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hey guys Tim Lowe's here back in the studio it's been a while but I got a great topic to talk to you guys about it's something that a lot of you have asked about on the YouTube comments Tim what are the best YouTube export settings well YouTube commenter I'm here to help you out two things number one YouTube actually provides you with the best YouTube settings for uploading at number two I'm here to help you out so without further ado I'm going to show you the best YouTube export settings for Adobe Premiere or Adobe encoder as you will see let's take a look so as you can see I have a premiere project open here this is actually just a video on dynamics as you can say which you can actually check it out right here very important yeah audio is very important anyways so um my video is all set I'm going to export it and to do that I want to click command M and that brings me to the export settings so I don't know why people ask me there's so many times but it's so easy you basically just go down the list of things that you want and then you could set a preset which I'll show you let's get started so number one format h.264 is the main setting that YouTube likes h.264 is an inter frame codec as opposed to as opposed to an intra frame codec it is a codec that is used for playback including web payback including YouTube playback YouTube is asking you to use h.264 as the codec for exporting intra frame codec as opposed to inter frame codec is something like pro res pro res is used for editing as soon as you're done editing and your intra frame codec you export it to an inter frame codec like h.264 I don't know how many times people tell you oh no Tim you should be exporting an inter rough rein codec like Apple ProRes no don't listen to them because number one it takes up way too much space in your hard drive that you don't need for playback and number two it takes so long for YouTube to transcode it back to h.264 which is going to use anyways so you're just wasting time for both of yourselves and you're wasting space in you're wasting time okay rant over preset we'll get back to this comments you can have to come if you want output name I'm going to you know you can click this and then choose your place I'm just going to choose that name that came with it make sure you export the video and audio summary it's always good to look at this while you're choosing stuff effects I don't care about any of this stuff and neither should you if you're just exporting to youtube video most of the time it's best just to click match source if you're one of those little twerps that think you know it works if you just change your a 1080 video to 4k it doesn't work like that so whatever the size of the source file is keep it as that size so in for instance this is 1080 we'll keep it at 1080 same goes with frame rank keep it the same keep all of this the same and right here for render at maximum depth we'll check that so now here's the most important part is bitrate settings this is something that a lot of people ask for and I think it's the most important part when it comes to uploading to YouTube so what you want to do is VBR varial bitrate to pests I'll get back to you on what that means so target bitrate for 1080p video at 30 frames frames per second 10 megabits per second is all you need YouTube suggests 8 but you know if there's a lot of movement if there's a lot of stuff happening bump it up to 10 megabyte megabits per second it's not going to do much as you can see for instance if I go to back down to 8 see how it's for 55 megabytes I'll do 8 breaks it down to 366 so if if space is a problem with you do 8 but if it's not bump it up to 10 you're not hurting anyone so if you're wondering how bit rates affect videos this is how it's done with a target bitrate set at one megabit per second it's going to look like this with the target bitrate set at five megabits per second it's going to look like that and just for instance just so you guys aren't going overboard on everything target bitrate set at 100 megabits per second looks like this so as you can see if your video is at 1080p there's no need to go that high so going back to VB our DVR is variable bitrate which means it kind of goes back and forth around the 10 mark in terms of bitrate so if there's a big solid color like this green behind me that encoder is going to see that you know not a lot not a lot of information is happening there because it's just one solid color it's not changing around as opposed to let's say you're shooting a big crowd with there's a lot of different information a lot of bits come in through the the encoder that's where it's going to have to bump up the bitrate so as you can see here on the second part there's a maximum bitrate so you know it usually doesn't change the estimated file size so if you go down to 50 yeah that doesn't do much and to pass that basically means if the encoder is going to go through that video twice all the way through to find the most efficient way of using up that target bitrate or even that maximum bitrate so advanced settings keyframe distance that doesn't matter VR video if your video is VR you check fat's but mine isn't vr so if time does it matter for you check off this maximum render quality it will take a little bit of extra time but you know if that doesn't matter with you then by all means go right ahead if your video is 4k since it's four times the size of 1080 just YouTube recommends between 35 and 45 around there so you know do 45 that's fine and then a you know a quadruple vet as well making that 200 that won't do much but like I said if this is a 1080p video it's not going to make much difference if you're going to make the bit rate that size is just going to make the file size bigger and take longer to upload I'm just going to bring this back down to ten and fifty if your video is you know a higher frame rate like 60 frames per second or something bump it up a little bit maybe you're just bring it from 10 to 15 just to be safe and then bring this up to 60 whatever not a huge deal and that's it one more thing so there's queue and export basically export immediately exports it within Premiere Pro and then there's also queue which you can bring it to Adobe encoder you should have that it is very useful so basically what that does it brings it to encoder and encoder encodes the video while you can still work on Premiere Pro if you have another project they were working on or something it's just much easier but if it's just one video that you're doing it's just hit export so you don't have to do this anymore you don't have to keep asking click right here save preset boom I'm going to call it Tim because that's my name I'll keep that let me delete all this that's the old one there it is h.264 with a 10 preset that's where it's going to go and then you're going to click play and then it goes that's me and that's it that's all I got to do you do it once hit that preset button you're done you're done for life unless you get a new camera or something weird got any questions comment down below if you want me to cover something else on intra frame inter frame encoding be happy to cover it let me know make sure to subscribe here or here I'll be very happy to have you in your mailbox every week make sure you smash that like button as hard as you can comment down below and how hard you smash that like button and maybe I'll pick the best one and cover in the next video we'll see bye e oh you

