hey guys what's up its your boy progress and I'm here today with a brand new video this one though is sadly a little bit more difficult for even me to come to terms with due to the fact that I like Billy eyelashes music and even back in August I had 4 of her songs on my playlist that month in a row so to say the least I was rooting for her success but I'm trying to keep the series as unbiased as possible so even though I had liked her I'm gonna be making this video now on how Billy Eilish might be an industry plant this was something that came as a surprise to even me because I was expecting that oh just because there's a bunch of comments asking me to look into Billy Eilish that maybe I'm not gonna find anything but no the more you search through it's it's a little bit more apparent and you know it's kind of sad to where it's led her to today whether you're just here to learn who she is or really how she got her start up I will be explaining most of that all in my video today so let's get right into it basically for those who don't know what an industry plant is it's a very argued over term as to what it really means because it is just a term it isn't like a dictionary defined thing so complex actually defines it as to imply that a rapper or singer is an upstart fraud a record label puppet a focus group tested vessel of creativity so called any musician with a hazy or straight-up fabricated origin story so when I first started looking into try and find if she was an industry plant I went for the big question how did Billy Eilish blow up because that's usually where you can find the beginning places of if they're a plant and luckily I have you guys some answers a lot of people who know Billy's music obviously know that the song that blew her up was ocean eyes but I have a feeling a very small amount of people actually know how ocean eyes came to be first off Billy didn't even write ocean eyes nor did she do the production on it all she did was vocals now yes I'll agree that the vocals are good considering she was a thirteen-year-old but that does not stop me from wanting to know more about the song what I found was a complicated mess I guess I'd say Billy explains how ocean eyes came to be in two completely different ways between two separate interviews in her interview with Vogue magazine she says this last year one of my teachers asked if I would either write a song or have my brother write a song to choreograph a dance to and I was like yes that's such a cool thing to do then my brother came to me with ocean eyes which he had originally written for his band he told me he thought it would sound really good in my voice he taught me the song and we sang it together along to his guitar and I loved it it was stuck in my head for weeks we kind of just decided that that was the song we were going to use for the dance but in her interview with interview magazine she said this it was weird because we didn't plan for it to do anything really the reason we put it out when we did was the whole song was meant for my dance teacher because he wanted to do it for a dance that's why the production is dance ask contemporary and lyrical and then it was done and we were gonna wait until Friday to put it out and thought screw it let's just put it out now so in one interview she claims that ocean eyes was a premade song by her brother and that the production was already completed to be able to do a dance to for her dance teacher but in another interview she claims that the song was basically made specifically for the dance and that all of the production was to go for the dance very different replies in my opinion it gets even worse because in a video called Billy Eilish reacts to teens react to Billy Eilish she ends up saying this I know that when she made this song she was like 14 I was 13 which this throws me off because no Billy you did not make the song when someone says that somebody made a song they usually assumed that they wrote the song you know produced the song did something more than just the vocals you did not make the song your brother did when you hear the stuff to come I think you'll agree that it probably makes the most sense that the first interview was right that it was the brother song for his band that was just given to her because a lot of stuff doesn't add up for her why is that well maybe it's because the only two other songs that Billy had before ocean eyes that were released to SoundCloud were very very mediocre songs that had very little substance to them or big word usage at all and then ocean eyes is a complete stray had made past that point and the difference is between like two or three months so I'm not guessing that she's going to be able to brain blast an amazing hit song by herself at 13 also her brother who keeps getting mentioned is a singer songwriter and actor named Phineas he's actually been in some pretty big things like fallout for Glee bad teacher and Modern Family but as previously mentioned he does do his own music and it's very easy to see that Billy probably is influenced a lot by his style due to them doing things very very closely one thing you can probably do is if you listen to any Billy Eilish song or Phineas song by itself you can probably imagine like either one of the two singing each other songs because they sound so similar when they do their music and that probably comes from the fact of something I haven't mentioned yet which was that Phineas has actually co-written and produced almost every single song that she has put out since ocean eyes even her most recent song that she put a music video out for called Barry a friend was once again co-written by her brother and produced by her brother but no matter what you want to say about it all I'm saying is it's not her own creative work she is not doing this alone also another thing that I haven't mentioned about the family is that the parents too are also actors and musicians who have been in quite a bit of stuff honestly Billie and her brother had even said that growing up it was much easier to do stuff with music when you're born with all of these instruments and other things laying around your house but now something else that's kind of sketchy that I want to get into about Billie Eilish is the fact that even though she only had her music on soundcloud and had one big hit at that time being a song that she didn't even write she was signed to Interscope Records yes that's the same people who have guys signed like mmm dr. Dre imagine dragons Guns and Roses Kendrick Lamar Madonna sting Selena Gomez and a fuck ton other people how did a 14 year old girl who had almost no music under her belt managed to get a record deal with a massive company like Interscope when she didn't even write or produce the song that blew her up did they see potential in her vocals if so that is just planting someone that is just straight up taking somebody and saying hey if we gave you everything you'd be able to probably do well it's not any hard work to put into it it's just straight up here we're gonna grab you and put you into this because she didn't have anything of her own because that's the thing when she put music finally on to Spotify she was already signed to Interscope meaning she got a deal signed to her before ever even attempting to have anything go worldwide she had nothing to me it's just a little bit worrying especially when it's somebody so young getting signed onto a record label of that size makes me worried about what kind of control they have over her as she's already made these statements about the music industry the music industry man we're all sad as hell all these artists we're sad as shit dude everybody I know that's an artist we are sad mother fuckers so it is and if you've watched the full one year apart Vanity Fair interview you'll see it's kind of heartbreaking to watch and see how much the industry has changed her and hurt her as a person so young a lot of people give Billy Eilish I think way too much credit acting like she's some kind of you know alternative and that she's creating a new industry of people and that she's you know altering how people see music and I just don't see that I'm not really impressed by it I'm not impressed with a person who's 13 and comes from a family who already has industry ties then her brother writes and produces a song that she ends up singing and it blows up with one song on Spotify she is already signed to interscope one part that I didn't really mention either is the fact that her brother is still unsigned yet he is literally the reason why she is famous so if they saw potential in her just because of her vocals why didn't they sign Phineas when he's a vocalist and an instrumentalist it just doesn't make sense that way it's very obvious that they saw potential specifically in her looks as well as how she would be able to be marketed for her music style you can take from this what you want because at the end of the day it'll be up to whatever people want to believe in opinions or whatever they want to say I'm just here to give you the information that I find if people asked me enough to do something as I said at the beginning of this video I was a really big fan of Billie and was rooting for her but you know the more and more I had to think over it it started making less and less sense how someone so young would be able to go in and do as much stuff as she did in such a short period of time it just didn't add up and like I said in this video I found out kind of why but yeah guys I really hope that you did enjoy this video if you did make sure to leave a like and try and subscribe to go and check out some of my other content if you want to go see some of the other videos that I've made in the past and you know if you guys have suggestions you can always leave them in the comments below thank you so much for all the support on the videos lately it's been absolutely insane but yeah guys thank you so much for watching and I will see you guys in the next video


