know from a holistic SEO perspective. When it comes to learning, we can describe three main stages in which the learning process
takes place. One stage is learning
by giving instructions. Another stage is learning
by simply watching. And the third stage
is learning by doing. In our basic SEO course
we’ve combined these three stages into one solid learning method. Research has shown that this can increase one’s
learning retention up to 60%. We give you videos, we give you
lots of reading material, we give you a lot of hard
questions to answer. And at the end of the course
you should really know the basics of SEO
and should know your way well around Google
or other search engines. We cover a range of topics,
like… what do we cover? Actually, we divided all the material
into five modules. We first have a module
which introduces Google and SEO, we have a module about Site Structure
& Keyword Research, we have a module about Technical SEO
and one about SEO Copywriting, and finally we have a module
about UX. And after you’ve followed all the
modules in our Basic SEO training you will be able to set up
your own SEO strategy.

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  1. Hi guys — this video is still "Unlisted". Do you want people to share it, or NOT share it? Just thought I would ask, for your SEO purposes 😉 🙂

  2. Great to know that Yoast has launched this awesome course. There are plenty out there already but learning from the leader is what makes it special.

  3. I recommend you check out the case studies around organic SERP CTR. I've seen a lot of sites move from the 20s up to first page with SerpClix.

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