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hi my name is Chris you about what to look for when picking the best merchant services company for your business now before we dive into that we're going to take a look behind the scenes and credit card processing so we understand the rules of the game and then I'm going to give you three insider tips or questions to ask a prospective provider so let's dive right into it credit cards or debit cards they get out into the world because they're issued to the consumers by large banks such as Chase in America Wells Fargo and they issue these cards with an association label on it Visa Mastercard Discover and Max is unique in that and the aspect that Amex is also an issuer then the consumer then takes these cars and can go spend their money or their line of credit and a merchant for goods or services well the merchant needs a way they set those cards and they can get money money from the consumer if we're staying at the car and what the merchants going to do is work with an acquirer either directly or indirectly and that acquirer is going to then work for the associations would be issue or to get their money who then works to get it back from the consumer and this is kind of the flow and there's a flow or a waiting time period between this aspect of the process and between this ACMA to the process and that's why there's there's there's credit card fees or interest rates to consumers and that's why there's credit card processing fees to merchants and so this is kind of how it works now there's only a handful of acquirers out there but there's literally thousands of not tens of thousands of independent organizations or representatives out there who have the merchant has the opportunity to work with and so if the merchants working with an eyesore or wrapped that eyesore rep is then turning around and working with a particular acquirer to actually do the money movement these guys are doing more of a service or maybe a technical aspect role behind behind the process so while our merchants want to work with an ISO or RAC as opposed to directly work with the acquirer well it goes back to what the most part of picking the best merchant services company in which is service because frankly pricing matters but you can get great pricing of the acquirer or the iso in the rep if you're working with the right ones so you really want to look at picking the best service oriented company that fits your business needs so the way you tell by the way that you can tell easily these are this is the tip one is you want to find out how long they've been around for and why that's not why that's important the longevity gives you an idea as to how their service has been over time if they haven't been around very long then I'm much of a track record when they've been around for a long time then then there's a better chance that they have good service because they're satisfying the customer and so an easy way to look that up on iso or a rap is if they have a website check and see how old the domain is or if you can figure out their actual company name that's an LLC or a corporation and it's been registered for or frankly just ask him ask them all I've been around for now if they haven't been around that long it may not be the worst thing in the world maybe you want to ask what they did before maybe they're coming out of a IET field or a finance field they have a lot of credibility or maybe you can just tell they up high service and they're just coming into a new and you want to work with them because you can tell they're going to service you very very well so asking them they've been around is a great indicator to give you idea what the service level is gonna gonna be like but this little trick is to call the service number that's on their business card or on their website the general office number or the 1-800 number now a lot of isil's our reps give you the direct 1-800 number at the acquirer now there's nothing wrong with that but typically it's difficult to get things done quickly or it can be difficult to get things I'm gonna need to get done done for the 1-800 number and so if they're giving you a number for their office call it call in the mid morning called me afternoon call in after hours and on weekends see if they answer see if you leave a message how fast they respond this is a great way to check before you you sign up with the rep or the I so how they're gonna respond once your customer so calling is great also you can email or get on their social media you know post on a Facebook page if they have see how fast they respond is a little check the last thing you don't want to on try to do is ask for references ask for businesses that they prop the process with them or work with them in the local area or ask them for ones that work on the national level asking for the biggest claim what's their longest client their oldest client those are the questions you want to ask and see if it calm if it matters it up to you call the other merchants and find out how they've been treated by the organization or a representative you can be a good idea as to as to how they're gonna treat you obviously and and don't be afraid to really ask them those tough questions so that I saw on the left and seeing how they respond these tough questions will also give you a good idea as to how they're going to service you as a company so thanks for watching

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  1. Problem is the video leaves out some very important information on how most companies have hidden fees
    and contracts that are very costly. That's why I opted for

  2. Nice video. A lot of merchants are bombarded by processors that they don't know much about. So much so that duplicitous "flate rate" offers sound appealing. This business is all about person to person interaction, and as you pointed out longevity is crucial.

  3. Hi,
    Merchant Stronghold is the #1 High Risk Merchant Services Provider, Merchant Stronghold have its Head quartered in Clearwater, Florida. It provides credit card processing services for businesses of all sizes. Contact – +1 888-622-6875.

  4. Which one don't do credit checks I don't like PayPal or square square closed my account and kept all my sale money said my store is to high risk now I must wait 90 days before they give me my customers money they have no phone number unless your account is is good standing ugh

  5. Hi I need to know the merchant service provider for business who are offering low interest rates to clients. Thank you

  6. i signed up with first data and they gave me flat rates is interchange plus is the best to go ? for small businesses any reconditions for mer chant processors ?

  7. i have a great credit card processor they dont have junk fees or contacts its month to month no hidden fees free equipment and not only do i get my money the next day but they also market for my bussiness for hardly any money you should call if your looking for a good company call 1-866-652-7760 ext 6505

  8. National Merchant Association is the best. We're a merchant advocate group. We work for you and we do processing as well. We don't work directly with the bank. We help eliminate unessesscary and unreasonable fees that some processors charge to accept credit cards..

  9. Thanks for the info on the Card payments process. It can be hard to get your head around it but that's definitely made it clearer. Good tips as well on checking for the right ISO.

  10. It is positively outrageous that ANY of these third-party gateway processors (like, et. al.) charge ANY kind of fee other than a percentage of each transaction. Many small merchants occasionally have a month with no sales, especially if they are selling high-dollar items. Charging a monthly fee JUST to maintain an account, is despicable.


  12. Just don't use SQUARE.  There was very good advise here about contacting the customer service number to see how they respond.  Square has a computer call screener that asks for a pass code, sends you to the website, then hangs up.  They hold your money for months and deactivate your account with no explanation or warning and cut off all contact.  Square is not reputable.

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