  1. Why do you have a problem with what she said in the FBE video? The teen watching said she was 14, she corrected her by saying she was 13. Never claimed to be the one that wrote the song or even sound like she was taking credit at all, just saying that she was actually 13. Your video on Baby Goth makes much more sense than this, you have instances of erased past, complete behavior/image change, featured in other artist's music before she even released her "first" song. Here all you've got is a couple of personal interpretations of her words in interviews and that she doesn't make all of her music on her own.

  2. Idk man. The others in this series I agree with. But in Billies case she’s not really a plant, more so just a silver spoon baby with connections from birth. Also she’s transparent abt her brother to the point where she’s not hiding that he does half of the work.

  3. If the music is good, what the fuck does the backstory matter? All that matters is what's coming through the speakers, the rest is just chatter for gossipy girls and bitches like the one that made this video.

  4. Like literally… both interviews that she did about ocean eyes we're literally the same story. What are you f**** talking about? There's nothing here that indicates fraud. Your channel is lame dude

  5. I have to disagree on this one. I think her unique style is all her own. I know her bro co writes her songs. Now the baby goth thing I totally agree.

  6. 15 seconds into video, I'm just gonna say, hey… most all super popular artists are frauds and planted.

  7. Yea her brother and her do everything together. We know this… Plants happen all the time. Its not very surprising.

  8. Artists dont always write their songs…artists dont make their beats… you should research the way the music industry works… have you ever heard of connections, her family ovid's helped her? People will give tools to the people with talent

  9. You know… yeah. I haven’t really done a deep dive kind of investigation into her because I don’t care that much, but there are a lot of acts that become a hit through inside knowledge and all that. And yeah, it’s sad and not really all that honest, but when has the music industry ever been honest? Never. It just was never a thing.
    So yeah, she might be an industry plant, but you know… at least the music is good, her voice is good and her and her brother have something to say. Usually industry plants are just bad singers and bad musicians and they don’t really have anything to say but they reach the top charts through sheer efforts from their labels shoving them into everyone’s faces.
    I’d say here the “plant” is the original burst that put her into everyone’s eyesight, but she does have her own interest points and she seems really sensible and quirky the way teenagers are. Which is fun.
    So no, I don’t believe she blew up all on her own solely because of her voice, but what we’re getting is still nice good music and a good vocalist.
    Plus really, I love her creepy vibes. I’m not a stan, but she’s good in my book. Thankfully we have a lot of alternatives to mainstream music, and actually that’s my main source of music now because I don’t understand the appeal of the stuff teens like. So I’ve been listening to a lot of stuff that doesn’t get any mainstream exposure but is definitely better than most of the stuff mainstream labels have been churning out so far.

  10. I thought I heard at the beginning of your video that you like her… But then you pick her apart… I understand what you are saying. However it would be one thing if she were denying anything but she's been straight forward from what I have seen. Maybe her stories aren't to the T but I can't help but think how nerve-wracking it must be for a child only 17 years old having media, fans, haters, etc coming her from every angle… Maybe a firm statement would be better however we live and we learn, that's part of life. However in my opinion, there wasn't anything said in this video that should encourage anyone to think poorly of this girl and certainly nothing that should encourage anyone to stop supporting her or listening to her.