50 thoughts on “Best Export Settings for YouTube – Adobe Premiere Pro CC

  1. I usually export to .mov format….is that why it takes me forever to upload a video??? 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️

  2. I liked this and subscribed but upload a video at 455mb? Surely you would need to compress this? I have been compressing my videos with handbrake!

  3. This really helped. My render presets went to default during my last video and I produced a video that was very pixelated whenever lots of movement happened. My bitrate was set very low it seemed. I now will be able to make sure that never happens again for the content I make. Thank you mate.

  4. I almost broke my mouse button. But I got tons of mouse to keep liking more of your videos bro. You got urself a new subscriber today 😛

  5. Hey i got a problem i shoot videos in 1080p 60fps with a gopro camera hero 7 black and hero 6 black as well but when i go back to edit my videos on premiere pro cc 2018 when i render i lose image quality color quality and shadows quality comparing it to the original one i see huge difference between I’ve tried everything nothing happened can anymore help me??

  6. i upload albums of music with a still image.
    When i chose match sequence settings and use maximum render quality I get 15 GB files and I still upload them LMAO.

  7. My last video I used the YouTube 1080hp preset & I thought the quality looked horrible. Someone told me it may just be my internet. I’m going to try this next video with your suggestions & see what the quality looks like. It’s encoding right now… can’t wait! Thanks for your informative videos!! I subscribed 🙂

  8. the mp4 that i create from exporting isnt playable once its ready? this happened like 5x already. im really annoyed. some1 plz help. idk what im doin wrong

  9. I exported and my video came out cropped. What happened? I did expot at 1920/1080p I wanted it to export and fill me scren. I haven't edit nor exported a video in a yrs. So I forgot the procedure. Please reply. thank you.

  10. Thanks very helpful. The other videos I watched had the bitrate at 40!! HUGE files that took forever!

  11. You look like the guy that made it out alive on The Belko Experiment. And thank you for such an awesome video

  12. Hey Tim. Can you possibly help me? I'm the mom of MATTIEL, a new artist getting lots of attention on YouTube. I did a couple videos of her with my Iphone. I'm 66. I haven't got a CLUE about getting them onto YouTube. I don't understand the "terms" everybody uses either. Can you tell me how to get it FROM Iphone TO Youtube in a simple way? THANKS

  13. Thanks for the great video Tim, working on making a channel and couldn’t get past this export part without having a tiny video. You’re a life saver bro!

  14. 0:13 "O Tim what are the best youtube export settings"… do you know for sure that the "youtube commenter" sounded like that?? HATE when youtubers do that. smug bastard

  15. My phone now has a hole in it. Because My finger went through it. From smashing the like button. You owe me a phone.

  16. Hey Tim… I hit like, subscribed, hope to support you with that.

    I have a very good topic now that I see your an expert. In the fpv drone racing community you could do a very nice move, if you could help us all because very good pilots are out there making sad looking videos.

    Fpv racing drones are quiet fast, we use gopro hero session 5 camera because it's light. At 1080p 60 fps the camera makes around 30 Mbps video, youtube destroy that quality due to the 12 mbps bitrate it downconverts video to.

    So on a fast, i mean very fast drone on vbr 2 pass i set up 29mbps to 31 mbps on 1080p 60fps video.

    The original looks crisp clean and detailed, but after a youtube upload the video time to time becomes squared pixels in various areas. Pls help me with a video if you have the time and I'll pass the video and your channel to all those who are into fpv drone race.

    I'll bomb the solution with a link to your video, if you find it to everyone who matters in fpv drones. You'll get tonnes of views because it's a subject we couldn't find an answer to.

    We can experiment if you tell me what to try I'll do it and we'll see the result, i give you the video of the flight and you can edit the video with your vlogging (i dont do vlogging, im like a private channel)

    Thanks in advance if you read my comment, hope to hear from you 😉👍

  17. Thank you for your recommendation. However, after exported my video seems that the subtitles are delayed. I'm gonna export it again.I imagine you're a expert in videos edition, can perhaps help me in figure out why my subtitles "shakes" after the video was exported. It's happening with me.Thank you from Brazil.

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