Battle for Bitcoin by mastering marketing! BTC transaction fees drop, Antshares & other HUHs?

Hello everyone this is Adam Meister the
bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister welcome to today in bitcoin today is
august the 6 2017 buy-and-hold and look I missed something up hang on that’s fun
isn’t it when it happens when you’re in a rush
don’t be in a rush people anyway so I am in a rush I want to get this show in
real fast I’m real happy to be back here at my place I was at Craig ships earlier
today where we were marketing Bitcoin in our own special way I’ll get into that
into a second in a second right now you can see you can go to crypto Hwy like
get your try sores your letter Nano etc etc you need your storage device more
than ever and you can get a leather case free t-shirts and all that good stuff so
check them out and use my affiliate links etc etc alright so there there I
am but there’s there’s a shirt so yeah you can check out a link to Craig ships
Facebook page we didn’t actually go live on Facebook today but it’s good to check
that out someone else that I wanted to give a shout out to the other day that I
forgot to give a shout out to in terms of winning the battle for Bitcoin I mean
first of all all of us need to go out there on social media leave comments on
fought articles against Bitcoin in any article just that’s how you can do
little things in this battle for Bitcoin I call it and those are marketing
techniques small guerrilla marketing techniques and again I’ve stressed over
anarchy and the marketing is something that has lacked in the in the Bitcoin
space right now but vortex vortex is a great battler for Bitcoin you can go to
his Twitter below he his Twitter is very popular he retweets so much stuff he’s
not afraid to speak his mind there are other great Twitter people out there
other great personalities in the Bitcoin space that I float around with that come
onto my channel like him but I mean he’s he’s one that speaks his mind like no
other so the vortex you guys all know him but if you don’t check him out and
he deserves own special shout out everybody everybody in the space is
special in their own way I guess and doing that part but I just thought he
needed a he’s a big player in this it’s somebody that you can be aggressive but
yet be polite and not be a total not be a troll and he’s he’s got some marketing
techniques down I don’t even know if he he’s a tech guy and he’s got a good
marketing head on his shoulders I don’t think even realizes how good he is how
great of a job he’s doing and so check him out and check out you know tour tour
the kneestr I linked to below he’s in the I mean little things you can do are
like retweeting them the Tour de Meester Aleister what’s-his-face Aleister
Melanie and I’d link to I don’t know might here’s my notes I do this in such
a rush it’s unbelievable and who else is a good one down there to money tricks
and these guys have all been on the show no Milne has a filament show yet here so
on that like button me if you want me to get some of these guys back on the show
but if you want to do your part too by just retweeting and and when I say the
battle for Bitcoin I mean the battle in you know to get mainstream attention to
it but at the same time so people in compete get confused what the real
Bitcoin is because there are forces out there that have a lot of money that are
advertising saying they have a real Bitcoin when it’s just be cash and soon
they’re gonna have Bitcoin 2x with cash whatever they’re gonna call it segue to
X and by the way remember say what is a good thing the segment QX project
whatever whatever they call that thing over there but that’s November I don’t
know but anyone out let’s not worry about that too much yet but that’s why
we just got to get our marketing techniques our social media techniques
in line right now now something that people aren’t talking about but that the
enemies of Bitcoin are talking about they are like Oh Lu transaction fees are
so high on Bitcoin yet over the last three months and I linked to a tweet
below the transaction the median transaction fee has dropped and
everyone’s been silent about this I think Alistair Milne retweeted this or
money Triggs or somebody did but I link to the original tweet below so thanks a
lot you know in terms of oh in the cryptocurrency all time
the all-time high for cryptocurrency the market cap I think we hit it again we
got real close to it again so there’s money flowing back into the space it
shows that some of the fun has dissipated this week will be very
interesting in a few hours when we hit Monday people wake up to the news that
they couldn’t hit $3,000 is there gonna be and that the market cap of Bitcoin is
what over 50 over 50 billion now so oh my god I’m not something billion a
million I it was a hundred all time high a hundred billion for for the crypto the
whole entire cryptocurrency market anyway on Monday are the institutional
people gonna start throwing some money in here I’m not saying it’s gonna happen
on Monday I’m not gonna say I mean they know what’s going on but the momentum
that gets his institutional money in we’re at a nice round number fifty
billion there’s going to be we’re at a nice round number of 3,000 we’ve passed
on this flood with B cash so who knows we might look back on this time period
one day and say this is this is one of your pump start it’s something to keep
in mind something to look at it’s something to think about
so yeah Craig ship and I did the videos aren’t out yet
we were these videos aren’t exactly Bitcoin videos but they talk about
Bitcoin and their pool I hope they pull in people from outside of Bitcoin these
are gonna be technical videos you’re gonna people gonna be like Adam what are
you talking about even or who is this guy interviewing you what does it have
to do with Bitcoin you’re you’re mentioning Bitcoin well it’s kind of the
Lord Laury Laury new people and I know I’m
not being specific yeah but you’ll see you’ll see in the video is that the
Craig will put up there and in this week and I guess I’ll put em up there –
they’re gonna be two of them but I think this is it with a creative thing and you
can get creative too just to get new people just to make them feel
comfortable because it’s like a little funny corny video parts of it and then
you don’t they’re gonna be W trolls all over it definitely but I mean that’s a
good sign I think so pound that like button town that like button people okay
what else do we have here I’m gonna I’m gonna end up skipping something okay
transactions decrease okay this people keep on asking me about neo and ant
shares and I am just like huh I mean dudes everyone asking me about
these I cos I don’t look into them and I think that’s best for most
people not to do because what I see is a bunch of new people they hear some
personality out there on YouTube mention it and then they have to buy it and they
don’t even know what it is they’re like it has something new in China and it’s a
ICO so I bought it and a smart guy told me to buy it those aren’t good factors
right there all right these most of these ICS are going to
fail just because it’s associated with China doesn’t mean anything they think
it has to do with the Chinese government there’s been so many worried if you’re
new bu you haven’t been through it where everything’s been connected to China
wants four people try people who try to pop up the price try to connect
everything that China try to can’t connect everything to the government
like this is a positive thing people getting the cryptocurrencies to avoid
governments and being centralized in one country so for me again it’s not about
centralization cryptocurrency and seems like these ICS are very centralized
they’re controlled by corporations people want them to be controlled by
corporations and that’s not what cryptocurrency was about and I just
don’t see them succeeding at all and I think it’s very dangerous
very especially for newbies to get into them so buy and hold Bitcoin I’ve said
it a million times I will say it again it is the gold of cryptocurrency and
it’s just like gold you hold it you don’t worry about it you put it away in
your vault in your tresor i’m adam meister the bitcoinmeister this room
might remember subscribe this channel like this video share this video check
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26 thoughts on “Battle for Bitcoin by mastering marketing! BTC transaction fees drop, Antshares & other HUHs?

