[blender to mmd] exporting your own model into mmd using nothing but pmd, pmx, and blender!! [easy]

hello! i have make other mmd tutorial, this time i will show you how to export your .blend files you make in blender, to mmd! as you can see, there is export option… with .x format! most mmd user will know, .x is the format of “accessory” in mmd! (location in camera setting) BUT! you may have not have it avalaible to you… why?? do not worry! all you must do is go to “user preference” as i do in the video on screen! follow my step! there is import export catagory… ovbiously, that where it is! check the box of “direct x” there is! make sure box is check mark and then click “save user settings”!! now we can save and export it as our accessory files! if u didn’t want for your model to be .x file format, do not worry! you can make it pmd format AND pmx format with this steps! here is pmd editor, NOT pmx….. for and odd reason, pmx will NOT open the .x file model correctly when i try, so pls if use pmx try it with pmd first because that is one for work for me! edit the model how u wish, it probably is will be tiny! now we can save as .pmd! now it is model, not accessory file! if you wish to have it in pmx (i like pmx editor so i do other edit works in pmx) then just load pmd file into pmx, should work! i made model bigger! i am happy, so now i save this time as .pmx! now test in mmd, the mother bone already will be there and u not need to rig! it should work! this is my results, share yours i love to see them please! any issue? comment and i will try for help u, or note me at my deviant art which u can fined at kawaii-noodle-boy ! ty!! pls like if my video help you!

11 thoughts on “[blender to mmd] exporting your own model into mmd using nothing but pmd, pmx, and blender!! [easy]

  1. So I'm following the tutorial, my model is in the PMD editor, but its all white, I thought it didn't load because it blended in with the background lol. Is there a way so that I can get the color and stuff back, its a very detailed model with hair and clothes but none of that is loading either

  2. If I download a model, like Pokemon models, for example, where would I find the textures? It's all white and it doesn't show up in PMX or even PMD though they are .pmx files…Can anyone help?

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