  11. The guy on this video is just a dick making a video off the back of someone’s success, the industry has always been about look and sound… in years gone by it was rare for artists to write their own songs? Me thinks a green eyed monster lurks in this guy….it’s the old adage, I liked her / him when they were unknown but not now when their popular… grow up and let her have her success

  12. Sheesh. Hair splitting what a teenager said about how/why/when years apart..? Ask an adult the same question half an hour apart, and they give you a new story. If you're looking for reasons to not like something or someone, stop. Just stop. Walk away. Pick up a ball, go to whichever friend living closest's place, play ball and talk bull…

  13. How is she a fraud? She’s never denied her brother had anything to do with it. They work together…..

  14. Music is part of the entertainment industry, music is entertainment, entertainment is to entertain…. Hint.. Sex sells…

  15. notice how this was uploaded 4 months ago, is about arguably the biggest artist right now, and has 325k views. now, the Jumex video, uploaded about 20 days before, has 100k views more. note, jumex is not even CLOSE to the popularity of billie eilish. yet, it has more views, with 20 days more time. this could just be the recommended system fucking up, but i believe something else is at play here.
    or im completely wrong, and not looking at the numbers correct, and everything makes perfect sense. i just dont understand how a controversial video about the biggest artist for young kids has not gotten 1m+ views. makes no fucking sense to my brain.
    my opinion, not to hurt anyone.

    U sound like a jealous ex-boyfriend who can’t stand the fact that u got left behind to live ur pathetic life that has no direction so all U can do to get any recognition is to make pathetic accusations n these lame ass videos bashing someone whose had success and will continue having success, and who r you to criticize someone about an industry that u obviously don’t have a clue about. So what her brother wrote Ocean Eyes. When u write down some lyrics and throw a few chords from ur guitar over them, it’s still VERY incomplete. That’s actually the easy part of songwriting. That’s where Billie comes n2 play…arranging the material. The tempo, the vibe, intonations, breaks, and 1000 other things…and that makes her a creator just as much as her brother. Most big time artists/musicians don’t write their songs. Most people have not and will never even know the name of the songwriters who actually wrote their favorite songs. George Jones didn’t write He Stopped Loving Her Today, the comeback song of the century that made him relevant again n country music. Not only did he not write the song, he hated it. He hated singing it. Shinead O’Conner became famous from her song “Nothing Compares to You”, which Prince wrote. Joan Osborne became known because of her hit song “What if God was One of Us”, another song written by Prince. Man, I could go on and on. U also throw a strike against her because her parents were musicians who may or may not have had ties n the music industry, and then count it against her that musical instruments were just laying around their house so she had an unfair advantage, therefore those songs U liked hearing her sing now suck? I could keep criticizing u and the stupid BS u put out n this video for another hour, but I hope this is enough to help u realize how childish and ignorant ur being, and how big of an asshole you’ve made urself n2…and hopefully it also shows anyone who took stock n2 what u said here how entirely wrong that the info they got from U was actually only a biased and jealous rant by a kid who needs to drastically apologize and maybe even do a little soul searching.

  17. Glad to know I'm not the only one who thinks this could be a thing. I was so confused as to how her original music led to her new stuff…like what?

  18. Your contrasting interview ”PROOF” is not different. She said the same thing! It is you who is the plant! #ProgresssIsThePlant

  19. I guess you don't know that the Illuminati controls everyone, and that the CIA, which is part of it (FACT) is totally responsible for the "cultural revolution" of the late 60s. It all came out of Laurel canyon and many so called Icons from that era were in fact CIA assets, Jim Morrison, Janis Joplin, Jerry Garcia, and on and on it goes. The industry overall is becoming more Satanic and demonic by design. Many of you will deny this and fling mud, but research it for yourself. Their plan is to separate you from and cause you to deny GOD, whom they well know exists, trust me they are at war with God

  20. Inadvertently described how the music industry deals have work for decades in expressing his bewilderment of how she got a deal. Comedy.

  21. Most pop stars make it the way she did. They sing other people's music. A singer pop star is not always a musician and the only people I see really into her are my little girl nieces ages 5 to 12. They didn't need to sign her brother as they all ready had him with her. I'm a song writer and band member I've had music on the radio and world released action sports movies. What I do and what she does is just 2 different things.

  22. phineas should have kept the song, kids say shes "edgy", "real" and talks about depression. Go listen to rock or metal. I cant get into any of her songs, i tried, but they are 💩

  23. Maybe it’s just a story about parents who worked and sacrificed to give their kids the best shot at living a music filled life and home.

  24. Is this guy trolling?


    form (something) by putting parts together or combining substances; create.


    perform (an action, the precise nature of which is often unspecified).

  25. Honestly, ya do anything FOR CLOUT.. press press press press press BILLIE DONT NEED NO PRESS, this video is so stupid lmfaooo.

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