Bluebeam Revu – AutoMark & Batch Hyperlink

alright guys I’m going to go over Auto Mark and Batch Hyperlinks I know you’ve probably seen videos on this before I’ve even pushed some out there but I’m going to ask you to stick around till the end
of my show a couple more tools so I’m going to jump over here into my left
panel looking at my drawings that I got from the architect and my page labels
are all incorrect I’ve got even 4 number 2’s here that so it makes it
impossible to navigate these drawings so at the top of the thumbnails I’m going
to go to the create page labels and I’m going to select a region come down here
to my title block and I’m going to draw a box to fill the area in case that
number grows I want it to still fit inside that box and I’m going to say
okay here and I’m going to do the whole set so okay and just like that it really
build all of my documents so that it reads that corner of every one of the
sheets and reports the number that’s on those drawings okay so now we’re going
to go up to file and batch this is going to be an extreme version only all the
batch tools we’re going to go to new and I’m just going to pick on open files
next since we already fixed the page labels I’m going to keep that selected I
got my preview here everything looks the way I want so I’m going to say generate
now with this tip I like to show when I teach these none of the drawings are
ever going to say refer to g100 so I’m going to replace that and put in the
project number because that’s on every sheet and by doing that I’m creating
kind of a home button so I’m going to hit run here it’s going to take about I
don’t know 10-15 seconds and there it created 164 hyperlinks so I’m going to
say finish and I set mine up to be custom so they’d all look highlighted
and here’s where I want you to kind of stick around and watch the rest of this
workflow here we’ve all seen it this far where you get your hyperlinks hooked up you can jump from drawing to drawing and follow your way down the
path to those and then here’s the home button I created as I went through there
don’t forget these buttons down here they’ll allow you to jump to your
previous view so you can jump back if you forgot something on the plan where
you saw that section cut you can always go through those again also now that
I’ve got my hyperlinks I can close that I don’t need that anymore and I’m going
to come over here and look at my hyperlinks list so here’s where it lists
all my hyperlinks that we created on the whole document and I’m just going to do
a select all and then I’m going to go over to my one of my hyperlinks and
right-click and I’m going to go to layer and create a new layer I’m going to call
it hyperlinks okay and now you can see I’m going to close that open the left
side back up and now you can see when I go to my layers tab I can now turn these
on and off and I would do that because the way that I have them highlighted if
I ever print these to a hard copy this is going to show up shaded and we don’t
want that so you can turn those off but what I would encourage you to do so that
you don’t have to do that manually just right click on your layer now and go
down to layer properties and we’re going to go to print here and turn it off now
those highlighted hyperlinks can stay active on my sheets and I don’t have to
see them when I print if you have any questions let me know thanks

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