30 thoughts on “Breakout Trading Strategy

  1. I hit the like button before watching
    I live in Iran and there are few good tutorials here. To me, this guy is Spiderman, Batman, Ironman, all of them.

  2. Halfway into the video and I have to say, this is pretty solid. Already deserved my follow and like. Cheers man 🙂

  3. You are a god among peasants Mr. Urban Forex….. THANK YOU so much for your how to educational videos. I love the live interaction with feedback from your participants… I did not watch live but can appreciate the recordings.

    You have helped me become a better trader in just by watching 4-5 of your videos. so THANK YOU sir.


  4. Thank you soo much Naveen … I am a demand supply trader but I follow ur videos for practical knowledge… God bless u …

  5. Sr. I wish you can zoom, candles are so tinny, thanks I have to guess what candle your are talking about. Maybe for a future video, tnks for your consideration. blessings

  6. Just curious why shadow/tail doesn't counted? I think it should be counted as it still touch certain price even if its only for a second…If you place auto buy/sell or auto cut/trailing stop, it will still be triggered…

    Another curiosity is when u analyzing bar by bar like that, doesn't it takes too much time? Why just not waiting it touch support/resistant, buy/sell it according to plan and leave it all to risk and money management?

    Great video anyway

  7. Can't thank you enough Navin…. your lessons made me look at things in a whole different way… thanks again 😀

  8. When Navin said "Go Home!" it hit me like a ton of bricks. I always knew that trading is not for everyone. There are things that I don't understand about forex and that cost me my account. Failed MPA student.

  9. The bottom purple line(bottom of your range) is also called the RZ..retracement zone as part of a separate system I trade called the ICWR…only trade in the direction of the trend…..

  10. Is anyone making money with any information from these webinars, I doubt it. He is just stating the obvious , none of that will help you to make money. It doesn't matter how or when price breaks, its how do you trade and make money. the foresight. Not after the fact.

  11. Do you apply elliott wave with support and resistance trading. Please make a good video with both. Sometimes i get confuse with elliott wave counts. Last, you are awesome.

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