  1. Was thinking the same… Had a argue with some lunatic dude at world crypto network because of a post about Bcash, loved the nickname, was telling it, feels like someone is paying trolls

  2. LOL transaction fees.. when I split my BTC from BCH I moved my BTC to a new fresh key… moved six digits of USD for less than a 1 digit USD.. and that was with elevated TX fees to expedite the move. and that was in multiple transactions
    TX fees are not high.

  3. Antshares $NEO$ it will be like new etherium. Etherium price was at 10usd and rise till 400usd. Same will be with Neo its great time to buy it and hold. Low circulation supply , now it is in top 10 , great dev team , it will be bomb

  4. NEO is competition to Ethereum with better scaling and better security but based in China so like China's Ethereum. As such it is positive for bitcoin as it will probably take market share more from Ethereum. I would not call it a HUH coin however, that one has been and is going to be around a very long time and will probably get to somewhere in top five. It is very centralized however and seems to have talks with the Chinese government. So price wise in the short to medium term that may be very very good but will not sit well with the ideology of many of course. NEO also pays out ANC for holding NEO on a PC wallet, so it is like it pays dividends. ANC will be the gas for the NEO smart contracts. There are rumors of public chinese institutions will run their things on it. Its smart contracts can be programmed in C++, C sharp, Java and others. NEO is not divisible but ANC are so NEO is not good as a currency, but to produce ANC (GAS) for the smart contracts.

  5. I don't really get the rigid negative approach to major Alt coins and being 100% in on BTC, all the time. Ultimately I'm in on Alts because they help me accumulate more BTC without buying any.

  6. Remember the digibyte hype which turned out to be bollox. Everyone except a few smartasses got burnt. Some blockchains out there will try to compets with eth but what happens when bitcoin can do smart apps? Buy and hold 2020-2140

  7. I think Segwit2x is a good thing. Users, startups and miners need each other. So sometimes we have to make a agreement. Everyone takes en gives something to make a perfect world. We get segwit and they get bigger blocks. The power of Bitcoin is the decentralized blockchain. Nobody is the boss of Bitcoin. We have to fix this whith each other. The BCH or BCC and the UASF gonna be 2 altcoins. I sell them directly and buy the real BTC.

  8. Adam,
    I have held my tongue until now but I cannot do so any longer. I think you are doing all your viewers a disservice by spouting off info when you have not done the proper research. Bitcoin is not the only crypto people should buy and hold. There are many others that have real value. Antshares/Neo for instance… do your research! if your viewers want to listen to people who actually researches projects, I would suggest to them that they subscribe to cyptoportfolio and NodeInvestor. Both of these gentelmen actually read the whitepapers and know what the hell they are talking about. You on the other hand… just bad advice. If I were to have only bought and held bitcoin I would not be doing as great as I have in the last 6 months. Please stop giving this terrible advice.

  9. Adam question, are the pre-fork coins now worth more because they have BCH baked in the cake? If you have not stripped out BCH from a pre-fork coin, does not that coin have value of both chains?

  10. I knew you were gonna hit a nerve with ant shares! Lol it's like a cult. Can you believe the term " the next ethereum " exist. That term wasn't even around 8 months ago. But thank God for these coins or I would never have any bitcoin.

  11. I'm very new to bitcoin, only a few months in and still don't feel like I have a complete understanding of it. I've gone down the youtube rabbit hole and found your channel – it's my favorite. Even if I don't understand everything you mention in a particular video, it will springboard me to start googling the terms I don't understand. I love your general attitude concerning bitcoin and appreciate the consistent content. Just wanted to say thanks. Cheers!

  12. NEO does have a future, but I respect your bitcoin and hodl mindset. Results speak for themselves, and your personal results have been amazing. I think a lot of us buying alts got in way later than you got into btc, so at least for me I'm just trying to close the gap to seven figures as fast as possible. Keep up the good work Adam, you are one of the good channels.

  13. Hey Adam.

    You're getting beat up a little bit in some of the comments, but you're holding your own. Some of your rejoinders are splendid in fact! Rock on brother!

  14. Does this have any founding, could BTC be following moores law

  15. IM a noob ….dont hate me like on most other elitist sites what is FUD COIN… what does FUD mean is that your term bro?

  16. Many are scared away at bitcoins price….
    They don't know that bitcoin can be bought in smaller amounts.

    youtube cryptos overlook this fact and fail to mention it.

  17. here is how you can move your BCH if you have the KeepKey…..

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