Brock Lesnar and Cain Velasquez trade blows: WWE Crown Jewel 2019 (WWE Network Exclusive)

100 thoughts on “Brock Lesnar and Cain Velasquez trade blows: WWE Crown Jewel 2019 (WWE Network Exclusive)

  1. Did anyone notice that Brock Lesnar was sweating badly like he was in a Steel Cage match or Elimination Chamber Match.🙄🤗🤨🤔

  2. Im sure Vince doesnt give a damn what we think. Promoting Cain like that and making him lose in 2 minutes. Im done with WWE.

  3. When brock & Caine fought in UFC… Was a Real match… Why is this happening in WWE… When we all know WWE is Scripted… Like the Young & The Restless Tv Series Soaps.

  4. I liked this match, I thought it was gonna go either way but i liked that it was short and just shocked everyone. Now all I’m hoping for is whenever they have the rematch that’s it’s a better match. Crown Jewel was not bad in my opinion, might be the best one so far

  5. This happened so quick because cain Velasquez didn't want to fight lesnar for long he feared that if lesnar started to toe him and take him to suplex city then it would be his last match .

  6. Cain. Cain. Cain.. You won’t like to mess with the wwe champion. No one would. And no one will. Only if you’re a man. A real man. No not Becky Lynch.. if you’re a man. Say it to my FACE!

  7. I knew this would be a joke, 100% pure GARBAGE of a match, they could have done much better, Cain Velasquez knows a lot of wrestling moves as shown when he made an appearance in AAA, they could have made him use those moves but instead they made this match a fake MMA fight.

  8. First off cain had a knee injury going into the match idiots so he couldn't take many blows, 2nd it was a ufc type of match, what was u expecting 30 mins, cmon guys, youre wrestling fans right… you guys dont be making sense…

  9. With all respect

    Most of those who watched this match
    😒😒😒 Write the words either angry or sarcastic😂😂😂

    all like me
    I watch wrestling since childhood until now
    So it is possible to say that I understand the rules of wrestling, namely entertainment
    Two rivals in the ring give performances to the audience
    You are watching a movie

    But this match was not as well and this is evidence that it is a real game completely
    It is true that the game was short but fun for me

    Because the two adversaries were in real combat

    Believe me the game where the opponents make all the movements This means that the game is just a representation of
    For the customer pay the value of tickets👌
    Even the powerful need our money to live

  10. Watch Brock vs cain at UFC
    Then Look at in this video.
    John cena Put over stars for many Years with Great matches after Great matches and Now in 2019 Brock holding wwe championship.
    Great Wrestling Days are Over.

  11. Those who is thinking come on i want see whole fight… good news for you that you have watched it whole fight 🤪

  12. I think the into was longer than the match they hyped this match so much. Whats next Brock Lesnar Vs alistair overeem.

  13. It looked like a play of a mma fight. Cain was way more exciting in AEW or TripleAAA. Cain has a price for Vince McMahon . Cain sold himself out.

  14. "Velasquez is a striker he is not a submission specialist"

    He has a Black Belt in BJJ and a NCAA Division 1 wrestler

    Okay Cole 😂

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