Behind the BAM 002: Barter is More than Media

this is behind the BAM why get you the real deal on the barter industry sure what does many more things decide buying your asset and in exchange of providing certain media services there are a lot of companies out there that don't have consumer media budget but have inventory or real estate or equipment or sponsorships that they want to get out so we can still provide a benefit even though they don't send consumer media so what do we do companies manufacture products overseas in Thailand India China we provide great logistic services that they could take advantage of companies that have certain in-store displays at a supermarket or if it's Etta you know big bucks Lowe's or Home Depot and they do big shells and racking and display cases that some type of stuff we can do companies that have ecommerce websites where they're looking to do a complete overhaul we can do that as well or if it's just maintenance all of this stuff is tradable and we have leverage in each of these areas a lot of you out there saying well I can't barter we're sure would because I don't have a media such as well you can because you can take advantage of these services we provide about a year ago we did a significant deal with a toy company that had discontinued an item and the toy company does not spend any money in consumer media but because the product is manufactured overseas a tremendous amount of importing from China over to the US so we purchased three million dollars of this company's inventory that was only worth one and we paid them the full three million dollars in a trade credit well this company does about 20 million dollars in ocean freight a year so what happened was instead of them spending that normal 20 million with their normal carriers they were able to get that same ocean freight that we would provide but table 17 million in cash and three million in this credit so even though this company wasn't buying media we were still able to provide value so I want everyone out there to know that again is if you don't buy media we can still do something if you buy some types of goods and service the likelihood of us being able to provide value is very high so I want you to keep that in your mind and reach out if you have some type of inventory or acid problem

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